August Training Stats

1 09 2014

How is it already September? Where did August go? I feel like I just wrote my July training stats, and now I’m wrapping up August. You know what that means? A little less than 3 months til Cozumel. Gulp. It’s time to get serious. Real serious. But before diving in to that, let’s recap August, eh?


Run: 97.61

I’m not sure how this number is lower than last month’s but somehow it is. I’m running longer runs, but maybe not as frequently? My longest run in a very long time was this month- 18km- while I was in Madison for work. We’ve also done some killer track workouts- like 10 x 1 mile repeats. Yowza.


Bike: 937.73 km

Holy cow! That’s a lot of saddle time! We’ve really started to ramp up our long rides. In August, I did 4 rides that were over 100km. I also PDR’d – twice! I did an 132km ride in the hills of San Antonio, and then this past weekend rode 149 km in Cozumel-like conditions at Alafia. That last ride was a total dose of reality. I didn’t fuel properly, the wind was exhausting, and it was darn hot. I can’t believe that I’m going to be riding 31km more and THEN running a MARATHON at Cozumel. What am I thinking???



Swim: 19.06 km

So, we’ve started swimming a bit more. We got in a few 3,000 yard workouts this month, and I expect more of those.



I do a PiYo workout about 4x/week and I’be been throwing in a 21-day fix workout every now and then. Again, I can’t speak highly enough about PiYo; I really think it is a great balance to all this swim, bike, running I’ve been doing!

Races: Nada. I have one in September and that’s it til Cozumel!

Current reads: So, not a “read” but I recently watched “The Other Shore“- the story of Diana Nyad’s quest to swim from Cuba to Florida. Holy. Cow. That woman. She is insane/amazing/inspiring/tough/hardworking/driven/passionate/incredible/determined. Wow. She had a dream that she just would not let go until one day, last year, she finally made it. Never ever ever give up.

Current obsession: Avocados and eggs. Lately, it seems like every meal has one or the other (or both!)!

IMG_6563 IMG_6602 IMG_6711 IMG_6719 IMG_6757 IMG_6795


Current song: Hmm. I don’t have one song right now, but I’m digging the Calvin Harris Album. I’m in the market for some new running songs though. Anyone?

Current need: A clean house. I feel like it is always a mess! I read this article recently and it has inspired me to start some new organizational habits!

Current triumph: Getting through nearly 5 hours on the bike! As I mentioned above, this was a new PDR and definitely gave me some perspective about how freaking hard an Ironman is going to be. Though I bonked pretty bad, I was proud to say “I did it”.

Current indulgence: Hmm. Does the glass of red wine I’m currently drinking count? Or that piece of dark chocolate I ate for dessert? Or how about that sushi I had the other night (followed by some fried ice cream. omg!) ? Everything in moderation:-)


fried ice cream

Current excitement: This may get old, but Cozumel and the Ironman journey is exciting to me. I recently purchased my flight down there (still need the ferry to the island, but I can do that later!) and it made it 1000x more real. This is really happening. 90 days to go!




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