Ironman Training: Week 1

9 06 2014

One week down, 23 to go! Oof. That’s a lot of weeks. This week actually wasn’t so bad, and I don’t really feel like I’ve really started Ironman training because my week looked pretty much like what previous weeks of HIM training looked like. I was actually out of town Monday-Friday so I ran a bit more since I didn’t have super easy access to a pool and spin studio. So, here’s how it went down:

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 12.16.33 PM

Monday: Rest day. I hadn’t planned on this. Actually, I knew I was flying at night and really wanted to get in a morning workout at the pool. But, when my alarm went off, I was just SO TIRED, so I figured my body needed the rest. Perhaps I wore myself out at the tri the day before.
Tuesday: This was originally going to be my rest day, because I knew I had a busy day ahead of me with evening obligations, and I arrived late on Monday night. But, I got myself out of bed and went for a nice 10K run around Middleton, WI (a suburb of Madison). It actually wasn’t too difficult to get up- my body was on east coast time AND the sun rises earlier, which made a 6:00am alarm not seem so bad.

It was a fun little run. It was perfect weather- hello 62 and sunny- and I remembered that running can actually be enjoyable when it isn’t obnoxiously hot and humid. I even got in 72 meters of climbing, which doesn’t happen at home, so that was fun/challenging!



Wednesday: On one of my last trips to Madison, my Florida friend Dee recently connected me (virtually) to her friend Krista, who lives there. We were finally able to meet up for a run on National Running Day! Krista had organized a group run at the UW Arboretum, followed by post-run beers at a nearby bar. Sign me up! She picked me up at my hotel (stranger danger! Ha!) and we joined 9 of her friends for a 10K jaunt around the grounds.

IMG_4997(photo courtesy of Krista)

Again, it was a beautiful night for a run (I was totally digging cooler temps and less humidity) and we spent the run chatting- except when we went up that darn hill!


It might not look too bad to you all, but it kinda sucked. They told me that this hill is at mile 10 of a Madison half- UGH!

And then of course I had a yummy Spotted Cow at the bar afterwards. I will definitely be meeting up with this group again! Yay for new friends!



Thursday: Krista told me there was a big gym nearby that had a pool, so Thursday morning I woke up and ran the 2 miles to the Princeton Club.


It was definitely the biggest gym I’ve ever been to. I can’t imagine how much they charge! They had a decent 25 yard pool with 6 lanes- however, these were itty bitty lanes and only one person could swim at a time. So, though it was nice to have your own lane, if there were 6 people swimming, you needed to wait. I had to wait about 10 minutes or so before a lane opened up. When I finally got in, I did 3000 yards before heading back to my hotel.

Friday: Another morning workout was necessary because I was flying in the evening, and though I could certainly go for another run, my body was craving some yoga. Thankfully, there was a studio a quarter mile from my hotel! Unfortunately, their morning classes are either at 5:30am or 9:00am. 9:00 was too late for me, so 5:30 it was! Again, because the sun rises earlier, it wasn’t terrible to wake up (yay!). I went to an hour long hot flow class, which felt great. I liked the instructor, though she wasn’t the best one I’ve had. I feel like her instructions weren’t as thorough or clear as other instructors I’ve experienced. But, I still got in a great workout, and enjoyed the studio. When I was done, it was only 6:30 and beautiful out so I walked back to my hotel, dropped my stuff and went for a short run! I only did a little more than 3k, but I couldn’t pass up the beautiful morning (and I had plenty of time to spare!).

Saturday: Back in Florida, I met up with the XP gang: Courtney, Heather, Felipe, and Jess (we missed you Chris!) and we rode around our usual spot in Alafia. We only rode 47km, but we threw in a few intervals on the quiet roads. We did a few intervals with heavy gear, and a few at 85%. Each were done in a time trial set-up, so we weren’t drafting off each other. It was a fun ride, and I really enjoyed the intervals- I know they make you a stronger/faster rider, so I hope we’ll do more!

Sunday: Heather and I were the only ones who wanted to ride in the morning, so she and I met up to ride Davis Island. We did 6 loops, for a total of 45km. After a warm up, we each took turns pulling for 5 minutes. It was hot, but I was thankful for a bit of a breeze. After, we ran 2 miles- it was almost 11 by that time, so it was HOT. Any further than that probably wouldn’t have done us any good. We gradually increased our pace over the course of the run, which was surprising, and our second mile was sub 8:00, which I was happy about!


Running: 33km

Biking: 92 km

Swimming: 3000 yards



6 responses

9 06 2014

Nice work! And yum spotted cow! My supply is getting low, thankfully I’ve got grandma’s half in 2 weeks so I will stop in Superior and pick some more up!

9 06 2014

So fun! I really need to ship myself some next time I’m up there! Good luck at Grandma’s! My friend Krista ( is doing that full!

9 06 2014

Kick ass week Steph! I had to really think about your KM to Miles b/c it confuses me every time. (I can no math.) Lol! Looks like you had a great trip & I LOVE the group selfie.

10 06 2014

We joked about a group selfie that would rival Ellen’s. I think we were close;-)

It took me a while to get used to kms, and I still prefer knowing my bike speed in mph, but for the run, I’m hooked on Km times!

10 06 2014

Great week! I wish MSP was a tad bit closer to Madison so I could meet up with your group when you’re in town!

10 06 2014

Aw! That would be so fun!

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