Last Week’s Workouts {1/27-2/2}

3 02 2014

So, it’s official. I’ve registered for Ironman Cozumel!


Yeah, you’re going to see some big numbers on these weekly workout recaps this fall. For now, we’re trying not to get overzealous with our workouts, otherwise we will burn out. The focus right now is our 70.3 in the middle of April, the Gator Half.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 8.47.35 PM

So, here’s how the week went down:

Monday: Long Run

When we got ready to start our run, Felipe told me that we’d warm up at about 5:00/km and stay there, if not get faster. Great. This is going to hurt. I was worried that I was going to get dropped, but I ended up staying with the group. It actually turned out to be one of my best runs to date! We ran 15km in 1:15. My fastest km was 4:40!

SOAS shortsMust have been those SOAS shorts that made me so speedy:-)

Tuesday: Swim

We do a lot of pulling sets and tonight was no exception. 20 x 100s pull with buoy, paddles, and tubes tied around our ankles was our main set. Final total as 2400 yards.

Wednesday: Trainer Ride

Before I met up with my friends for my birthday dinner/IM Cozumel registration party, I went for a spin on my trainer. I got in a full hour!

IMG_1745 20 minutes after getting off the bike, I was celebrating with these fabulous folks!


Thanks for coming out to celebrate guys!

Thursday: Swim

Man, I was NOT excited to get in the pool today. It was misty and cold out.


Courtney said it was bad mojo to skip the first workout after we registered for an Ironman, so we sucked it up and headed to the pool. The nice thing about swimming when the weather’s crappy is that you get the whole pool to yourselves.

steaming poolFelipe had us do 25s. A lot of 25s. The entire practice (minus the warm up) was 25s. Teaching our bodies about speed! When it was all said and done, we had done 2300 yards.

I must mention that afterwards, I had plans to meet up with my friend Ashley for dinner. I show up, and there’s a small group of my friends (Ashley included) with birthday balloons for a surprise birthday dinner for me! I felt so special! Thanks guys!

Friday: Rest

I had grand plans to go to an evening yoga class. I was on my way to the studio when I realized that I needed to pick up my bike at the shop before they closed! Whoops. I got my bike and ended up taking a much-needed rest day.

pink shiv

Saturday: Long Ride

The ride started off pretty normal. We were holding a comfortable pace, probably averaging 19mph. We rode 45 km out, turned around, and started to pick up the pace. Our first two km were 23mph, and then we settled into a nice 21mph ride. About 9km into the second half of the ride, I heard something funny on Jess’s bike. We slowed down to check it out, only to see that her tire was about to blow.

tire about to blowUh oh. We were a little over an hour from the car, and it was starting to spit. Not the best situation to be in. We decided that Jess and Courtney would stay back with the bike and if a cop came by, would ask to get taken back to the cars. Felipe, Bill, and I would ride back as fast as we could so the girls weren’t stranded forever.

We booked it back to the car- the first 8km Bill pulled and we averaged 23/24mph. Oh. M. Gee. I was not going to make it the entire way back at this pace. I dropped, and the boys slowed some to let me catch up. Bill and Felipe took turns pulling the rest of the way, and since we had chilled out a tiny bit, I was able to stick with them until we were almost back at the car. With about 5km left, I just couldn’t hang any more. Felipe kept riding strong, but Bill and I were whooped. We made it back to the car a few minutes after Felipe, and quickly hopped in the car to go back for the girls.

Fortunately the girls had survived their time hanging by the side of the road. Apparently only one person stopped to ask them if they needed help! I thought people were nicer out there!

By the way, we did 90km in 2:43- which is 8 minutes faster than my Rev3 time. We were moving!

Sunday: Brick

Today worked out much better for the gang. We did one of our regular loops- out 25km, potty break, then 31km time trial back. We had a little bit of help on the way home, but we averaged 22mph.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 9.53.03 PM

If only I could do that on my own!

We ran for 16 minutes afterwards, just a group jog, nothing too crazy. I think we were kind of spent from this weekend’s riding, and wanted to save something for tomorrow’s long run.

IMG_1805I’m gonna get to spend A LOT of time with these guys over the next 10 months! Good thing I like them!

2.5 months til Gator Half!