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28 10 2015

So, I have a half ironman in less than two weeks. To be completely honest, I don’t feel very prepared. I feel like this season has kind of been a non-season: completely unfocused with a few random races here and there. I’ve been running, biking, and swimming pretty regularly, but I’m not sure that I would call it “training.” Maybe if I had kept a training journal or tracked all my miles on Daily Mile like I did last year I may have been able to look back and feel a bit more satisfied with what I’ve done this year. Or, if my my idea of “normal” training wasn’t so skewed now that I know what IM training looks like.

IMG_74482 hours on the dread mill. Yay.

I’ve known for quite some time that I have a 70.3 in early November, but the race didn’t spark the sense of urgency that signing up and training for an Ironman does. I guess that’s what happens after you spend an entire year pouring all of your focus and energy into a single, albeit incredibly challenging, race. It’s difficult to find something that’s equally as exciting and motivating.

Ironman finish

(and will make you ugly cry at the end)

In fact, I’ve already started thinking about next season. I’ve actually been thinking about it since early September. It feels a little weird to try and plan out what races I wanted to do next year, when my 2015 season never really felt like it got under way. After watching IMWI and hanging out with several of my SOAS teammates up there, I was SO tempted to sign up. You don’t even know how many times I visited the IM site, looking at course descriptions and elevations, reading others’ race reports, etc. I waffled back and forth more times than I like to admit.

SOAS Sistas in WI

Then, earlier this week it was announced that there was going to be an Ironman brand 70.3 in Atlantic City. What?! Clearly I do not follow the forums closely enough because I would have seen this coming and not spent so much time thinking about IMWI (however, 2017 may have my name on it…). Decision made! IMAC 70.3 here I come!


With that announcement, I feel like my 2016 season now has a purpose, a focus. This race is a commitment because I need to actually plan to travel to it (unlike the race down in Venice where it’s drivable). It will be my first Ironman branded 70.3. And, I have a big goal for this race: I want to podium. This race isn’t small potatoes, so it’s going to take a lot of work to get there. But, I’m excited about that goal…so much so that I’m even considering hiring a coach. Sure, it’s a ways off, and anything can happen between now and then, but I think this is a sign that I’m finally coming out from the post-Ironman slump (yeah, I know, it took me awhile, and I didn’t even realize I was in it…).

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.11.12 PM

So with 2016 settled, I can maybe draw from a bit of the excitement of having a plan (I’m so type A) and get motivated for my “A” race of this season, Challenge Florida.

Several of my SOAS teammates will be joining me, and we’re making it a girls’ weekend down in Venice.


Cynthia will be in town for the race!

My friend Chris let me borrow his race wheels, which is super exciting. Yay free speed!

Pink Shiv

And, I got my hair did…and it just so happens to go with the pink theme. Sure I’ll be that crazy age grouper with pink hair, but I don’t care:-)


The plan: go out there and have fun. Next up, Challenge Florida!



2 responses

28 10 2015

I am so excited for you! I wish I can come down to Venice like I d 2 years ago to cheer but I have company in town that weekend and my bridal shower. I am seriously thinking about Atlantic City becasue I have family in Cape May I can stay with, I would have no Idea how to travel there with all Tri stuff!! Let me know what you plan to do, maybe if I grow some balls I can join in the “party” Good luck at challenge, you’re going to kick major ass even if you don’t think you’re as prepared as you may want to be. I stalk.. I am not ashamed.

28 10 2015

You’re awesome Jenna! You should totally do IMAC! I think I’m gonna use tri bike transport- they make t super easy!

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