July Training Stats

4 08 2014

I was kind of lax on my weekly training updates in July, so I’m going to steal Beth’s idea and do a monthly recap.

And yes, I will be reporting all my distances in metric. So if you want to know what it translates to, ask Siri.

Run: 135 km- not too shabby. I know this number is going to get much larger.


Bike: 889km – this number is probably unusually high due to XP’s Tour de Tampa. I definitely got saddle time in July- I hope it pays off as my season progresses!


Swim: 11 km – my swim definitely suffered because we were riding so much (even if we were riding on the trainer)- but I’m not too worried, as we’ll be upping this over the next few months.

Strength: Between yoga and PiYo, I’m still getting some strength training in. I’m doing about 25-45 minutes of stretching/core/strength about 4 times/week. I definitely hope to keep this up!


Races: I did the Top Gun Sprint tri (yes, I owe you a race report), improving on my time from two years ago! Oh, and I snagged an age group podium spot!



Current Reads: Do blogs count? Whoops. Slacking in this area.

Current Obsession: All of SOAS Racing’s Houndstooth 2.0 gear! I have the tri kit, which I adore (hello, matching my bike) and I recently received the run kit, and I’m in love. It’s a little wild, but that’s what I love about it.



Current Song: I’m digging Ariana Grande’s Break Free right now- great song to run or bike to!

Current Need: Not sure that this qualifies as a “need,” but I could really go for a good massage. I might need to call Lisa up!

Current Triumph: I was pretty happy with my finish at Top Gun, so I’ll count that!

Current Bane of My Existence: Dishes. I cook a lot at home, and for some reason the dishes seem to be piling up more than usual. Perhaps I’m just getting lazier?

Current Indulgence: Not sure about this one. I’ve been eating a lot of peanut butter and dates lately. Does that count?

Current Excitement: I got to see Bill perform locally this weekend, and that was exciting!


How was your July? What’s your August look like?



3 responses

4 08 2014

I hate dishes too! Great job in July Steph!

4 08 2014

Thanks for the post idea:)

1 09 2014
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