Friday Favorites

23 01 2015

Happy Friday! I’m so glad that today has arrived- mostly because Bill returns from 10 days away! Yippee!

This week had some highlights that I wanted to share with you, so I figured I’d do it in a Friday Favorites post.

Here goes:

1. The new SOAS Racing run capris.

SOAS Racing run capri

Oh my goodness, these are THE BEST workout capris I own. I put them on immediately after opening the package, and didn’t take them off for the rest of the day. It was like my legs had been enveloped in a big hug. They’re just so cozy, and they fit perfectly! They ride a little higher in the waist than I was expecting and have a wide waistband, but that just makes them that much more flattering. I want to order all the other colors now too! I highly recommend these babies!

Sunset Cliffs Capri


2. Great customer service.


I’ve been eyeing the new ISM PN 1.1 saddle, mostly because it comes in hot pink, but also becuase I struggled with saddle sores last season and I’m wondering if I just have the wrong one for my body. I stuck out the season on my TimeTrial, but I really need to figure out what is going on down there. So, I tweeted at ISM asking if they had a demo saddle of the new PN1.1, since I figured most of the bike shops wouldn’t have it to demo yet. I was asked to email them, and after a super friendly exchange, I made an appointment to head up to the ISM office, which is about 30 minutes from where I am in Tampa. If I wasn’t already a fan, my trip up there would have made me. ISM is really a small company, but they have such a large footprint in the cycling and triathlon world. It was so neat to walk in to their space, which was surprisingly small for a company that is so well known around the world. They have that local business feel, but yet everyone in the cycling world knows who they are.


Anyhow, I explained what had been going on with my current saddle, and he got me on the trainer, and adjusted away. He mad small adjustments- millimeters- and spent over an hour with me, trying to get me to the MOST comfortable position. That’s what ISM is all about: comfort- it’s even in their mission! After playing around with my old saddle, and getting to a pretty good spot, he got me on a demo of the new PN1.1. It’s a bit softer than the Time Trial, and felt pretty darn good while I rode. It was slightly more comfortable, but I need to ride it more for the real test. However, even after that short ride trying it out, no saddle sores!

I’m gonna take it out for a few more longer rides before deciding if I’m going to purchase it. If you don’t have an ISM saddle, check them out- it will change your life (well, at least the way you feel when you ride))!

3. Kitty Cuddles


My kitties have spent a lot of time spooning and washing each other this week, and I can’t get enough! ‘Nuf said.



4. 21 class Yoga challenge

I’m 3 days in (as of Thursday night when I’m writing this) and I’m so excited about this challenge. It is nice to have an athletic goal again! And, I’m already seeing improvements in my practice since I’ve started doing more yoga in the past month or two. I can’t wait to see how consistent, regular practice changes me!


Tell me, what’s a Friday Favorite for you this week?



The Best Post-Ride Recovery Drink

18 06 2014

It’s summer. In Florida. Perfect time to train for an Ironman, right? NOT. Summer has only just begun, and temperatures are in the high 80s and 100% humidity. Joy!


Many triathletes will tout Coke as the best post-ride beverage (or a beer; that works too). Now don’t get me wrong, I do love a Coke after a tough ride, and it’s definitely given me that extra boost I’ve needed to keep going in both of my half irons.


However, Coke doesn’t have any real nutritional value to help my muscles recover. One of the key components in recovery drinks is protein. And how much protein is in Coke? Nada. I’m not helping my muscles recover by drinking this stuff! So, I’ve started incorporating Osmo Acute Recovery into my post-workout routine.


Osmo has some pretty nifty videos about the science behind all their products, and you can check out the one about Acute Recovery here:


In short, Acute Recovery has the nutrients a women’s body needs to maximize recovery after workouts. It’s combo of protein, carbs and a wee bit of caffeine will help your body repair muscles and restore your glycogen levels.

I’m on my second or third tub of it, and I really dig it. The flavor for the women’s line is “Honey & Spice” and they recommend you mix it with water or rice milk. I first enjoyed it with rice milk, and was immediately reminded of horchata. So if you are a fan of the cinnamon-y sweet Latin American drink, you should like it (unless of course you are a horchata purist!). The flavor is pretty light, so it can easily be mixed with just about anything you’d normally put into a smoothie. I like it with some peanut butter and banana blended with some ice and milk too!

It is recommended that you drink Osmo Acute Recovery within 30 minutes of completing your exercise, as that is the “golden window” to get your body what it needs to maximize recovery. When my friends and I ride, we drive a good 40 minutes to get to our starting spot. Now, I’m sure 10 minutes won’t make that big of a difference, but I do want to reap all the benefits of the hard work I’m putting in to my training. So, I wanted a way to have my Osmo on my drive home.


I had recently tried Osmo Acute Recovery with Zico chocolate coconut water and OMG was it good! So, I took an individual bottle and stuck it in the freezer the night before a ride. I measured out how much mix I would need and put it in the bottom of a shaker cup. The next day, I used the frozen coconut water as an ice pack for the drinks I was taking to my ride and for the ones for after, and left it in the cooler while we went riding (note- I have a soft-sided cooler, not a hard-sided cooler). I had obviously packed my shaker cup as well.

Osmo plus Zico

When I got back to the car, the coconut water had started to melt and was quite slushy- perfect for after a hot ride! I poured what I could into the shaker bottle, topped it with some water and shook it up. HOLY COW. Chocolatey, coconuty, cinnamony slush. So refreshing after being in the heat of the sun! And, I was helping my body recover by drinking it shortly after I got off the bike. Score! I would highly recommend doing this (or something similar with your favorite recovery drink) after your next ride!

So, to recap:

Step 1: Freeze the Zico chocolate water overnight.

Step 2: Measure the Osmo Recovery in a shaker bottle

Step 3:Take the frozen Zico with you to your ride, and leave it in a cooler while you’re gone.

Step 4: Post ride, pour the Zico into the shaker cup, shake, and enjoy!!


yes, I know the pictures don’t exactly line up with the steps above, but a picture of Zico in a cooler isn’t all that exciting.

Happy training! (and recovering!)


Weekend Happenings

27 05 2014

And just like that, it’s Tuesday! I hope you all had a lovely long weekend! Thanks to all who have served and are currently serving our county. Freedom isn’t free.



I thought I’d share some of the highlights from my weekend, which included two new (to me) places!

My weekend started out with (of course) a long bike ride! I met up with Meghan, Courtney, Heather, and Chris at the crack of dawn (7am) for a ride along the Suncoast.


We busted out almost 102 km – great way to kick off the weekend!

That afternoon I chilled by the pool before meeting up with Chris, Courtney, Heather, her hubby, and some of their friends at The Getaway.


This was my second time at the Getaway, and I think it’s a pretty sweet spot. It’s right off of Gandy on the St. Pete side, and the owner has really tried to make this bar on the water truly feel like “a Getaway”. You can pull up a boat at one of their docs, lounge on their home-made beach, or chillax under one of their thatched roof tiki bars. During the day they also rent stand up paddle boards.


When we arrived there was a musician playing and it definitely felt like I stepped into vacation. They don’t have a kitchen on site, but there’s always at least food trucks there (order from the bar). The Big Bang BBQ Food Truck and Renny’s Oki Doki Food Truck were there on Saturday. I ordered some of the pork nachos from Oki Dokie and they were awesome! The kimchi sauce on top definitely had a kick, but I would definitely order them again. Later, I shared some sliders from Big Bang, which were also quite tasty. It was a fun night with friends that ended with some dancing at Hula Bay 🙂

On Sunday, I slept in (glorious!), went for a hot ride on Davis island, and then met up with some other friends at the Sandbar! So, if any of you have seen the (awful) movie Magic Mike, there’s a scene where they go out to the Sandbar to hang out. Yes, there actually is a sandbar in the middle of the bay where boats drive out, toss an anchor, and everyone just hangs out.


My friends took their boat out which only had room for 4, and despite an offer to come back and pick me up, I opted to rent a kayak and paddle out. Why not get an extra arm workout in? I really wish I had taken some photos while paddling, because it was so pretty going past the mangroves, and I spotted a fish or two jumping out of the water.


I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going (just go left around the point and then you’ll see everyone was my direction), but soon after I started paddling, I saw the crowds of other kayakers, and then TONS of boats off in the distance. After about a 20 minute paddle, I made it! And luckily I spotted my friends pretty quickly, because there were definitely over 100 boats out there.





(Yes, the dog, Scooter, has a life vest on)

I roped my kayak to their boat and cracked open my new favorite beer- Rivertowne’s pineapple beer. This is SO yummy- it’s light and refreshing with a hint of pineapple. It’s not actually made from pineapples, nor is it one of those super sweet, high alcoholic beers. The pineapple is added in the perfect proportion. I highly recommend it if you’re a light beer drinker. (And don’t worry, I kept myself hydrated with water/Skratch throughout the day- I wasn’t only drinking beer!)IMG_4703

The cool thing about the sandbar is that it’s not entirely exposed in that there’s dry sand (at least where I was), so you’re constantly in the water, which helps to cool you off. The water ranged from shin deep in some places, to waist deep in others, like where we were anchored. The tide was actually dropping, so by the time I left close to 5, it was thigh-deep. We hung out for the rest of the afternoon, listened to the band that was playing (a special event for the holiday weekend) and went for a walk to people watch. People/boat/animal watch we did! There was a boat that had a tiki bar built on it, people with floating coolers, lots of pups running around, people who had set up tents with a table and a grill, lots of fake boobs (this is Florida, y’all), and someone even brought their pet boar out there! I kid you not! I really wish I had my phone with me at that time, but there was a woman who was feeding her boar (ring in nose and everything) on her boat! And this was NOT a little 10-15lb thing. Oh no, it was a year and a half and I would guesstimate over 100lbs! So. Bizarre! Now that’s not something you see every day!


And of course, I had to photobomb this lovely selfie of my girlfriends. They were sitting in the boat and I was in the water, jumping up and down. I just so happened to perfectly time this jump with the click of the shutter. 🙂 (PS check out all the boats in the background!)

I had a great time at the sandbar, and I would definitely like to go back. I’m sure the water will be bathtub-like soon and not quite as refreshing, but if you’ve got an umbrella, a cooler, and some ice, it certainly makes for a relaxing afternoon!

That’s my weekend in a nutshell. How was your weekend friends?