September Summary

2 10 2014

It seems like September came and went in the blink of an eye. Wasn’t it just Labor Day? I’m not quite sure how today is the first of October, and that 2014 is 3/4 of the way over.

The beginning of October means that I have 2 full months until Ironman Cozumel. I actually have less than that to really train because of taper. I’m going to be perfectly honest- I am getting scared. I’ve started to doubt myself, and thoughts like,  These workouts are hard, will I really be able to make it the whole way? Something always seems to be hurting- will I even make it to the starting line? Am even I doing enough training?

I know that part of being an Ironman is overcoming not only the mental challenges, but the physical ones as well. I’ve got two months to work on my mental and physical game. Time to buckle down!

Here’s how September shaped up:

Run: 147km

That includes a long run each week ranging from 15km-22km, with the exception of one week due to an annoying Achilles issue. The Achilles is better, but now my knee hurts. Ugh. I can’t win. Running sure does take a toll on my body. I can only imagine how I’ll feel next month…


IMG_6737 IMG_6814

Bike: 853 km

Surprisingly, this number is smaller than last month’s. I think it’s because we had a bunch of rain and we often spent one of the two weekend days inside on the trainer. I also had a race weekend, which meant only one shorter ride that weekend.

IMG_7093 IMG_7258 IMG_7272

Swim: 24km

Not bad, not bad. I’ve been doing a lot of pull sets to rest my legs and build my upper body. The other day I did 36 x 100 pull! Talk about boring, but that’s also good mental prep!


Other: Other fitness workouts like Piyo have basically become non-existent. I think I did 2-3 the entire month. I just don’t have the time or energy to do anything other than swim, bike and run.

Races: AC Tri!

This is definitely one of my favorite races. I had a good showing and I hope to go back next year!


Current Reads: All the IM Cozumel race reports I can find. Yes, I’m pathetic.

I’m also reading Meatonomics upon recommendation by Maria. I have at least 3 trips between now and Cozumel, so I’m hoping I’ll have time to finish it. It’s really interesting!

Current Obsession: This will probably read Ironman from here on out.

Current song: Hm. I still turn up the radio when “Break Free” comes on

Current need: A massage! I think tight calves are what is causing all my leg issues. Good thing I set one up for Friday!

Current indulgence: Scandal. It’s back, and I am oh so happy about that! Makes for some good times on the trainer!

Current excitement: I am getting super excited about the vacation part of my Cozumel trip. Is it time to relax on a hammock on the beach yet?