A New Adventure

28 07 2014

You might have noticed that I started drinking Shakeology a few months ago.



Not gonna lie, I’m a big fan.

This stuff has a slew of vitamins, minerals, and protein, and it also has good-for-you probiotics, prebiotics, fiber, and digestive enzymes! No wonder they call it the healthiest meal of the day! It tastes yummy, and I can mix up so many different flavor combinations.


You may have also asked yourself why the heck I’ve been adding in PiYo to my Ironman training?


The combo of pilates and yoga stretches me out while building a strong core.

Strong core = injury prevention. And who can say no to a good stretching after a run?


PiYo “forces” me – in a fun way, to get in the stretches I often neglect, and helps me not only to build core strength, but to define my entire body. It certainly helps that the longest workout is 45 minutes, while the shorter end is 20-25 minutes. How can I say no to that?

IMG_5891I’ve definitely become a fan of Chalene since starting PiYo!


So, why am I telling you this?


Well…I’ve decided to become a Beachbody coach!


No, I’m not giving up my day job…but I’ve had the itch to dip my toe in the health and fitness waters for some time now, since it is such a huge part of my life already. So here goes nothin! My adventure is just beginning.

Join me?


Ironman Training: Week 6 {7/7 – 7/13}

15 07 2014

A little over a week ago, Jess sent the XP gang an email with an idea for integrating our IM workouts and the Tour de France. Basically, every day of the Tour we’d do our own rides- on our trainers, while watching the replay of the day’s stage. Since we’d be starting at 6:30pm and most likely riding between 1.5 and 2 hours, the plan was to also trade off dinner duty, each person in charge of a day. Sounds like a fun/crazy plan, right? Hello team bonding!


After our crazy long weekend of rides last week, we actually decided to make Monday a run day, and on Tuesday we all brought our bikes and trainers over to Jess & Felipe’s and camped them out in the living room.



Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings we spent 1.5- 1 hour, 45 minutes on the trainer. I breathed a sigh of relief when we opted for a run on Friday night rather than a trainer ride. Hello saddle sores. We wrapped up our riding on Saturday with 104km and ran long on Sunday  took an easy Sunday.

I’m really liking the Tour De Tampa setup we have going on. It makes trainer rides MUCH more bearable AND, I only have to think about one dinner a week, since the rest are taken care of. Score! I think we might need to think about group dinners through the rest of our IM training;-)

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 8.44.08 PM

So, here are the specifics:

Monday: 16km Run

This was rough. Longest run I’ve done since before Gator. It was a hot and humid evening run. We ran 4km warm up to Davis Island. And when I say “warm up” I mean we averaged 4:55/km. Uh yeah, this was not going to be pretty. The main part of our run was the middle 8k, stopping for 1 minute in the middle and then trying to negative split it. My goal was to take it out in 5:00/km and bring it back in 4:55/km. I was right on for the first 4k, but yeah, that second half was not pretty. I was so close to walking, but I kept it together and only stopped for a quick water break. When the 8k was all done, I averaged 5:12, which isn’t bad, but not what I wanted. Oh, well, I got it done and was proud of that!



Tuesday: Swim, 2500m, Cycle, 1 hour 45 minutes

Morning swim felt really good after the previous night’s run. We did a lot of pulling, so our legs were happy about that!

Then, it was night one of Tour De Tampa! We watched Stage 4, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much faster the trainer time went when a) I was doing it with other friends and b) I was watching a cycling race! The Tour was actually pretty interesting and I learned a bit more about how it works because I was basically clueless.



Wednesday: PiYo; Cycling, 1 hour 22 minutes

Stage 5 of the Tour. I can’t believe they ride in that crazy weather! This was certainly an exciting stage to watch with all the cobblestones and the ridiculous rain. It made me thankful I was indoors!


Thursday: Cycling, 1 hour 30 minutes

Stage 6 of the Tour!


Friday: Swim, 1600 m; PiYo; Run 8km

I 150% did NOT want to get up for swim. Three days of riding in a row is exhausting! This definitely gave me a greater appreciation for the incredible fitness of the cyclists in the tour. How the heck do they do it??

I did a nice and easy solo swim and went home and did some PiYo and played with headstands. Ah, feel the stretch!


At night, instead of riding (resting that crotch for a long ride on Saturday) we did a group run. Again, my tired body was not looking forward to this run and I was hoping for a thunderstorm to cancel practice, but I was not so lucky.

The run started off at a quick clip- 5:01, hello! I told my legs to suck it up- we’re only going for 40 minutes. Felipe and Jess dictated the pace and, kept us under 5:00 (actually, under 4:55/km) for the remaining kms. I did my best to stick with them, and only got dropped in the last km. That hurt, but I was so happy I pushed through.


Saturday: Ride, 104km

We rode late in the morning- 10am actually- because we like to sleep in! This definitely makes for a steamy ride though. We took a new route, and it was actually quite nice to get a change of scenery. It didn’t feel quite as rural – fewer farms and a golf course- and the roads were pretty smooth too. I think eventually, we’ll be able to get in one giant loop that connects this new section with where we usually ride.

Unfortunately, I was feeling blah on this ride. We’ve done 100km rides before but this one just seemed to DRAG! I don’t know if it was because I had a saddle sore that was bothering me, or if my legs were just rebelling agains being on the saddle yet again, but man, the ride just felt long. Our original plan had actually been to ride for four hours, but when we stopped just shy of 3 and a half, I was NOT complaining. When I got home, I soaked in a bath and elevated my legs. SO NECESSARY!


Sunday: PiYo

It was going to be a bike day, but then we decided it was going to be a run day…and then it started thunder storming, so we called it a day. I was going to just soak in my rest day, but I opted to do a little bit of PiYo- in the morning I did PiYo legs, and in the evening I did PiYo Drench, which did, in fact, leave me quite sweaty. It was a nice (and fast) way to get in a workout!


Ironman Training: Weeks 4 & 5

10 07 2014

So, this whole Ironman training is keeping me quite busy. Especially now that I’m in the midst of week 6! It’s finally starting to hit me how much of a time commitment this thing is- and bigger mileage is yet to come! So, this post will be short(er) and I’ll give some highlights from the past two weeks of training.

Week of 6/23-6/29Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 8.22.49 AM


This week was heavy on the running, since I was out of town Thursday the 26th through Monday the 30th. But it was good- my legs needed it. The week started off with a track workout, which went surprisingly well for me. We did 1km repeats- 10 of them. I averaged 4:51/km which I was very happy with. Unfortunately, that was my best run all week. At the end of the week, I was home in NJ, and able to run on the boardwalk which was SO. NICE. It’s definitely my favorite place to run. Oh, and I got to rock my new SOAS kit, and I’m in LOVE. Pink + black  + houndstooth = ❤


Week 4 Stats:

Running: 48km

Biking: 60km

Swimming: 5800m

Week of 6/30-7/6

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.18.55 PM

If week 4 was about increasing running volume, then week 5 was definitely about increasing cycling volume. I have saddle sores to prove it. Ouch. The week started out with a trainer ride, since the usual Florida thunderstorms cancelled our run practice. I only got in one swim and two runs for the week, but I definitely made up for last week’s lack of cycling, going a grand total of 302 km (that includes trainer time- actual outdoor riding was 250km).



Have I mentioned I love this kit? Me thinks the jersey might be in my future!

I’ve also started incorporating PiYo into my morning routine, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how nicely it fits in. (This is definitely a perk of working from home!) The workouts range from 25-45 minutes, and though they are sweat inducing (some workouts more so than others), I feel like they’re not so intense that my energy is zapped. Rather, I feel more limber and energized, ready for the evening’s workout.




Oh, and I must share that I finally saw a gator while out riding and was able to snag photographic evidence! When we stopped for a refuel break on the 4th of July, there was a small gator swimming in the retention pond next to the gas station!


Not the best picture, but can you see his head?

I’m sure we’ll be seeing him plenty more because this gas station is pretty much the only one on our normal bike route…

Anyhow, that’s a wrap on weeks 4 & 5. Here’s my totals for week 5:

Running: 17km

Biking: 302 km

Swimming: 2300

Other: Piyo, 3 days, 4 workouts