High Five Friday

7 10 2011

Last week, I saw a few bloggers (Courtney, Julie, Chelsey) do a fun post that revolved around the number 5. It was a fun way to learn a little about them. So for some Friday fun, I thought I’d share my Fives with you! Enjoy!

Last five people I talked to on my phone:

1. My boyfriend
2. My mom
3. My college roommate
4. Another college roommate
5. The Toyota Service department

Note: these are the different people I’ve talked to, not the last five calls I made. There’d be one name on there if that was the case. Hooray long distance relationship!

Last Five Meals I Ate:

1. Potbelly Skinny TKY with mini cherry chocolate chip granola cookies before class on Thursday night
2. Leftover soup I made on Tuesday night. It wasn’t exciting enough for pictures.
4. Salad and Chicken Tamale
5. See number 2.

Last five places I’ve traveled:

1. New Jersey for the Bassman Triathlon
2. New Jersey for the Atlantic City Triathlon
3. Orlando to visit the boy
4. Orlando to visit the boy again
5. New Jersey for Yates Swim and Tuckahoe Triathlon

I guess I did a lot of this in the past few months:

Next five places I will go (outside of my hometown):

1. Indianhead, MD for the Waterman’s Half Ironman RELAY with Sarah and her hubby!
2. Richmond, VA (for work)
3. New York…to get on a cruise to…
4. BERMUDA!! YES, I’m going on vacation! I’m taggin along with my main squeeze while he does a little bit of this. And this:

um yea. that’s a real sword.

Kinda makes my number 5:

5. New Mexico for a work conference.

Seem a little lame…

Last five workouts:

1. Run 30 min, 1 hour yoga
2. Bassman International Triathlon
3-5.  I don’t really remember what I did last week…I think it included some spinning, some running and some yoga.

Five things making me happy right now:

1. My upcoming vacation! 9 days!!!
2. The long weekend!
3. Pumpkin cake balls. Yum. (Recipe soon!)

4. Skype chats with my boyfriend
5. Yoga

Question of the day: Pick one of these categories, and tell me your top five!

Friday Fact Day

10 06 2011

1. It’s Friday! (hey, its a fact and deserves an exclamation point! so it makes the list)

2. Getting your bike fitted is important. If you recall, I have been having knee problems, but ONLY while cycling, so I figured it must be something with the bike and more specifically with the set up of my aerobars. Before putting them on, I had no knee problems, but ever since, I have had progressive knee pain.  I rode my bike on my trainer twice this week without using the aerobars and no knee pain! I had my bike fitted last night. It took 2 hours and they made TONS of adjustments. I also learned that my left leg is “significantly” shorter than the other. Hopefully now though I will be knee pain free!

3. Yesterday afternoon,  I was beyond jealous of Tina.

4. One of my best friends just got a part time job as a baker. I am jealous.

5. I am officially OFF on my training plan until Monday morning! That means 72 HRS of rest! I am going to soak up this glorious non training weekend!

6. The blogging world made me drool this week. I wanted a few of THESE. But only after eating a main course of THIS with a side of THATand probably more than one of THESE. And oh yeah, THESE BABIES would be an awesome breakfast to make this weekend.

7.The hot weather was a hot topic on blogs this week. A lot of people complained…I actually don’t mind it. I would much rather sweat and eat ice cream than be cold and have my fingers turn white and then purple because of this annoying disease. Although lets be honest…I eat ice cream 365.

8. I forgot my lunch yesterday and my wallet today and was late to work both days. I really like the lunches/snackes, etc. that I bring to work and HATE HATE HATE spending $10+ on lunch, not to mention the extra for snacks throughout the day.

9. This is not my first blog. In 2008 I went backpacking in New Zealand and decided to blog as the easiest way to keep my friends and family from forgetting about me in the loop. I forgot about my blog, “Adventures with the Kiwis” until about a week ago. Its pretty amusing…you should check it out.

10. I am one of those superstitious people who doesn’t like to end lists on odd numbers. Hence this 10th fact 🙂

Question of the Day: Do you have any funny superstitions/odd tendencies? Its OK to share…no judging on this blog!

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