Go Tri Surfside!

28 07 2011

Last Wednesday Chris and I decided to head to Surfside in Glover Park, D.C. for dinner.

We had been there many times before and knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into by going back: good margaritas, stellar chips and guac and really good Caribbean salads, burritos, quesadillas and tacos. As usual, I left completely satisfied, so when a bunch of our (Steph and my) tri friends decided to get together for dinner and drinks last night, I suggested Surfside! I can’t get enough! The sign on the wall was a big selling point for the group…

Steph, Victoria and I decided to get in a quick swim before meeting the rest of the girls for dinner. Apparently I did not get the memo about the matching suits…

While waiting for the group to arrive, we decided to get a head start on the 1/2 price pitchers.

The salt on the rims of the glasses is always the icing on the cake.  We were all super hungry but some of us had never met before and others had not seen each other in a while, so we ended up polishing off a good portion of the pitchers while chatting before we even ordered our food.

(from left) Victoria, Erin, Steph and Emily...

(from left) Lauren, Me and Sarah

We were also celebrating Emily’s amazing race this past weekend at Ironman Lake Placid. If you have not checked out her race recap, get over to her blog and check it out!

We did finally make it past the drinks and get some food. Like I said, the menu at Surside is amazing and even better, it is right there on the wall for you to see.

The food is delicious and I love that the dining is casual. You simply walk up to the counter to order and within 10 minutes a delicious meal is ready for you to devour. If you choose not to order one of the already designed menu items, you can create your own salad, tacos, quesadillas or burritos.

Steph, Erin and Emily making big decisions

The food was not surprisingly delicious, including the platters of chips and guac that were ordered for the table to share.

We only managed to get one group shot and for some reason it came out RED. So odd…

Of course, a night of dinner and drinks with triathletes would not be complete without dessert, so we piled in Stephs car and headed into Georgetown for some Ice Cream/Fro Yo at Thomas Sweet.

I think that I am going to actually go out on a limb right here and say that Thomas Sweet is my favorite fro yo in D.C. Big statement right there! They have about 50 flavors of ice cream, 15 flavors of frozen yogurt and a complete toppings bar with every topping you can think of. I probably should have called this post “Go Tri Surfside AND Thomas Sweet.” Seriously, do it.

Ice cream was enjoyed!

take 1!

Much better!

It was such a fun night. We all agreed that we had stayed out way past our usual bed times, but I think it was worth it! There is nothing like a good night out with good friends and good food.

Question of the Day: Have you ever met someone via the blog world before meeting them in person? Did it turn out how you expected??

June Eating Club at 901

20 06 2011

Hey Friends. Chloe here…Hope you all had a great weekend. I had a pretty nice weekend, although hit one bump in the road. On Sunday morning my knee pain came back during a long ride and I had to cut my ride short call Chris to pick me up off of the side of the road  😦 On Wednesday I will be giving you more details about the knee pain as well as how I’m feeling at this point in the season, but what I will say for now, is that training for a HIM is not all sunshine and butterflies.

BUT, what is all sunshine, butterflies, fun AND games is Eating Club. This past Friday was June Eating Club. Originally, we had planned to have one of our typical pot lucks. We had even picked a theme: “Let’s Get Saucy,” but as the date came closer, we realized that the group would not only be small this month, but that most girls didn’t have time last week to prepare dishes. So…we decided to change plans and head to 901, a new swanky restaurant that just opened in D.C.

From the moment I walked in, I knew we had chosen a good spot for dinner and I was glad that I had made a reservation. It was hoppin’! We met around 7:45 and the happy hour crowd was still going strong. I got there a few minutes early so parked myself on the end of the bar and treated myself to a  nice cold glass of Riesling for $5. Pretty good happy hour if you ask me.

The rest of the girls showed up about 15 minutes later and we were quickly seated at our table (which donned a “table reserved” sign). The decor in the restaurant was really cool.

We were immediately brought a cocktail menu, which was filled with all sorts of creative drinks. I decided to stick with (aka order 3 of) the Reisling that I had gotten at the bar. It was not super sweet but very refreshing. Steph started off with the Cucumber Mohito. The “Bang” was also a drink of choice by the table. This drink was made of belvedere vodka, chambord, champagne and raspberries.

There were definitely no complaints on drink orders. Soon after receiving our drinks, we were brought complementary plateS of chipotle cornbread. They just kept them coming. Again, no complaints. The butter was also a homemade butter that had a little bit of sweetness to it. SO good on that cornbread.

Since we were all chowing down on cornbread, filling up on cocktails and planning to order rather large entrees, we decided to split 2 appetizers among the table. We went with the Roasted Duck Quesadillas, served with onion marmalade and chili pepper creme…

and the Lump Crab Pinchos, which had roasted red bell pepper cream cheese, tomato and basil on sun-dried tomato crostinis.

Both dishes were delicious and had us excited for our entrees. Jenny (an eating club and training buddy) and I shared the Sweet and Spicy Seared Tuna Salad (which was served with Mango Salsa) and the Southern Style Crabcake Sandwich (which was served with creole mustard aioli on a sweet potato bun.

Before ordering, I asked the waiter if by any chance they had sweet potato fries. He checked with the kitchen and reported that they didn’t have them, but would have made them for me if they had any whole sweet potatoes in the back. Our waiter was fantastic and the service was great. Steph (and 3 of the other girls) ordered the Bison Burger, which was served with curried onion straws, jalapeno jack cheese and onion marmalade on a sweet potato bun.

I tasted…it was good. By the time dessert rolled around, we claimed that we were too stuffed to order dessert. But clearly we would not be an eating club if we did not make room in our stomachs to finish off dinner with something sweet. So we took a 10 minute walk (aka made room in our stomachs?) to FrozenYo to finish off our meals.

Eating Club Girls are REALLY REALLY REDICULOUSLY GOOD at making froyo cups.

Having a themed pot luck eating club is loads of fun, but this past Friday’s girls night out at 901 was definitely up there on the charts. I would HIGHLY recommend checking this place out if you live or are visiting D.C. The menu and wine/cocktail list is extensive but not over the top pricy. The wait staff was friendly and accommodating and the service was great.

See ya Wednesday.

Question of the Day: Do you have a “go to” restaurant that you always hit up or are you the type of person who likes to try new places?