27 11 2014

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. A day centered around good food? How could it not?


But this year has been different. 2014 has been the year of Ironman. The Ironman that just so happens to take place the Sunday after Thanksgiving. And because of that, this year I can probably count the number of times that I’ve actually thought about Thanksgiving, the holiday, on one hand.

But now it is race week, which also means it is Thanksgiving week. Most of you will be headed home to spend time with family and friends, and as I write this post I am a little sad that I won’t be doing the same. But I’ve trained hard and I know my friends and family are 100% behind me as I hop on my plane down to Cozumel.

So as I finally have time to sit back and reflect on the things I’m grateful for, I figured a “thank you” post was in order. Here goes:


First and foremost – to Bill. You’ve been the rock by my side this entire journey. You have always been so supportive of this crazy dream to be an Ironman, even if it meant that we would spend more time apart (me training while you’re free, you traveling while I’m free). You’ve massaged my shoulders or legs or back when they ached. You’ve put me to bed at such early hours, picked up takeout when I was too tired to cook, and ran silly errands when all I wanted to do was sit on the couch. You are so wonderful;  I’m so lucky to have you!


Felipe- You’ve been through this journey yourself a few times, and have shared your knowledge and experience with us. I truly appreciate the work you’ve made us put in to get to this point. I’ve seen tremendous growth in my fitness and I attribute it to the many butt whoopin workouts we’ve been through. Sure, we questioned the “Why” of some many of the workouts, but I’ve learned that sometimes you just need to shut up and get the work done- your results will speak for themselves. Thanks for coaching me.


Chris and Heather- We tried so hard to get you to register for Cozumel too, but despite not signing up, you still joined us for many of our workouts. I always could count on one or both of you to join me for a workout, even if it was going to be just two of us or it was early (or late). You guys are some of the best teammates I could ask for- THANK YOU!


Steph Swanson, Owner/Designer, SOAS racing- Thank you for designing such incredible tri gear. If you haven’t tried it, you must! The designs are super cute and flattering while still being incredibly functional! Wearing SOAS just makes me feel good when I’m training and racing- and when you feel good, how can you NOT cross the line with a smile on your face? Thanks for believing in me to represent SOAS on the ambassador team. It has been such an honor to be on the team, and I can’t wait to see what next year brings!

SOAS team

My SOAS Teammates- Wow, talk about an inspiring group of women. These ladies are out there all over the world, kicking butt in triathlon. It has been so cool to meet virtually and in person other women who are passionate about the sport and the amazing SOAS brand. I’m looking forward to meeting a few more of you at Cozumel and hopefully racing a Ragnar relay next year too!



Family and friends who have supported me from near and far. There are too many of you to thank by name, but thank you for showing interest in what I’m doing and sending me encouraging words. I will bring those to the front of my memory while I’m out there in Cozumel.


Finally, Jess and Courtney. We’ve made it! Can you believe it? Thank you for going on this journey with me. There have been ups and downs to this season and we’ve weathered them all. We’ve spent far too many hours staring at each others’ spandex-covered rear ends in a pace line, sipping Coke at middle-of-nowhere gas stations, and seeing the uh more interesting parts of Tampa on Felipe’s “group runs.”  This season has pushed our limits mentally, physically, and emotionally, and we’ve learned so much about what we can handle. Through it all, we’ve remained friends (wahoo!) and I would even say our bond of friendship has grown stronger. Thanks for being the accountability I needed to get out of bed and get my butt to the pool, the encouragement I needed on a tough run, or the push I needed to just go a little harder on that ride.


I am so excited to toe that start line with you on Sunday. I am lucky to have you two!