Gator Half Goals

11 04 2014

I was considering not even writing out my goals for the Gator Half since I’ve been pretty busy this week, but Meghan commented on Monday’s post that pre-race goals posts are always her favorite, so I thought that others might be interested too. So, I’ll dive right in!

Swim: For the first time maybe ever, I’m actually a little anxious about the swim. Not because of my training, but because of where we’re swimming…and what might be in the water…

IMG_7787It ain’t called the “Gator Half” for nothin!

The swim is in the large, fresh water Lake Manatee, and yes, there are gators that live there. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll show their face on race day, but it is entirely possible. This is my second lake swim tri since I’ve moved to Florida and I survived my first, so I’m hopeful that I’ll survive this one too, but I’m actually kinda nervous about it. Maybe those nerves will help me swim faster?

So my number one goal for the swim is to not freak out, and of course not get eaten by a gator. I’m sure you want to know time goals though, so I’m hoping to go at least as fast as I did in November, which would put me anywhere around 28 minutes.

Rev3 Florida Swim Exit

Bike: I’m a sucker for speed, so I went ahead and rented race wheels again.

IMG_9610Can’t wait!

We’ve most certainly been putting in the saddle time this winter with rides on Saturday and Sunday, so I definitely feel comfortable about my bike fitness right now. The biggest challenge I think I’m going to have is not going out too hard. The course is a simple out and back and it’s flat, flat, flat. I checked the weather forecast and it seems like Sunday morning will have 8mph winds from the east. I *think* that means that I’ll have a tiny tailwind on the way back to transition. The weather’s out of my control so there’s no use stressing about it, but what I can tell you is that I’m going to try to focus on holding back some so I have legs for the run. I’d be thrilled to replicate my Rev3 time ( 2:51:37) but I’ll be perfectly happy with anything under 3:00.


Run: I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I feel like my run is finally coming together. I’ve had some rock solid training runs in the past few months, which makes me hopeful/excited about the run, BUT my longest run to date is only 16km (the run at the end of the half is 21km, or 13.1 miles). I think that’s probably far enough and my fitness will carry me the rest of the way, but half of me is doubting I’ll be able to post a time comparable to my training times on shorter runs. The other half of me wants to post a big, fat, scary run goal: beat my current half PR, 1:51. GULP. I can’t believe I just put that in writing. It’s crazy to want to PR the half marathon at the end of a half Ironman, but if my body and mind cooperate, I may just have it in me. It’s awfully ambitious, especially considering that my Rev3 time was an icky 2:09, but I’m going to give it what I got and see where I end up.

SOAS ambassador

Transitions: If you read my Rev3 race report, you know I took my jolly good time in transition, especially T1. I don’t expect to be struggling to put my nutrition in my kit this time, thanks to my nifty Shiv-specific Fuel Cell, so I’m hoping to be faster this go-around. Let’s say no more than 4 minutes total between the two?

At the end of the day, I really just want to improve on my time from Rev3. This is my only half this season, so I want to make it a good one! It’s not just about the times though, it’s about learning how to race this distance- how to pace myself, how to fuel myself, and how to stay mentally tough. I’m going to go out and have fun, and enjoy the opportunity I have to race!

Well, there you have it. Wish me luck folks! Catch you on the other side of 70.3 numero dos!



10 responses

11 04 2014
Christopher Williams

You will do great on Sunday!

11 04 2014

Thanks Chris!!

11 04 2014

Go Steph! You are always so speedy in the water! Anyhow, take it easier on the bike so you can have your good run! That’s what I did at Oceanside it paid off. PRed my run. Now to just figure out how to get my run down to my standalone time.

11 04 2014

Thanks Sarah! Yes, I need to constantly tell myself to chill out on the bike!! Thanks for the tips and congrats on your PR at Oceanside!

11 04 2014

Good luck girlie but ya don’t need it you’ll do great!

11 04 2014

thanks purty lady! Have fun in Austin!

11 04 2014

Great and totally attainable goals. Go forth and kick ass!

11 04 2014

Thanks lady! Ass kicking will ensue!

11 04 2014

GOOD LUCK! Cannot believe there are gators, scary! But I hate salt water, so maybe one day I’ll travel down to florida for a freshwater race.

12 04 2014

Good luck Steph! I can’t wait to hear all about it! (And I’m sorry I can’t look after your cats… I’m just not a “cat guy”)

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