Last Week’s Workouts {2/3-2/9}

10 02 2014



Happy Monday! Another week down, 9 til Gator Half!  This week ended up being a step-back week for me. After last Monday’s fast run, I noticed some soreness in my right Achilles. I know that’s not an injury to take lightly, and it could seriously derail my plans for this year if it turns in to something serious. So, I took it a little easier this week in hopes that it would heal up.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 7.41.31 PM

To be honest, it’s still about the same, though I’m taking some steps to fix some alignment issues in my legs/hips which are probably contributing to the pain (or caused it in the first place). I’ll keep you posted on how I feel! Anyhow, here’s how last week went down:

Monday: Swim 1800 yards

While the gang ran, I opted to go for a swim with Bill. I figured swimming would be low-impact and give my Achilles time to rest. Monday is Master’s swim night at my pool (of which I am not a part), and they rent three of the four lanes in the 25 yard pool. So, there was one lane for the 5 rec swimmers (including me and Bill) who wanted to get a swim workout in. Because of the wide range in abilities of all of the swimmers, we decided to replicate a workout from the week before and swim a whole bunch of 25s. Once the other swimmers left, we did a few longer swims, but I completely lost track of our yardage.  1800 yards is my best guess.

Tuesday: Team swim, 3000 yards

Pulling will make us stronger, so Felipe had us do 20 x 100s pull again. I don’t mind these, but my hands get so tight from being trapped in the paddles! After the pull set, we did some 50s and then a 100 for time. I did a 1:06, which wasn’t bad on tired arms.

Wednesday: Yin Yoga for Athletes

Wednesday is supposed to be a trainer ride, but again I decided to lay off and instead go to a yoga workshop with Lisa Jamison. I’d heard SUCH good things about her, so I decided to check out her workshop. I definitely didn’t read the description of what the workshop was going to be like before going, so I was a little surprised when Lisa explained that we weren’t going to be working any muscles. Instead we’d be working our fascia, or the connective tissue between muscles that most athletes never think much about unless they’ve got IT issues or plantar fascitis. By the way, it must be noted that Lisa was wearing a FULL body suit that had all of the muscles and fascia on it. It kinda looked like this:

Muscle-Skin-Suits-for-cycling-1She knows human anatomy SO WELL and the body suit was actually a nice teaching tool!

Anyhow, I really enjoyed the class, and I feel like I learned some moves that I should be doing more often, to stretch parts that are often neglected!

Thursday: Team Swim, 1900 yards

We did some longer freestyle swims at a steady to hard pace. I was tired by the end! It’s fun having a teammate who is of similar speed because we definitely push each other. Nothin’ like some friendly competition to make you work a little harder!



Friday: Run, 4K

Normally the gang does at least an hour on Friday nights, but we had a special birthday to get to in the evening.


So, I ran in the morning with Chris and Bill. 🙂 Nice and easy.

Saturday:  Spin + Yoga

Rain, rain, go away! The weather forecast was not so hot for Saturday, so we were left to our own devices for our workout. We were supposed to ride the trainer, but since Bill doesn’t have one, we opted to go to a spin class instead. 60 minutes on the bike- check! Afterwards, we signed up for another yoga workshop- this time, it was a special Valentine’s day treat at Bella Prana. The workshop was called “Whole Lotta Love: Couples Yoga and Thai Massage” and was so much fun! The first half hour was spent doing yoga poses together, which I definitely want to do more often! It was really great to get deeper stretches with the assistance of a partner, but what I liked even more was the feeling of connecting with Bill as we were working together to move through the poses.

After the yoga portion of the workshop, we moved on to the Thai massage. I’ve never had a Thai massage before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was a lot of assisted stretching as well as massage along the body’s meridians. It was a combination of relaxing and “hurt so good.” I really enjoyed the workshop – it was a perfect date!

Sunday:  Brick (47km ride, 7km run)



I was prepared to ride between two and three hours, but we ended up taking it nice and easy and only going about an hour forty. That’s okay by me! It was kind of windy, but other than that, it was a beautiful day for a ride! After, we did a 7k. It’s a 7km loop with a slight incline from about 2.5-3.5km, and we are going to get REAL familiar with this loop this season. Felipe has already told us that we’ll come out here this year and do the loop 6 times. Yup folks, that’s 42km aka a MARATHON. I’m so not excited about that one. Anyhow, today we just went around once and I averaged 4:56/km, which I was pretty happy with. I had two not so great km’s in the middle, and I think I took it out a bit too fast, but that will improve over time. Sure, I’m a little tapered from not really running all week, but whatever! I also learned that cycling is more painful than running, if I’m focusing on my foot placement. If I’m less supinated and landing solidly on my mid-foot, no pain! I guess I’ll keep working on my alignment and foot placement!

Happy training folks!







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10 02 2014

Great week lady! So glad you met Lisa. You MUST get a massage from her. It’s hurts like hell but I bet she can help with your achilles. Just don’t plan to run the day or two after. 😉

10 02 2014
meghan @ little girl in the big world

Awesome week! Smart to take some time off of running. You got in a ton of yardage!! Nice work!

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