Gator Half Goals

11 04 2014

I was considering not even writing out my goals for the Gator Half since I’ve been pretty busy this week, but Meghan commented on Monday’s post that pre-race goals posts are always her favorite, so I thought that others might be interested too. So, I’ll dive right in!

Swim: For the first time maybe ever, I’m actually a little anxious about the swim. Not because of my training, but because of where we’re swimming…and what might be in the water…

IMG_7787It ain’t called the “Gator Half” for nothin!

The swim is in the large, fresh water Lake Manatee, and yes, there are gators that live there. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll show their face on race day, but it is entirely possible. This is my second lake swim tri since I’ve moved to Florida and I survived my first, so I’m hopeful that I’ll survive this one too, but I’m actually kinda nervous about it. Maybe those nerves will help me swim faster?

So my number one goal for the swim is to not freak out, and of course not get eaten by a gator. I’m sure you want to know time goals though, so I’m hoping to go at least as fast as I did in November, which would put me anywhere around 28 minutes.

Rev3 Florida Swim Exit

Bike: I’m a sucker for speed, so I went ahead and rented race wheels again.

IMG_9610Can’t wait!

We’ve most certainly been putting in the saddle time this winter with rides on Saturday and Sunday, so I definitely feel comfortable about my bike fitness right now. The biggest challenge I think I’m going to have is not going out too hard. The course is a simple out and back and it’s flat, flat, flat. I checked the weather forecast and it seems like Sunday morning will have 8mph winds from the east. I *think* that means that I’ll have a tiny tailwind on the way back to transition. The weather’s out of my control so there’s no use stressing about it, but what I can tell you is that I’m going to try to focus on holding back some so I have legs for the run. I’d be thrilled to replicate my Rev3 time ( 2:51:37) but I’ll be perfectly happy with anything under 3:00.


Run: I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I feel like my run is finally coming together. I’ve had some rock solid training runs in the past few months, which makes me hopeful/excited about the run, BUT my longest run to date is only 16km (the run at the end of the half is 21km, or 13.1 miles). I think that’s probably far enough and my fitness will carry me the rest of the way, but half of me is doubting I’ll be able to post a time comparable to my training times on shorter runs. The other half of me wants to post a big, fat, scary run goal: beat my current half PR, 1:51. GULP. I can’t believe I just put that in writing. It’s crazy to want to PR the half marathon at the end of a half Ironman, but if my body and mind cooperate, I may just have it in me. It’s awfully ambitious, especially considering that my Rev3 time was an icky 2:09, but I’m going to give it what I got and see where I end up.

SOAS ambassador

Transitions: If you read my Rev3 race report, you know I took my jolly good time in transition, especially T1. I don’t expect to be struggling to put my nutrition in my kit this time, thanks to my nifty Shiv-specific Fuel Cell, so I’m hoping to be faster this go-around. Let’s say no more than 4 minutes total between the two?

At the end of the day, I really just want to improve on my time from Rev3. This is my only half this season, so I want to make it a good one! It’s not just about the times though, it’s about learning how to race this distance- how to pace myself, how to fuel myself, and how to stay mentally tough. I’m going to go out and have fun, and enjoy the opportunity I have to race!

Well, there you have it. Wish me luck folks! Catch you on the other side of 70.3 numero dos!

Goals for 2014

6 01 2014

I’ve been mulling over my goals for a little while now, and I think I’ve finally come up with a list I’m happy with. I think that I’ve set realistic, attainable goals- now I just need to remember them throughout the year! When I reflected on how well (or not) I’d met my goals for 2013, I mentioned that I need to post them somewhere to hold me accountable. I like how Meghan created a fun image of her goals- I’m thinking I may do the same!

Now, without futher ado, here’s what I plan to accomplish in 2014!


Regularly plan and prep meals for the week. I want to be more efficient in the kitchen. I sometimes don’t sit down to eat until 9:00pm because I’m too busy prepping some elaborate meal. Um, that’s ridiculous! Though I LOVE cooking, I need to maximize my efficiency, and I hope with some planning and Sunday prep, this will help.


Continue making yummy pancakes. I really enjoy coming up with fun concoctions, and I would love to do a regular weekly pancake post. I’m not going to commit to that just yet, but perhaps sometime in the future?

Cocoa coconut pancakes(cocoa coconut pancakes)

Go on new, fun dates with Bill. For Christmas, I made him a “jar of dates”-I plan to get some use out of it! Because he travels so much, it’s really easy to want to just stay in and have a relaxing night at home when we’re together. I think it’s fun to mix it up and get out and do something, so that’s the plan.


Keep my car clean! On New Year’s day, I took out all of the trash in my car, vaccumed it, and disinfected the cup holders that had been overflowing with junk. I was pleasantly surprised by how great it looked, so I plan to keep it that way!


This is borderline fitness- but I want to go on another big hike with Bill. We had SUCH an amazing time in Alaska, which will be hard to beat, but we’ve been doing some research on some hikes that we can do in late spring.



Gain strength and stability– I truly believe that having a strong core will help prevent injuries, which will be super important as I have big plans for this year. I’d like to do yoga or something of the like 1-2 times/week.


Master my hydration and nutrition during racing and training (aka, no more headaches). Near the end of last season, I started keeping track of what I’ve been eating and drinking during intense training and was able to come up with a plan that worked for the most part. My biggest complaint is that I have to take salt tabs on a regular schedule, and during a shorter race, I forget! I guess I can suck it up, but there are a few more products I want to try out. I just ordered some Osmo Nutrition, and I’m really excited about it. My fingers are crossed that this becomes my go-to!


Race another HIM and improve my time: I know you aren’t supposed to compare times, but I’m planning another half in Florida, on similarly flat terrain. The bike is an out and back on roads that I’m familiar with. I’ve started training again, and I’m excited to give the 70.3 distance another go.

I’ve got another triathlon related goal that I’m not quite ready to announce just yet, but if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a hashtag or two that reference my big goal for the year. It’s not official yet – but believe me, as soon as I register you’ll know. It’s gonna be a good one!

Now, Bring it 2014!!

2013 Goals- How’d I Do?

31 12 2013

This time last year I posted some goals I had for 2013. This is a little embarrassing, but I didn’t look back at them until just this week. Um, that’s not the point of goals! You set goals because you want to accomplish them; you refer back to them throughout the year so that you can track your progress towards them and figure out what you need to do to make it happen.

They’re meant to motivate you, to keep you going when things seem tough. So, as I reflect on how well I accomplished my goals for 2013 and I start planning for 2014, I’m definitely going to plan to display my new goals so I can always be working towards them.

2013 Goals:

Personal Goals:

Read more frequently: I know that “more frequently” is tough to measure, but I’d give myself a B+ for this goal. I’m part of a book club, and we typically meet every month (or maybe every other month, depending on how busy we are). My favorite reads this year have been: The Red Tent and A Life Without Limits.

Learn/experience something new each month: I’d give myself a C for this. I was really good at tracking this for the first few months of the year. Unfortunately, I stopped being diligent about it. I’m sure I could find something I experienced or learned new each month, but that’s a cop out.


Volunteer at least once a quarter (hopefully more!): Big fat F. I’m so sad to say that, because I absolutely love volunteering for races. The only race I volunteered at this year was the Best Damn Race in February. Fail.

BDR Volunteer

Keep a clean/organized house: So I think I’ll also have to give myself a poor grade here. C-, perhaps? I think I’m better than I used to be, but still need improvement. 

#HappyList daily: Big Fat F. I started this, and was diligent for about a week. Maybe I should be more realistic with these things and instead of doing “daily” things, make them weekly or bi-weekly.

Fitness Goals:

Finish a half ironman: A+!! In November, I was able to complete Rev3. Though I didn’t meet my time goal, I accomplished my goal of finishing! I did it with a smile on my face, and with my XP teammates!


PR a half marathon: Unfortunately, I have to give this one an F. I had grand plans to do a half marathon after my HIM. That was a big mistake. I was sore for a week following my HIM and then took the break my body desperately needed. I’m only now just getting back into some easy training. I will get that PR, but 2013 was not the year to do it.

Podium at least once this season: Another A+! I surprised myself this season and of the 4 races I did, I podiumed at 3!


I’d say I had a pretty stellar triathlon season!

Now, to write (and post) those goals for 2014!

How well did you meet your goals for 2013?