A New Adventure

28 07 2014

You might have noticed that I started drinking Shakeology a few months ago.



Not gonna lie, I’m a big fan.

This stuff has a slew of vitamins, minerals, and protein, and it also has good-for-you probiotics, prebiotics, fiber, and digestive enzymes! No wonder they call it the healthiest meal of the day! It tastes yummy, and I can mix up so many different flavor combinations.


You may have also asked yourself why the heck I’ve been adding in PiYo to my Ironman training?


The combo of pilates and yoga stretches me out while building a strong core.

Strong core = injury prevention. And who can say no to a good stretching after a run?


PiYo “forces” me – in a fun way, to get in the stretches I often neglect, and helps me not only to build core strength, but to define my entire body. It certainly helps that the longest workout is 45 minutes, while the shorter end is 20-25 minutes. How can I say no to that?

IMG_5891I’ve definitely become a fan of Chalene since starting PiYo!


So, why am I telling you this?


Well…I’ve decided to become a Beachbody coach!


No, I’m not giving up my day job…but I’ve had the itch to dip my toe in the health and fitness waters for some time now, since it is such a huge part of my life already. So here goes nothin! My adventure is just beginning.

Join me?



Last Week’s Workouts {4/28-5/4}

6 05 2014

Another week of workouts, complete! In the few weeks that have passed since Gator, I don’t really feel like I’ve had any focus to my workouts. I’m working out just to workout, but sticking to the usual run, bike, swim routine. I added in a little bit of yoga this week, and even threw in a full day off and had a lazy Saturday while it poured outside. It was quite enjoyable, but this cardio queen was getting antsy by the afternoon! I’m trying to enjoy this time before real Ironman training kicks in!

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 4.55.24 PM

Monday: Run, 10km

Running with Felipe is always, er…interesting. We often will start warmup without a clue of what the workout will be. This was yet another one of those times. Before we started, F told us we might run a 10km. Or, we might run as little as 6km. OR we might run as much as 14km. I’ve gotten used to his unique training methods and just went with it.

Our first km ticked off at 4:54. Great. This was going to be fun. We ran all over Hyde Park, through the alleys, along Bayshore and then over to Davis island. While on the island, I was certain I would get dropped, even asking F what the rest of the workout was just in case. He told me I wasn’t going to get dropped.  I struggled to stay close, and when we got back over the bridge, we slowed for the the 7th and 8th kilometer. We stopped at the base of Rome and Bayshore for the final part of our workout: 1 km all out up the “hill”. I left on the “go” and powered my way up to Swann Ave. I was breathing/panting so loudly by the last block, I was afraid the walkers I passed were going to ask if I was okay. When we got to the end of the street, we had only done .85km. So we crossed the street and ran the last .15km. OUCH. That workout put the hurt on me. After, we did a nice easy 1 km cool down.

Tuesday: Swim, 1500 yards

Yes, I only swam 1500 yards. It was hot, the pool was hot, and Felipe and I were the only ones swimming. Neither of us were really feeling the workout, so when we got to 1500, Felipe said “We’re done.” I almost stayed and swam some more but opted not to.

Wednesday: Swim, 2500 yards, Run 4km

Courtney and I met up bright and early to get in a good workout. Whenever we swim together we always challenge each other and it definitely makes us stronger swimmers. We did a set 2x (3 x 200, 3 x 100) descend 1-3.  Then for fun we decided to do 3 x 100 on 1:15. We barely made the last one, but I’ll still count it as a complete set. 🙂

When I got home, I ran the 4km loop around my ‘hood. I didn’t feel super, I think I was under fueled, but I was glad I got it in.

Thursday:  Yoga

This was supposed to be a Bikram class, but unfortunately the heater was broken! So the instructor led us through what was supposed to be a flow class. We did a lot of pretty basic moves, which is sometimes nice to do, but I don’t really feel like I got a great workout it.

Friday: Run

I met up with Heather for a morning run along Bayshore. Originally we were going to run for an hour, but after our first km ticked off and we were drenched with sweat from the humidity, we opted to just run 10km. I felt terrible on this run! It was so humid, windy, and it started to rain just as we turned around. It wasn’t a bad rain, and ended after a few minutes but it was so annoying. Ugh. I felt like I couldn’t move fast at all. Blah. I was so happy when this run was over, but it made me sad that Florida summer is here and I’ll probably have a LOT more runs like that one.


Saturday: REST

It was a gross, rainy day so I slept in, and had a lazy day. It was glorious.

Sunday: Ride


Chris, Jamie and I met up at Suncoast for our ride. It was a cool morning (in the 60s!!) but the sun was shining, which made it PERFECT riding weather. We rode out to Anderson Snow in a line, Chris leading, at a nice, comfortable pace. At the turnaround, we stopped for a potty break and chatted about whether we wanted to push the last 15km like we did last week. We decided to play it by ear, but I was pretty sure Chris and I both wanted to see how fast we could finish that segment again. On the Suncoast, there’s a 15km stretch between two major roads. We always park at the lot at the one major road, so we have this nice stretch where we can just get down and go.

At our decision point, we saw two of Chris’s friends, and stopped to chat with them. We decided that we were going to go for it with our new line of 5. Chris, me, and Chris’s friend would lead the line and take turns pulling for 2 minutes each. We had a slight tailwind, so we knew this would be a speedy ride. I was also thankful for a third person to pull, so I could have a bit more rest!

We started out fast, and just powered through. Chris took his turn, then me, and then Chris number 2. By the time Chris (#1) was pulling off to let me lead, he told me we had dropped Chris #2 and it would just be the two of us. I dug deep and tried to ride as strong as I could. 2 minutes, switch, 2 minutes, switch. When Chris led, I was still working pretty hard, but definitely felt the benefit of sitting in his draft. By the time I caught my breath from my 2 minutes in the lead, it was my turn again. I kept telling myself that I’d make it further than I did last week, and that it was only 25 minutes of pain. Finally, I could see the last stretch before our cars. Chris was feeling good, so he told me to hang on (rather than switching). I was relieved, and did my best to stay on his wheel. Finally, with about half a kilometer to go, I just couldn’t hang on. Chris had already started pulling away, and there was no way I was going to catch him. At 23:30, I made it to the parking lot. Phew! We did it! I checked my watch in astonishment- that’s a full minute and a half or more than last week, meaning we averaged 40km/hour. Holy smokes! It was fun to go fast- I’m enjoying these short power rides at the end of a longer ride!


Last Week’s Workouts {3/24-3/30}

31 03 2014

Um, how is it the end of March already? It seems like I was just recapping some of my February workouts. But you know what that means? Only 2 weeks left until Gator Half! Gulp! (And, yes, I finally registered.)

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 5.57.55 PM

I had surprisingly large mileage this week- but I think it’s somewhat inflated because I rode the trainer three- yes, THREE!- times this week <– who am I? and just guesstimate that I’m going 30km/hour which may or may not be accurate (I’m gonna lean towards “not accurate”).

Anywho- here’s my summary:

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 5.50.26 PM

Monday: Trainer, 30 minutes

I was short on time and it was raining out, so this is what I could get in.

Tuesday: Long run, 15km

This was hands down one of my best runs of the season. Initially, I didn’t want to run because I was going solo, but decided I should take advantage of the cool evening air. Boy, am I glad I did! Maybe it was the rested legs or maybe it was the fabulous tail wind on my way back, but I was able to break the 1:15 barrier for a 15km! I was darn proud of my splits too:

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 6.21.15 PM

This was definite motivation for the week. My hard work is paying off!

Recovery is key: IMG_2961

Wednesday: Trainer ride, 1 hour

Nothing super exciting to report on this one. I’m still digging sports documentaries for trainer rides though. I watched “Undefeated,” about an inner city high school football team that goes from worst to first.


Thursday: Swim, 3000 yards

Half my teammates were headed out on vacation today, so I was swimming alone. I did 25 x 100 pull (full kit) as my main set.


Friday: Run, 6.5 km

I totally intended to run 10km, but I just wasn’t feeling it. The humidity was suffocating and my allergies were starting to act up. So, I cut it short and did some stretching/core work when I got home.

Saturday: Trainer, 2 hours


It was POURING on Friday night and the radar didn’t look good for Saturday, but we decided to play it by ear. I woke up Saturday morning and it had stopped raining (yay!) but the weather prediction for later was not so stellar. We probably could have gotten a ride in (maybe cut it a little short) but I was a little unsure about the weather and my allergies were causing me to wheeze just laying in bed, so I texted Chris and Meghan and told them that I thought it was better just to ride on Sunday. Thankfully they were okay with that, so I went back to sleep for a few hours after taking some allergy medicine. I had a lazy Saturday morning when I woke up, taking my time to make some of these babies:

IMG_1067(recipe coming Friday peeps!)

I should have gone riding on Davis Island instead of putzing around in the kitchen, because the sun was still out at this point. After breakfast, it still was looking like decent riding weather, so I started to get changed. Then I looked at the weather report and it showed 60% chance of rain for the next few hours and there were clouds in the distance. Trainer it is.

I made it my longest so far- 2 hours! A little bit of sing-along to RENT helped me get through. As I finished up my workout, I noticed the clouds rolling in but still no rain. I hopped in the shower and of course, as soon as I got out, I looked out the window to see pouring rain. Figures.

Sunday: Brick, 67 km ride, 8km run

IMG_3094Fun group ride on the Suncoast! Met up with Chris x 2, Jamie and Meghan for a triathlete’s version of Sunday Funday! We started with our ride up to Anderson Snow and back. We had a nice little headwind on the way out, but we were keeping a comfortable, fairly easy pace. Of course we stopped to take photos when we took our potty break, since Meghan and I were rocking our new team kits!

ladiesbikingThe ride back to the cars was much faster than the first half. Hooray tailwind!

After our ride, we did a nice 8K in perfect running weather- low 60s and sunny. This Florida winter has been quite pleasant! (Well, I guess it’s technically spring now!) I took my first km at 5:02 and went down from there. It was a solid run, and I averaged 4:55/km. It’s amazing how much the weather can affect your performance! It makes me hope (unrealistically) that we’ll get cool temps in two weeks.

And now, because I can, I’ll show you where I spent the rest of my afternoon. 🙂

collagepoolAh, Florida.