Three Things Thursday

17 05 2012

This is kind of a random post, but I thought I’d share with you some interesting things that happened this week.

1. I officially cancelled my cable! A little over a month ago, there was a power surge that shut off my TV. And then I couldn’t get it to turn on again. I tried unplugging it, restarting the surge protector, and any other thing I could think of, but it still didn’t work. So, I decided to see how I would handle missing the Today Show in the morning, Glee and HIMYM, and my Friday night guilty pleasure of Say Yes to the Dress. Y’know what? I handled it just fine! So, after a month of paying for cable and not utilizing it, I figured it was about time to call em up and cancel it! That’s an extra $50 in my pocket each month!

Sayonarra, Cable!

2. I went to the podiatrist this week because my right foot has been bothering me since right after the marathon. He took some foot x-rays, and thankfully, it wasn’t fractured! The doc said it is probably inflamed cartilage. It was really neat to see the x-ray of my foot. The pain is right around the sesamoid bone in my foot. See the two little blobs in the ball of the foot below? That’s the sesamoid bone. Normally, that would be one blob, but some people (like me) have a bipartite sesamoid, which means its in two pieces. Mine’s in two pieces not because it is broken (the edges weren’t jagged) but because it’s just how I was born. I read a stat somewhere that said 25% of people have a bipartite sesamoid.

The doctor told me that I should keep resting it, icing when I need to, and if the pain is real bad I can take an ibuprofen. He also hooked me up with a “dancer’s pad,” which is basically a pad that goes just below the ball of my foot to take some of the pressure off. If the foot doesn’t improve, he told me to come back. He also said that the location of the callus on my foot indicates that I strike pretty hard on the ball of my foot. He said that my foot is pretty flat, and that a pair of orthodics would help.

Here’s where I need your help bloggies- should I go for the orthodics? Should I do foot exercises to strengthen my arch? Should I get a pair of Newtons? Should I do it all?? I know there’s a huge orthodics market out there, and I worry about just being another sucker to give them my money. I never thought I had flat feet! But, I’m no doctor, so I don’t know. Help!

3. I went to a Teach for America alumni event this week, and walked away super inspired. I was able to meet and network with so many smart, dedicated, motivated, hard-working individuals who are doing some pretty awesome stuff. It really made me sit back and think, what am I doing to make a difference in this world?
How’s your week been?

Marathon Checklist

25 04 2012

It’s Marathon Week!!! EEEKKK! I can’t believe it is T minus 4 days til my marathon!

I figured I’d share with you a few of my marathon essentials (and sort of use this post as a way to double check that I’ve got everything packed!)

1) Running Shoes

I have been a Mizuno’s gal since I started running tris in 2008. I’ve got super narrow feet and these seem to work the best for me.

I bought this pair about a month ago so I’d have enough time to break them in before Nashville.

2) Running Clothes

The weather for this weekend is looking pretty stellar:

(I just hope it doesn’t hit 82 ’til later in the day!)

So I decided to go with my Nike Tempo Shorts that I wore at the Rock N Roll USA Half, and I’m my Lululemon tank. I’ll probably bring an old long sleeve tee to keep me warm at the start, and then dump it along the way. Look for me in something really similar to this:

(just pretend that tee is a tank!)

I found these shorts at Ross and I thought they would be perfect for a race on St. Patty’s day. I actually really love ’em, and they make me stand out in the crowd.

As for the tank, I couldn’t find a picture of it on the Lululemon site, so I’m not sure if they make it anymore šŸ˜¦ It’s really comfortable, has elastic on the bottom so it doesn’t ride up, and it has a pocket with a zipper on the back!

3) Nathan’s Quick Draw Hand Held Water Bottle

Mine’s hot pink, and I’ve been using it for pretty much my entire training. I really love this thing. Yeah, it a little heavy when it’s full, but it didn’t take long for me to get used to it.

4) My Garmin 405 CXĀ 

I got this as a Christmas present and now I never go for a run without it!

5) SpiBelt

I bought a SpiBelt at the Gasparilla race expo. I had been running with my iPhone in my hand since the day I got my phone. Yes, I know, weird/stupid. I know I could have bought an arm band, but I just thought it would be too bulky. I decided that holding it in my hand wasn’t too bad.Ā  At the time, I was also using my phone to track my pace and distance, so I could deal. However, when you’ve got one hand holding a water bottle and one hand holding an iPhone, it gets really awkward. Since I didn’t want to give in and buy an armband, I figured a SpiBelt would be a great solution. And, I love it! The phone fits perfectly and I can still run the earphones through the small opening at the end of the zipper. It stays put and doesn’t rub. WIN!

6) Nutrition

I certainly want to make sure that I have enough energy to get me through the race, and I want to try to prevent headaches so I’m bringing some peanut butter Gu, some vanilla AcellGel (which I just got in the mail!), some Acellerade Powder (which I also just got!) and some salt tabs. Anyone know if I need to pack my gels in with my liquids? šŸ˜‰

(Yes, I was so excited that I opened the package in the car.)

And, because I’m really picky about my peanut butter, I’m bringing a few packets of Justin’s to spread on toast on race morning.

8) Aquaphor

Instead of Body Glide, I’ve started using Aquaphor. I think it works just as well, and I can put it on my lips if they are chapped.

9) Hat and Sunglasses

IĀ  just got this new hat at the IronGril Expo. I have a TINY head (I can wear kid’s hats), so finding a hat that fits me is always a challenge. I bought the hot pink one that you’ve seen on me in pictures:

But I hate the way it fits my head. I bought it back when I did my first tri so that my parents could pick me out on the run. Not sure it it helped, but it helps block the sun and soaks up a little bit of the sweat.

It’s probably not smart to use a new piece of gear for the marathon, but I don’t think it will be a problem.

I’ve had those sunglasses for a VERY long time. They’re polarized sunglasses I got at a surf shop in New Jersey when I was still guarding. A small head makes it hard for me to find sunglasses too, but this pair of Bolle glasses gets the job done!

10) Sunscreen

I use the Sport line of Neutrogena. I actually just grabbed a new bottle this week, since it was on sale at CVS!

I think that’s it! Now time to pack! Anything else I’m missing?

Question of the day: What are your running essentials?