I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

13 04 2014

This is going to be short and sweet because I’m on my way to the airport for a work trip (decked out in as much compression as possible, by the way). I’ll do a more thorough race recap later, but I wanted to send a HUGE “THANK YOU” to everyone who supported me today as I completed 70.3 number 2!


Thank you to all my friends (virtual and IRL) who tweeted, texted, instagramed and Facebook messaged me. I definitely thought about those messages and all the support I was getting for you guys while I was working my way through the ride.

Thank you SOAS for making super functional and fashionable tri kits, and allowing me to represent you out in the tri world. This kit was da bomb!

Thank you SO SO SO MUCH to the incredibly selfless triathlete who stopped to help me fix my flat tire on the way out. I was seriously contemplating quitting until you stopped to help. I absolutely could NOT have finished the race without you. I truly hope that what goes around comes around, and something FANTASTIC happens to you!



To my incredible XP teammates- you guys are one in a million! It truly was a team event today (even though none of you- except Heather- were actually in the race 😉 ):

  • Chris drove Heather and I down to the race so we didn’t have to drive. He also cleaned our bikes the night before, acted as race sherpa and team photographer today! (That’s his shot above.) – THANK YOU!
  • In T2, one of my socks was mysteriously gone, and Courtney quickly took hers off and tossed it to me so I wouldn’t have to run sockless.- THANK YOU!
  • I was hurting on my second loop of the run and Felipe rode along side me to provide encouragement and Coke. That Coke was clutch. – THANK YOU!
  • Jess and Heather- your cheers brought a smile to my face and gave me the boost I needed. – THANK YOU!

I always thought triathlon was an individual event, until today. I know that you’re technically not supposed to get outside support, but had I not had the help of my friends (old and new), I would have had a much worse day than I did and would have been pretty down about the whole thing.

I can not express my gratitude enough. These guys are amazing. THANK YOU!




4 responses

14 04 2014

Way to go Steph! I wish I could have been there to cheer you on as well, but I knew you had an AWESOME support crew out there!

14 04 2014

Thanks Chuck! Wish you had been out there with us!!

14 04 2014

Excellent! Friends with Coke are even better! 😉

23 04 2014
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