Ironman Training: Week 3

24 06 2014


Another week closer to IM Coz! I still have plenty to go- the party is just getting started! We’ve slowly started to up our mileage, and double workouts caught up with me this week- I took Friday completely off and it was glorious. I don’t think there was anything super memorable this week, so I’ll just give you the quick run down.Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 9.16.44 PM

Monday: Run, 11km

I had plans in the evening, so I got in a morning run with Courtney. We ran 30 minutes at a comfortable pace on the way out, and then picked it up on the way back. It was a nice little run, and with warm up and cool down, I averaged 5:15/km.

Tuesday: Swim, 2200m; Run, 12 km (4km WU/CD, 8km workout)

Morning swim was a ladder that included pulling: 4 x 100 pull, 100 swim, 3 x 100 pull, 100 swim, 2 x 100 pull, 100 swim, 1 x 100 pull, 100 swim.

In the evening we almost didn’t get a workout in. There was a TERRIBLE storm that started shortly after we started our run. It was scary close. We took cover at UT and waited it out. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long, and after about 20 minutes we were off and running again. We modified our usual 4K route so that it was an actual loop, rather than an L. This was a relief, since it mean going over the bridge only once! Bonus: the last 1.5 km is sort of down hill too! We ran the loop twice, no stopping. By the end of the second loop, my legs were definitely heavy, but I pushed through it and ended up averaging 4:55/km. I’ll take it!


Wednesday:Swim, 2000m; Yoga, 1 hour; Trainer, 28km

Nothing exciting to report here:-)


Thursday: Swim, 2200; Run 10.82km

We again did lots of pull, and my left shoulder started to bother me. It’s been a little annoying over the past few months, and I think it’s because I sleep on my left side all. the. time. I might need to get Lisa to check it out. Right after swim, I went for a run. I really wanted to get in 11km, but my body just wasn’t having it. The only thing keeping me going was knowing that I would not have another workout until Friday evening- and that was super exciting. I was drenched in sweat at the end, but relieved it was over.



The plan was to get in a group run in the evening, but we ended up canceling. My body was very thankful!

Saturday: Ride, 65km

I rode with the XP gang out at Alafia. We rode this in two parts: Part 1 was nice and easy, 30 km out. We spent the time chatting until we had to fall in to a pace line for the last 5km, when we got to Wachula Rd. The ride home was an hour steady, at IM pace. I went first, straight into the headwind that we knew was coming. I put my head down and dug deep to keep a consistent pace as best I could, but without pushing too hard and not holding back too much. At about 15km in, we turned off Wachula, and therefore, out of the headwind. At about 20km in, Jess passed me, and I realized I had been in lala land. I picked up my pace just a tiny bit, and ended up holding about the same pace as Jess for the remainder of the ride. I kept my three bike lengths between us, but didn’t seem to lose any ground until the last 5km, when I slowed before making our final left turn to let a car by. This ride made me realize how long I’m actually going to be riding for at IM:  just need to imagine doing that ride 4 more times (maybe even more). Wow. that’s far.


Sunday: Ride, 66km; Run 5.5km, 1 hour yoga

I rode with the A-train gang on Sunday at the Suncoast trail. We started bright and early- 7am- since there was some of the group heading out for 75 miles! We had a nice group- maybe 10-15 of us riding in a line up to Anderson Snow, the halfway point for many and just a potty break for others. We held a comfortable pace on the way there, a few different people taking turns up front pulling. On the way back, the group split some: a group kept going north to get in their 75, and then a few other groups headed back to the cars. I was in the first group and there were about 5 of us. We picked up the pace a little on the way home, and each took turns pulling. At the last 15k, the strongest rider in our pack, Bill (not my boyfriend Bill, another guy), was leading and said he was going to pick it up for the last 15km. I was like “Alright, let’s do this!” and we got to moving. At this point, I was 4th in the line. A few km later, the guy in front of me tapped out, so I pulled in to third position, behind Jamie. We were almost halfway there when Jamie tapped out too, so I pushed hard to get on Bill’s wheel. We were holding about 23mph, and I was working hard. With about 8km left, Bill let me pull for a little while, but I was beat. I’m pretty sure he could tell because after only about 2km he yelled that he could take over whenever I wanted. Thank. Goodness! I pulled off, and let him take back the lead. With about 2km left, still holding at 23mph, two cyclists flew past us- they must have been going 30mph! Bill tried to grab their wheel, while I on the other hand saw this as my opportunity to get some relief. I had to run afterwards and my legs would not be happy if I tried to stay with these speedsters. So, I backed off, and spun back to the car. I’m glad I did, because I was able to get in a decent run, though my legs were certainly tired! 5:12 pace off a tough ride is certainly respectable! I ended the weekend with some yoga in the park, which was nice and refreshing!



Running: 39.32km

Biking: 159km

Swimming:6400 m

Yoga: 2 hours