Last Week’s Workouts {2/17-2/23}

24 02 2014

Sometimes you have ups and sometimes you have downs. That’s the lesson I learned this week. Not every workout is going to be stellar, and that’s okay. The biggest thing I need to remember is to listen to my body and not get injured. This week I was plagued by pain here and there, which I am most certainly monitoring quite closely. Gotta make it safely to the start line of the Gator Half in 8 weeks!

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 7.23.03 PM

Monday: Long run, 15K

I started off the run with Felipe and Jess, and we were holding steady at about 5:00/km for the first half. At the turn around, Felipe put in his headphones, which is our indication he’s about to pick it up, and he immediately started running about 20 seconds faster than we had been. I knew I wasn’t going to hang on, so I decided to focus on my own run and do my best to stay at 5:00 or faster per km. Right around the 10K mark, my right calf got really tight and I felt a sharp pain. Uh oh. After a few more steps, I stopped, massaged my calf, and then started to run again. The pain was pretty much gone, but it definitely worried me. I finished the run, surprising myself by averaging 5:03/km. I went home and took a bath and foam rolled my legs.

Tuesday: Swim, 3000 yards


If you’ve read my recap from the past two weeks, you’ll know what workout we did. So, I’ll leave you with a pretty picture of the pool.

Oh, and a picture of my fellow SOAS Ambassador, Cynthia who I met up with after practice. She was in Tampa visiting friends before heading to Disney for the Glass Slipper Challenge!

IMG_2250Cynthia’s daughter is adorable, by the way!

Wednesday: Bike, 29km

So, Wednesday’s are usually brick days- ride the trainer then run. It was a pretty night, so I decided to ride around Davis Island instead.

IMG_2257I have not perfected the art of the selfie on the bike yet. Working on it.

When I got home, I grabbed my shoes and started to do my normal 4k loop. I got outside my complex gate and said Nope, this ain’t happening. My calf was again giving me trouble. So, I went back inside and opted to foam roll/lacrosse ball the heck out of my calf, IT band, and PFT. I started to get nervous about a little 8K I had signed up for on Sunday!

Thursday: Swim, 2200 yards

I was late to practice, and it was only me and Courtney. She was half done with the workout when I got there, so we did 3 x 300s together before she got out and I did my other 3. Nothing super exciting to report here!

Friday: Run, 9km

The workout was 5km easy, 4km steady, sub 5:00/km. It was just Courtney and me, and we headed out along Bayshore. We shifted the workout slightly, doing 4.5 out easy, 4km steady, .5km easy cool down. The first 4.5km was fine, we held back because we wanted to make sure we’d be under 5:00s for the 4km. My calf was surprisingly better, but unfortunately, the humidity got to me. On our fast 4km, the first two km ticked by: 4:55, 4:51. I could definitely feel my legs tightening up. As we started the third, Courtney started to pull ahead, and I just couldn’t hang. My legs were like lead and I was a little light headed. So I stopped to walk for a few seconds to bring my heart rate down and breathe a little easier. That third km was not pretty, but I was able to settle in at 5:14 for the 4th. Not pretty.

Saturday: Long ride, 80 km

IMG_2353(love the new app FitSnap, which helped me make the super cool photo above!)

I met up with Chris and Heather to ride the Suncoast. I was a little worried we wouldn’t get in a ride- it was pouring when we left Tampa, but Chris assured me that up north the radar was clear. He was right- it was cloudy when we got to the start, and it only got warmer and sunnier. Evidence:


Whoops, I should have put on sun screen. I guess I shouldn’t really complain about getting sun burn in February though 😉

The ride wasn’t super exciting-the trail is parallel to the highway and there’s not much else to see. HOWEVER, I did see my first wild alligator! There was a young gator, maybe 5 feet long, fully exposed, taking in the sunshine by the water’s edge, right off the side of the trail (behind a fence, thankfully). Had we not just started to settle in to our ride, I totally would have stopped to grab a photo!

The ride was a straightforward out and back. It was the first ride in a long while that I wasn’t sitting on Jess’s wheel, or anyone’s wheel for that matter! That meant my time was a little slower than usual, but I was actually pretty proud that I rode the entire time without being pulled, and still maintained just under 19mph. Looking at my Garmin stats, I actually stayed consistently in the 19mph range, but those darn road crossings killed my average! Oh well!

Saturday: Gasparilla 8K

I’ll save the details for another post, but I ran a PR and rocked my new SOAS kit.


Photo courtesy of Meghann and the FitSnap App