An Exciting Announcement

7 01 2014

On Sunday morning, I opened up my email for the first time since Friday afternoon. As I scrolled down, I caught sight of a subject line of an email from Friday that immediately caught my eye:

“Congrats SOAS Ambassador!”

Could this be true? I immediately clicked on the email and couldn’t contain my excitement. I started jumping up and down, yelling to Bill- “Oh my gosh! I’ve been selected as an ambassador!!”

I’ve been a huge fan of SOAS ever since I first saw it on Katie. Their designs are fun and feminine-who says tri gear can’t be cute? Polkadots, gingham, houndstooth- these are just a few of the fun patterns that SOAS features on their clothing. I mean, how cute are these?

SOAS kits

So when I saw an opportunity to be a brand ambassador, I took a shot and waited.

Team SOAS application

And now, I’m so happy and proud to announce that I have been selected! I am a brand ambassador for SOAS, and you’ll find me rocking my new team kit this season.

SOAS team Kit

I am SO flipping excited to represent such an awesome brand of women-specific triathlon/running/cycling gear. I’m even more excited to see my fellow ambassadors out there racing and to share my stories with you all!

2014 is already off to a great start!

Training with Team XP

2 07 2012

I hope you didn’t think I drowned in the floods of Tropical Storm Debby because I haven’t posted in so long! I survived Debby, and I also survived the end of June at work. Our fiscal year ended on June 30th, so that meant deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. UGH. Top that with summer hours (four 10-hour days that often turn into even longer days), and by the weekend I’m pretty pooped.

Anyhow, let me catch you up on what’s been going on in my life other than work.

I’ve been training/hanging out a lot with my fellow Team XPers. I really love these guys.

(photo courtesy of Meghann)

They’ve welcomed me with open arms, and I love hanging out with them, whether it’s for a sweat session or just to hang out (or to float down a river). It’s hard to believe I’ve only known them 6 months!

We train in the pool 3x per week, but because of my work schedule, I’m only able to make it on two of those days. Felipe comes up with all of our sets, and what I really appreciate is that we do a lot of quality swimming and not garbage yardage. We may do sets that give us a lot of rest, but it’s because we’re supposed to be working hard. And believe me, I get my heart pumpin’ on some of those sets! Check out Mary’s and Meghann’s blogs for some of the workouts.

On the Wednesday after the Father’s day Tri, Felipe made us do a 1500 (meters) for time. But coach, I just did one at my race! Felipe told me to try to match my pace from the race, which would have been holding 1:20s per 100. That’s tough! When I finished this set, this 1500 was about 2 minutes slower than my swim at the tri over the weekend. I was working hard, I promise! I’m pretty sure that the swim at the tri was a little shy of 1500, or I just have a fiery competitor inside that only comes out on race day.

race face?

As soon as we finished our set, the sky opened up and it started to downpour. The guards called us out, since it was raining so hard they couldn’t see the bottom of the pool. That was okay with me because we had planned a social outing after practice. We were going for pizza and beer at Westshore Pizza!

I was a fan the moment we pulled up:

A Philly themed restaurant? Yes please!

Marcus and Mary

Felipe and Jess (This picture really summarizes their relationship I think 😉 )

Courtney and me

We devoured the pizza and too many wings to count. What a great mid-week pick me up!

I got some more XP training in this weekend, when I went cycling with Jess and Felipe. We drove up to Alafia River State Park so Felipe could get in some mountain biking, and Jess and I could get in a good two hours or so on the road. At the end of the ride, we’d do a few intervals and then go for a short run to round out the day. We left in the late morning to train our bodies to deal with the heat. Thankfully, it wasn’t as hot here as it was in DC, where I hear it was easily over 100. Jess had mapped out a route for us using MapMyRide, which took us on quiet country roads for most of the ride.

(Pardon my finger in the shot.)

One of the biggest differences that I’ve seen in riding in Florida vs. riding in DC (besides the lack of hills) is that in FL, I always feel like there is some kind of wind pestering us. On this ride, we battled some headwind on the way out, but it made the home stretch nice and fast. There was also one point where these two big dogs came running after us, barking. I was honestly scared the one dog was going to bike my ankle. I pedaled harder and finally got out of his reach. If I had been wearing a heart rate monitor, I know it would have shown a spike!

Jess and I were supposed to meet Felipe at some point on this ride, but since we were riding for time and not for distance, we didn’t realize how far we’d gone with the help of a tailwind. When we finally saw him, about 5 miles from our starting point and maybe 45 minutes after were supposed to have found him, we opted not to do the intervals. I was basically out of fluids and so was Jess. We’d been out in the heat of the day, on hot pavement, and we were just ready to be done. My motivation to finish was to get to the bottle of ice water sitting in the cooler in my car. I think those last five miles were my fastest of the day.

Hot, sweaty, and so happy to be done!

We also decided against the run, since we were all pretty dehydrated at that point. Jess and I ended up going about 40 miles for the day, which wasn’t too bad, considering the heat. I’m pretty sure that next time I go riding that far, I’ll bring another water bottle with me. I just need to figure out where to put it…

This ride made me appreciate the Suncoast trail more, because it has water available along the way. I drink a lot ’cause I sweat a lot! I’m happy to report that I didn’t get a headache after this ride! I drank Gu Brew along the way, and took one salt tab before the ride, and one mid way. I’m still playing with my nutrition, but I think I’m starting to find the right balance.

I think my cat enjoyed my sweat.

I rounded out my weekend with another swim and some yoga in the park, this time minus the XPers.

I think Felipe and Jess are planning another weekend trip to Alafia, and we’re going to try to bring the whole gang for some sweaty fun! I can’t wait!

Have a great Monday guys!