Highlights From the Last Two Weeks of Workouts (and Life)

19 05 2014

So, I had a post pretty much written for the week of 5/5-5/11 but for some reason, didn’t post it. And now it’s a week later, and I’ve got another week of workouts under my belt. So, instead of boring you with the details of the last two weeks of workouts, I’ll just share some highlights from my workouts and what other stuff I’ve been up to 🙂


Week of 5/5-5/11

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 8.18.50 PM



Monday, 5/5: Felipe told us to bring water bottles (which he never does) so I knew we’d be in for an interesting workout. Before we started, he told us to turn off our GPS which was the indication that we were going to the track for this evening’s practice. After a 10 minute warm up run to get there, he gave us the workout: 15 x 1000 with 40 seconds rest after each one. Are you serious? So much for any Cinco plans anyone had.

My goal was to go 5:00 for each, and after the first one ticked at 4:57, I knew that was where I was going to try to stay. I actually felt pretty good for most of these- there was a cool-ish breeze that was in our face on one side of the track, while giving us a slight push on the other side. Around number 10/11 my legs started to feel heavy, but I dug deep and finished strong. Though I wasn’t 100% consistent on all of them, my average was 4:55. I’ll take that!

Definitely took an ice bath after.

ice bathYes, most of the ice had melted by this point. But it was still cold!

Wednesday, 5/7: Trainer ride, run, yoga

My ride/run were nothing to write home about, but the warm Flow class at Evolation. Holy wow.  It was a packed class and the instructor whooped our butts. When we went into crow in the first 10 minutes of class I knew I’d be sore the next day. Sure enough, I was. But man, yoga is so good for the soul!


No photographic evidence of yoga, so spinning selfie you get!

Saturday, 5/10:  Surprise! I didn’t run, bike OR swim today! WHAT? Instead, I went to a fab yoga class at Yogani and then Bill and I went blueberry picking! I wouldn’t classify the blueberry picking as a workout, but I wanted an excuse to share some photos 🙂





Week of 5/12-5/18

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 8.23.58 PM

Tuesday, 5/13: I was in Madison for work and it is FINALLY warm enough (for me) to run outside there! A cold front actually came through while I was there, but it was still good enough weather for an outdoor run. I woke up early Tuesday morning to run around the capitol and down to one of the many lake-front paths. I LOVE how bike-friendly Madison is- there were bike commuters everywhere, and there was even a breakfast tent with fresh, hot coffee along the route! I ran a comfortable 12km (should have pushed the pace some because it was perfect running weather, but oh well!) and found myself pondering whether IM Wisconsin will ever be in my future.


Friday 5/16: I guess the cold front that had been in Madison made it’s way south because it was THE PERFECT morning to run. I wanted to stay outside all day! A few of us from the XP gang ran a little 6k before work because we had an XP celebration that evening. Jess and Courtney are May babies and we had a cookout in their honor 🙂 Happy birthday ladies!

XP ladies

These are hands down my favorite ladies in Tampa! Photo courtesy of Meghann.

Saturday & Sunday, 5/17-18: Suncoast trail rides! Two days of riding on the Suncoast has left my legs toasted! Both days we had a headwind on the way out and a tailwind on the way back. And both days we pushed extra hard on the way home. Oof. It is super fun to go fast (max speed 45km/hour and 44km/hour, respectively) but it definitely tires you out! I’m hopeful that these speedy segments will help me improve on the bike as I do some shorter races.


Laughter after a tough ride is always a good thing:-) Photo courtesy of Courtney.

How was your week friends?