Pancake Friday: Valentine’s Day Special

14 02 2014

Happy Valentine’s day!

Valentines Heart

So, I realized last night that Valentine’s day is right around the time Chloe and I posted our first blog post. (<–be careful, rookie post!) That means it’s not only all things heart/pink/love day, it’s also 321delish’s 3rd birthday! WOW! Thanks for hanging with me guys!

More Cupcakes!Have a cupcake!

Since it’s Valentine’s day, and since it’s pancake Friday, I thought I’d bring up one of my favorite recipes that is perfect for the occasion:

IMG_0382My chocolate, chocolate chip cherry pancakes.

Oh my. These things are the perfect treat for you and your Valentine.

black forest pancakes

It’s almost like getting a box of chocolates, but better. And, if you haven’t planned a date yet, breakfast for dinner is the hot new thing 😉 Well, only if you make some decadent pancakes like these guys.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to this post for the recipe!



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