Hoooooold UP!

14 06 2011

Hey Friends! Chloe here. Just wondering…did anyone else start their morning off with a great workout? One might think that by now (after competitive swimming since the age of 7), I would be tired of morning swim workouts, but I even after 19 years of swimming, (UM WOW. that makes me feel old.) I still love starting my day off in the pool. I was definitely dragging this morning when I got up, but getting to the pool and getting in a good workout with Chris and Victoria  got my day off to a great start. I feel like no matter what happens today, I have done something good for myself. And that is important.

OK so maybe I still look a little tired...

Do something good for yourself today.

I did something good for myself this past weekend too. I took 72 hrs off of training!

For a number of reasons, I did not rest for my half marathon last weekend. I am pretty sure that the endorphins from that race got me through training last week. I am A BIG supporter of taking at least one day off per week. And I mean completely off…no yoga, no short swimming, no casual jogs. OFF! But because I knew that I would be out of town for a wedding this past weekend (aka eating, drinking and dancing the weekend away), I decided to break my own rule and hold off on a rest day. While I managed to get through training last week, I was EXTREMELY ready for my 72 hrs of no training!  Last week’s training included:

Sunday: Zooma Women’s 1/2 Marathon

Monday: 3200 meters swim

Tuesday: AM run 4.5 miles PM bike 60 min

Wednesday: AM Swim 2200 PM bike 60 min

Thursday: AM swim 3000 PM got my bike fitted!

Friday: AM 11 mile run

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: OFF

Chris and  I left bright and early on Saturday morning for a wedding at Duke University. I was in need of leaving everything behind and just enjoying the weekend away. Not only did this include my running shoes and bathing suit, but also my camera and computer. No blogging and no training.  I let lose and had fun 🙂 I am the type of person who forgets to stop and smell the roses. I love setting and accomplishing goals, making plans, and crossing off to do lists. But in the midst of doing these things, I don’t leave much room for that mid afternoon glass of wine, last dance right before last call, or lazy Sunday morning brunch with friends. This past weekend I did all of these things. I ate and drank delicious food and wine, stayed out late dancing, spent time with friend’s that I had not seen in a while and remembered what it was like to just let life happen. It isn’t something that I think is necessary every weekend, but every once in a while, you just gotta hoooooooold up! It feels good. And…just so happens that if you stay at the bars in Durham, NC (where Duke is located), you have a chance at running into some celebrities 🙂 We ran into Mason and Marshall Plumlee (no Miles 😦 But it was still a highlight of the weekend!

On a completely different note…if you are in need of a SUPER EASY, fantastic summer recipe. Make this bruschetta. Bring it to your next pot luck BBQ. Your friends will thank you and you will thank me!

Easy Summer Bruschetta

What You Need:

**I didn’t measure anything. I bought a bunch of each and eyeballed it all…so this is all amountsISH.

  • 5 medium tomatoes (take out gooey inside and just cube outside layer)
  • approximately 2 cups cubed fresh mozzarella (I like cheese so was generous)
  • 15 leaves of fresh basil (chopped)
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • 1 tablespoon Minced Garlic
  • 4 tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar

What to do:

  • Cube your tomatoes and mozzarella
  • Chop up your basil
  • Throw it in a bowl.

  • Stir in the balsamic, garlic and S&P

  • Mix it up and enjoy on your favorite toasty baguette

Questions of the Day:

1)Are you the type of person who is good at pressing the pause button? Or are you a go go getter who needs a reminder every once in a while to slooooow down?

2) What is your favorite easy bring to a pot luck BBQ dish??


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