Out With the Old, in With the New

1 04 2013

I had a little computer malfunction last week.

(I had totally intended to insert a video here, but YouTube won’t let me upload it!)

I turned on my computer, the iconic Apple “power on” sound rang in my ears, and then… nothing. My screen was black. Um, this is weird. I checked the battery light- it was all charged. I checked the contrast button, and turned it all the way up. But nothing happened. So, I held down the power button to restart the computer again. Again, the familiar hum and then a black screen. I played with the volume buttons, which still worked and indicated that the computer was still on, but I clearly had a screen issue. I looked a little closer and realized I could see the welcome/log in screen. I was able to log in to my desktop, but something was clearly wrong.  (And no, the problem was not that my computer screen was covered in fingerprints…but sheesh! I need to be better about that…)



I made an appointment at the Genius Bar for the next day- I wanted this figured out asap! When I arrived, I waited for a few minutes before talking to someone about my computer. He ran some diagnostic tests and confirmed that the problem was my screen. 😦 I would need to replace the whole thing, and it was going to run me about $300. The computer was approaching it’s 5th birthday, so I had a decision to make: pay the $300 and get my (already running slow because I take too many pictures) computer fixed, buy a regular monitor and connect it to the computer, OR drop some big $ and get a brand new computer. I checked my bank account and as luck would have it, my tax return had just been deposited. I took this as a sign that I should just suck it up and get the new computer.

I left the store and I texted my über Mac-knowledgeable boyfriend to get his opinion on what I should get, and he gave me his advice:

“MacBook Pro, 13″, 2.5GHz
Upgraded to a 750GB internal drive.
I’d also get a RAM upgrade to ensure you get a solid 4+ years out of it.
And Apple care, always, only insurance I believe in.
That’s my 2 cents, run around $1500 though :-/”

I went back the store the next day with this in mind, but open to the expertise of the Mac team.

I explained that I’m a pretty basic user: I use my computer for email, searching the web, Word, PowerPoint, and blogging. I told him I take a lot of photos and I’m looking to take my game up to the next level with some possible Photoshop work. He first tried to sway me with the Air, but based on what he was telling me, I didn’t think it would be “enough” computer for me. Then we looked at the MacBook Pros. The ones with the retina display. The ones with Flash memory. The way the sales guy explained flash memory made me think that THIS was the computer for me- Bill’s advice went right out the window. I handed over my credit card and realized I’d probably be eating Ramen for a few weeks, but I figured it would totally be worth it for this fantastic new computer!


The kitties must have felt my excitement; they were really interested in what I had purchased! I took her out of the box and just wanted to stare. Gosh, Apple really makes some sexy computers!

macbook pro

I love that Macs are SO EASY to set up. You just plug them in, follow the few simple directions on the screen and you’re ready to go! I was planning on transferring all my info from my old computer straight to the new one. I had completed a system back up on my external drive and the transfer was going to happen in just a few clicks. Unfortunately, I hadn’t paid close enough attention to what my computer needs were in terms of storage/memory:


The new computer wasn’t big enough!! DOH! I thought about some alternative solutions so that I could keep this very pretty computer, but when it came down to it, this just wasn’t going to cut it. So, the next day, back to the Mac store I went.  As much as I loved the retina display and the flash memory, to get one that could meet my needs would far exceed my budget. So this time, I walked in and heeded Bill’s advice. I told the girl exactly what I wanted/needed. We did an easy exchange, and I was in and out of there in less than 15 minutes with my new MacBook Pro.


I realize that this computer will probably not be around for much longer as new technology comes out, but it suits my needs and is way faster than my old computer. I easily set it up and transferred my old settings/applications to the new one. It’s like I never missed a beat! All my documents and folders and applications are just as I had them on the old computer- but this time the computer gets them to work much faster!



So far, I’m LOVING my new computer. There are some new features that I’m still learning about, but my biggest praise is that it is so much faster than the old one! I plan to take good care of this baby because she’s gonna be with me for a long time!

And lesson learned: when someone who knows you REALLY well and knows computers REALLY well gives you some advice about what to purchase, they’re probably right 🙂