Last Week’s Workouts {1/20-1/26}

27 01 2014

Welp, another week of 2014 down and another week of workouts! 11 weeks til the Gator half!

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 10.21.58 PM

I was out of town from Monday night through Friday night, so it was a bit more challenging to get my regular workouts in, but I made it work! Here’s what I did:

Monday: Long Run

I had off for MLK day so I was able to have an easy morning and go for my run after it had warmed up some. It was a beautiful day for a run, and I ended up getting in 11.84 km in a little over an hour (1:02). I was pleasantly surprised by my pace (~5:16/km) because my longer runs are typically about 5:30/km when I run solo. Maybe I’m actually getting faster?

selfie by the bay

Tuesday: Gym workout

Typically, this is a swim day for me, but I was on the road and we had a team dinner planned. So, I got up early and enjoyed the hotel’s gym that I had all to myself. I did this workout (the one at the bottom) and I really enjoy it! Must do it more!

gym workout selfie

Wednesday: Spin + swim

I’m so thankful that there’s a spin studio on my way to the office in Madison. I kicked off my day with a 45 minute spin class at Cyc. I’m a fan of Cyc and they’re not your “traditional” spin class, in the sense that they add in arm exercises with weights. I need to do a full review soon!


After work, I headed to the pool and swam a comfortable 2800 yards. It’s so weird being in an indoor pool, but man was I thankful it was, since it was SO FLIPPING COLD in Madison!


Thursday: Gym workout

I went down to the gym at the hotel fully planning on running on the treadmill. Unfortunately (or thankfully?) they were both taken, so I started on the elliptical, then hopped to some weights, and then ended up on the treadmill for 15 minutes before I was bored out of my mind. I DO NOT like the treadmill. Definitely made me glad I live in a place where year-round outdoor running is always an option!

Friday: Swim at Wilson Pool in DC!

I knew I was headed to DC, so earlier in the week I had made plans to swim with Victoria. Boy, am I so glad I did! My alarm went off before six and I was so not in the mood to get up and leave my warm bed. But, I knew I had committed to meeting Victoria at the pool, so I forced myself up and out of bed. It was so nice to be back at the Wilson pool! It brought back memories of swimming with Chloe and my body enjoyed swimming long course again. When it was all said and done, we did about 3200 meters.


Saturday: Alafia long ride

On my way to Alafia, Jess texted and said to make sure I have enough nutrition for a 3 hour ride. That’s definitely what I had planned on, so I was good to go. When Jess and Felipe arrived, Felipe said that we shouldn’t be surprised if we ride for 4 hours. Um 4 hours? I haven’t done that in a long while! It was a beautiful day (low 60s) and the wind wasn’t as bad as it had been the prior few weeks. So, off we went at a comfortable pace. We rode two by two for most of the ride (except when we were on the busier road), chatting, taking in the scenery, singing to our music, and just enjoying the day. We stopped a few times along the way for some bike issues, and didn’t really do anything too crazy. After about 3 hours, my bum was definitely starting to want off the bike. But, we pedaled on, and finished our 102km about a half an hour later.

IMG_1539First 100km ride of the season? check!

Sunday: Brick

Felipe was nursing an injury, Chris is sick, Courtney was out of town, Bill was working, and Heather had a meeting, so Jess and I were the only ones from our crew riding. I checked the weather before I left Tampa, and it said that it was going to be 69 when we started our ride, despite the chilly 62 degrees when I loaded my car and the endless clouds hanging above me. I arrived at Alafia just before 1:00pm and my car thermometer read 62 degrees., you suck! Thankfully, I had a pair of arm-warmers in my bike bag- otherwise, it would have been miserable!

The plan was 50km ride, 5km ride. After yesterday’s 100km ride, 50 didn’t seem so bad! We began our ride nice and easy, riding side by side and chatting. At about 45 minutes in, my watch started beeping uncontrollably. Apparently it was out of memory for my laps and I needed to delete some of the old data. I tried fiddling with it while we rode, but was unsuccessful. Right about this time, it started spitting, so we pulled off to put our phones in a safer spot and so that I could fiddle with my watch. It was earlier than we had wanted to turn around, but the sky looked ominous, so we figured we’d head back and play it by ear.

When we got closer to the car, though still cloudy, the rain had stopped, so we added an extra loop to get in our 50km. Off the bike, we ran a 5K, which was supposed to be at HIM pace. At Rev3, I had hoped to hold between 5:10-5:15/km so that’s what I set out to do today. When the first km ticked off at 5:07 and I was feeling pretty good, I opted to push a little harder. I finished at almost 25 minutes on the nose (25:02), which puts me at a average of 5:00/km. YES! I’ll take it!

Overall, a decent week for me. I’m excited to train all week with the gang and see what kind of crazy miles we get in this weekend!