October Stats

3 11 2014

So, it’s November. That means that at the end of THIS month, I’ll be racing in my first ever Ironman. Cue stomach butterflies, obsessive checking of the Ironman Cozumel page, and extreme measures to prevent illness. Ok, maybe I won’t be taking “extreme measures” but I will be popping echinacea and vitamin C every day…

Anyhow, let’s see how October panned out.

Run: 179 km

In October, I tackled my farthest run so far (28km). I think we will be doing a few more of those, if not longer in the next week or so, and boy, I’m excited. NOT.  At least the weather is getting cooler here, so long runs are a bit more enjoyable!

I also tested my ability to withstand boredom with some long runs on the good ol’ treadmill. Once I did two hours (having to restart the treadmill after the first hour) and another time I ran 17km- a little over an hour and a half.


This whole Ironman training thing has really screwed up my perspective of what constitutes a “normal” run. Last Wednesday, we did a 16km run after work. That’s nearly 10 miles- but my attitude was like, “meh, it’s just a 16k”- WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?? I guess that’s a good sign?


IM training has also showed me how far my fitness has come since earlier this season. On Friday, I went out for an 8 mile run: 1 mile WU, 6 x 1 mile under HR 158 with 1 minute rest between, and 1 mile CD. I had a little help from the wind, and it wasn’t on the track, but I still had a really good run. Each mile was right around or just under 9:00, with my fastest mile being 8:45 (it was my last one too!) With the minute rest (for my HR to come down) my average HR was 152 for each. We did a similar workout in August, on the track (mind you, it was much hotter and we did 10 repeats), but I looked back at my stats and saw that all of the miles, with the exception of the first, were over 9:00 and my slowest was 9:33. My avg HR for each of those ranged from 153 (first one only) all the way up to 159.

So, I know my engine is getting stronger, I just need to keep on, keeping on!

Bike: 814 km

This month included a 180 km ride, which is equal to the distance of the IM race. Phew. That was a long one! This month also included a bunch of trainer time, getting more specific gear work in. I’m feeling stronger on the bike, but I’m looking forward to giving my crotch a rest from sitting in that darn saddle!


The weather is also getting cooler, and I’m such a wuss now! Riding when it is cold is not fun, so I’m looking forward to not being obligated to ride when it’s chilly outside.


Swim: 31km

We really upped our long swims this month, including a straight 4000 and 3 x 1500. Oh boy! It’s getting cooler here in FL, so it is becoming increasingly more difficult to get up in the morning and jump in the outdoor pool when the temperature is in the 50s. At least it’s not in the 40s? Thankfully we just learned that our favorite pool is getting the heat working and they’ll be open year round- yay!


Other: I think I took a Yin yoga class or two and did PiYo once or twice to counteract some pain I was having (both helped, as did foam rolling), but those are definitely not at the top of my priority list (but maybe they should be?).

Races: Nada!

Current Reads: I finished reading Meatonomics- well sort of. The actual book is done, now I just have to read my way though the appendices. I also just started (of course) a cheesy Ironman book, Unlikely Finisher 140.6. I was looking for an easy read that would pump me up for the race.

Current Song: ?? I haven’t updated my iPod in awhile, so whatever is on there is good enough for now!

Current Indulgence: Pumpkin everything. How can Trader Joe’s make so much delicious pumpkin products? Pumpkin mochi, pumpkin bread, rolls, pumpkin cereal, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin butter, pumpkin caramel! Can pumpkin season stay around forever?



Current excitement: I think you know what this one is. T minus 26 days until IM COZUMEL!!



2 responses

3 11 2014

Happy race month! So pumped for you! You are absolutely ready to rock Coz 🙂 Also, yin yoga is my favorite… hurts so good!

3 11 2014

Thanks girlie!! Cant wait for it to just BE HERE already!!

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