2 06 2014

One hundred eighty. That’s the number of days until Ironman Cozumel.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 7.31.18 AM

To some people, that’s the number of days in a school year, which for many just wrapped up.




To me, it’s the number of days I have to prepare for the hardest race of my life. Between now and November 30, 2014, I’ll be logging more miles kilometers on my Newtons (more than one pair will be gone through…), swim almost as much as I did when I was in college, and spend more hours than many do in a work day plopped on my bike saddle riding the rural roads of Florida.


It’s a daunting task that lies ahead and no doubt about it I am kinda sorta a little freaked out. I’ll be making sacrifices over the next 6 months (goodbye weekends) and may sound like a broken record (“Sorry, I can’t, I’m training for an Ironman”), but when I cross that finish line, I know that the sense of accomplishment will be overwhelming and make it all worth it.


So, bring it on Ironman training. Show me what you got. (And show me what I’ve got!)






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2 06 2014

Woo! Excited for you and to follow your training! Also, as a Newton newbie, how many miles do you typically run in yours before a new pair?

2 06 2014

Erin, that’s a great question! I haven’t actually calculated- I supinate and watch the treads on my shoes carefully. My outer lug wears down SO FAST- that I typically can only go a few months, even if I’m not doing a ton of mileage. I’m not looking forward to seeing how much cash I drain on shoes in the next few months. I’ve started experimenting with Altras, and they seem ok, but I found myself missing the lugs! I’m probably going to try the new 5 lugs soon, which will hopefully last a bit longer. The website says 300-500 miles, or until you feel like you aren’t getting the pop you used to.

2 06 2014

I have the Gravity five lugs and LOVE them! They haven’t worn down too much yet, but I’m tracking mileage closely. I just bought a pair of Hokas this weekend to rotate in… running in them today to see how I like them. A good friend of mine switches between the two brands and says they’re a nice complement to each other.

2 06 2014

I’m so intrigued by the Hokas! You’ll have to let me know how they work! I like the idea of rotating brands, I’ve always thought to buy two pairs of the same shoe but if you have two brands that work, then why not?

2 06 2014

I’ll def keep you posted! I wish I had an unlimited shoe budget because I’d have two pairs of each 🙂

2 06 2014

Hahah yes! Me too!!

2 06 2014
Cynthia @ You Signed Up For WHAT?!

This post is so exciting – the countdown! I’m also curious about Newtons, I haven’t tried them but do have a pair of Altras sitting around. I just can’t bring myself to try something new right now in the middle of the season!

2 06 2014

I love my newtons, but they have recently been giving me blisters:( I raced this weekend in the Altras (after doing a few shorter runs in them) and didn’t have any problems. I’m not ready to give up on Newtons just yet- I think I’ll upgrade to the new model which has a wider toe box.

I can’t believe the countdown is on. Eek! (And I’m celebrating by taking a rest day. Whoops.)

3 06 2014
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