Last Week’s Workouts {4/21-4/27}

29 04 2014

I’m back with weekly workout recaps! After Gator, I took a good week off and I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. Last week was pretty low intensity- no need to kill myself when my next big race is a good 7 months away! Here’s how my week went down:

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 8.57.34 PM

Monday: Yoga + Run/Swim

I was still on vacay with Bill, and Monday was a sea day, so we headed up to the gym and did a little yoga. He’s got a yoga app on his iPad which has some decent workouts. We did an hour-long “Advanced Flexibility” practice. After, Bill kept practicing some of his even more advanced moves, while I ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes. I felt pretty darn good (must have been that yoga warmup!) and stopped while I was still enjoying the ‘mill. Makes it a little easier to go back to:-) Then, I hopped in the pool and swam for a short bit in the infinity pool, which was like a swimming treadmill. Once I finally got the current adjusted properly, it was pretty fun!  I felt like I was in open water (especially since the ship was moving!) and could see myself doing this again if I had an opportunity. Oh, and just because I like to show off my boyfriend, check out this photo, courtesy of Cheri Root Photography:

Rootberry Yoga

Tuesday: Swim, 2500 yards

Back in Tampa, I planned to meet the team for a swim. Unfortunately, it ended up being a solo swim, as work called for my friends. I putzed around for 45 minutes but still managed to get in 2500 yards.

Wednesday: Bike, 30km, Run, 2km

I was itching to get back on my bike, so Courtney and I met up for a nice 30km ride around Davis island, followed by a short 10 minute run. We kept the pace nice and comfortable, chatting the whole time.

Thursday: Swim, 200 yards

I was running late, so I went to the pool closer to my house (Bobby Hicks!) and got in 40 minutes of swimming before the pool closed. I did a bunch of 200s, nothing too crazy as I was battling a headache. I’m super excited that Bobby Hicks is open (with limited hours) and I can’t wait until it’s open more regularly with long course!

Bobby Hicks Pool

Friday: Run, 4km

I had plans to get up early and run with Courtney, but I still had a touch of a headache in the morning, so I decided to sleep in to kick it. It was gone when I woke up for work, so at lunchtime I went for a RUNch:-) I did my usual loop and thought it was hot and only my second short run since Gator, it was surprisingly speedy, averaging 5:05/km.

Saturday: Ride, 47.75 km

Chris and I went up to the Suncoast for an early morning ride. We took the first half relatively easy. Well, at least our speed would indicate we were going easy. I think we were averaging about 18mph on the way out (I think even a little slower) and it felt like my watch should have been reading a quicker pace for the amount of effort I was putting in. (I guess I would really know for sure if I had a power meter…wish those things weren’t so dang expensive!) Anyhow, we picked it up a little on the way back, and then REALLY kicked it into high gear for the last 15km. We took turns pulling for 2 minutes each and averaged 37km/hour for those last 25 minutes! My legs were TOAST and I actually was dropped for the last km, but still maintained a decent clip!

Sunday: Run 5K, open water swimming

Chris, Heather, and I headed to St. Pete before the sun rose to volunteer for the St. Anthony’s triathlon. This is one of the biggest tris in the southeast, and it’s right in my backyard! I definitely need to do this race sometime! Anyhow, We manned the run out/sprint swim in area of the course, and got up close and personal (sort of) with some of the speedy pros.

Mirinda Carfrae

We also got to cheer on some of our friends. Great job out there Beth, Meghan, Genna, Jamie, Pete, Kari, and anyone else I’m forgetting!

After our shift was over, we headed over to the finish line for a bit before deciding it was time to get in our own workout. At this point it was close to noon and the sun was blazin! We decided to do a short 5km, nice and easy, following the back half of the run route for the race. We stayed off to the side of the course and was able to cheer on some of the runners still on the course. Afterwards, we headed down to where the swim start had been earlier that morning and swam a few laps parallel to the shore. I don’t know how long we went or for how long, but it was nice to get in and move around in the cool water, after such a hot run! It was nice to have such a laid-back Sunday workout. I know I won’t get many more of those in the next few months, so I enjoyed it while it lasted!

Welp, there you have it! That’s what a low intensity week of workouts looks like for me!


21 03 2011

Whew! My weekend went by entirely too fast! I always feel like I could use an extra day, don’t you?

I told you last week that I’d let you know when my cousin posted my pictures on her blog. Well, they’re up!! Here’s a peek, but you should check them out, she did SUCH a good job! I love them all! If you live in NC and need a photographer, she’s your gal!

Recently, Chloe talked about one of her New Year’s Resolutions. Last year and this year, I made a New Year’s resolution to volunteer once a month for the year. It could be any kind of volunteer work that I wanted, from chaperoning a field trip to working a water stop at a race. I really enjoy giving back to the community, and it is a great way to meet new people and do something fun! All of the activities I’ve done so far have been one-time deals, but I’d like to find something I can do more regularly.

This month, I went with a few friends from church to help prepare food for the homeless at the DC Central Kitchen.

DC Central Kitchen’s mission is to  “use food as a tool to strengthen bodies, empower minds, and build communities.” They provide 4,500 meals per day to shelters, transitional clinics, and rehabilitation homes! Now that’s a lot of food!

They get it all done with the help of a steady stream of volunteers, and some of the students and graduates of their Culinary Training Program. I think this is one of the coolest things about DC Central Kitchen: They provide culinary training and education to unemployed adults overcoming homelessness, addiction, and incarceration to prepare them for careers in the food service industry. What a great idea!

We started our day with an orientation from the volunteer coordinator, a graduate of the Culinary Training Program:

He told us everything we needed to know to get started, and led us back to the kitchen where we go to put on these:

Hairnets, plastic aprons, and gloves. Sexy, eh? I guess it’s better to be sanitary, right?

We started our 3 hour shift with some salad prep:

I helped slice up some cucumbers.

We chopped up two of these full tubs of cucumbers!

Several others peeled and shredded the carrots:

And a few others diced up some tomatoes:

After all of the cukes and tomatoes were done, they needed us to help cut up some onions for the ratatouille the others were working on:

Thankfully, this job didn’t last too long, since shortly after we started, it was break time. I don’t know that my eyes could have handled it for too much longer!

Some boys from another group helped prep the salad dressing, by blending some roasted red peppers into some Italian dressing:

That’s a lot of dressing!

Finally, the salads were assembled for delivery:

While the salad assembly was happening, I was put to work on the ratatouille:Double, double, toil and trouble!! What a crazy large cauldron! I was stirring it with a paddle, and it felt like I was canoeing through some SERIOUS seaweed!

The ratatouille had a bunch of veggies in it: eggplant, onions, potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, purple cabbage…I think that’s all of them! The head chef (also a graduate from their program) put in some chicken stock and some spices to bring it all together. It smelled tasty!

I helped pack up the ratatouille, and before I knew it, it was time to go!

This was a great experience; I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do it! I love that I was doing something I love to do, and was helping others while I was doing it! I definitely want to look into future opportunities to come back. Anyone want to join me?

Last night was Eating Club, and we had a special guest. Stay tuned for a recap!