Bear Naked Fit Cereals

17 05 2013

When I lived in DC, part of my morning routine included preparing a nice hot bowl of oatmeal. This happened just about year round, with the exception of summertime, when a steaming bowl did not sound so desirable when it was 90 degrees and muggy outside.

Since moving to Florida, I rarely crave a bowl of oats (unless I’ve prepped some overnight oats), so I’ve had to look for alternatives to jumpstart my day.

During the work week, cold cereal is the easiest choice for me, but I know that cereal can be a nutritional trap- with loads of sugar and barely any fiber, leaving you hungry and low on energy a short while after eating breakfast. So I’ve been on the lookout for one that’s tasty, filling, and healthy.

I recently discovered Bear Naked Fit® Cereals and I think I’ve found my new go-to cereal.


The company was nice enough to send me their new flavors, and I happily accepted their offer.

The Bear Naked Truth
Our Bear Naked Fit® 100% natural energy cereal

  • Made with whole-grain flakes and crispy seed clusters for a tasty, satisfying crunch
  • A good source of protein (6-7g) in every serving
  • An excellent source of fiber (6-7g) and 30g whole grains*
  • Bearly processed and all natural ingredients you know, love and can actually pronounce
  • NO Artificial Flavors, NO Artificial Preservatives, NO Cholesterol, NO Hydrogenated Oils, 0g Trans Fat
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Kosher certified

*7g total fat per serving

6-7 grams of protein and 6-7 grams of fiber? That ain’t too shabby.

I first tried the Almond Crisp flavor, and loved every single bite. The flakes were tasty (not cardboardy like you’d expect a high-fiber cereal to be) and I loved the addition of coconut flakes! The cereal paired perfectly with Almond Breeze’s almond milk/coconut milk blend (<– my favorite almond milk).

When I poured myself a bowl of the Autumn Crisp flavor, I was immediately struck by the huge pieces of dried fruit that came out of the box. I’m not sure I’d ever had dried apples in a cereal before.


After my first bite, I was hooked. The apples were great in the cereal, adding an unexpected crunch and sweetness to the cereal. There were other little crunchy clusters in the cereal too as well as raisins and nuts.

I was a big fan of the flavor, but the real test would be whether I got hungry at 10:00, only two and a half hours after eating.

10:00 came and went, and my tummy was still happy and full from the bowl of Autumn Crisp. Winner winner chicken dinner!

Not only does Bear Naked make a fabulous cereals- they seem like a pretty fabulous company too. They have a philosophy I can get behind: “un-process – simplify – enjoy”- Amen to that! Another thing that stood out to me (especially in light of some of my recent experiences) was that one of the founders, though no formal culinary training, decided to pursue her passion and make and sell granola full time. Very cool. 🙂

So, if you’re looking to break out of your cereal rut, or are just looking for a good breakfast option, check out Bear Naked Fit Cereals!

**Full disclosure- Bear Naked provided me with cereals to sample. All opinions are my own.