Last Week’s Workouts {1/13-1/19}

20 01 2014

First, I have to give a huge shout out to Beth, who was a total beast this weekend and swam across Tampa Bay in the Frogman 5K swim. It was a chilly day (low 50s) and the water was probably about the same, but she braved the cold and made it across while raising money for the Navy Seal Foundation. Go Beth!

Frogman with Beth

I watched the first few waves go off and wished Beth good luck before high-tailing it out of there to get in my last workout for the week. This week’s mileage was a little higher than last, and it’s only going to keep climbing (well, until we have a pull-back week). Here’s how it went:

workout Graph January Week 2

Monday: Long Run

We ran for an hour and five minutes, covering 12km. We started off nice and easy, ran around the track a few times on the infield, and then did a Floridian’s version of hills: running up parking garage ramps. We ran up (and back down) the 6 floor garage at the University of Tampa twice, before continuing our run. We picked it up once we left, with only about 5K to go, and my last 3 K were all under 5:00!

Tuesday: Swim, 2200 yards. Our set wasn’t too memorable, but we did do some 75s pull. Gotta build that arm strength back up!

Wednesday: Trainer/Run day!

IMG_1268Ugh, I really don’t like the trainer. It is so boring! I lasted 45 minutes (or the equivalent of 2 HIMYM episodes on Netflix). Then, I hopped off and did my regular 4.1km loop in 21 and a half minutes. At least the run was more exciting than the ride.

Thursday: Swim, 2500 yards

I know you people up north won’t agree, but Thursday was cold! Especially for needing to swim outside!


At least the pool is heated!

Loretta Ingraham Pool

We did a ladder, 8 x50, 6 x 100, 4 x 150, 2 x 200, and focused on technique. I’m looking forward to temperatures a little warmer to make getting in and out a bit more bearable.

Friday: Run night!

I met up with Jess and Felipe to do what was supposed to be an economy run. An economy run (at least my understanding of it) is where we teach our body to be as efficient as possible. We want to keep our heart rates fairly low, use the least amount of energy, all while keeping a decent speed. I had never done one before, so this would be new to me. Right after we started the run, we opted to save it for another day. It’s easier to do in the daylight so you can monitor your watch better, and Felipe likes to do the run in mile intervals (run a mile, rest a minute, repeat), and tonight just wasn’t the night. So we took off and ran around Davis Island. Only a few km from home, we started to pick up the pace to right around 5:00 kms. I was slowly falling back and eventually I got dropped. I had to stop and walk for a few seconds, as my legs just felt like lead and I was breathing really heavily. Finally, I started running again, and made it back to the house in an hour and two minutes, covering just under 12km (11.8 to be exact).

Saturday: Long Ride

It was a chilly, windy (12mph winds I believe) day and the XP gang trekked out to our usual spot near Alafia State Park to get our ride in. Felipe is a trooper, since these past few weeks have been absurdly windy, and he’s led the pack and pulled the group each time. We didn’t do anything terribly crazy, but did spend some time working on rotating through the line. When we finally wrapped up, we had gone 59km in 2:03.59. riding with courtney

Sunday: Brick

After cheering on Beth at the start of Frogman, I met up with Courtney to again head out with the gang for another ride and run. It was a crisp morning, but not quite as windy as yesterday. The plan was to do one of our usual workouts- go out about 25km (I think…I know the landmark, just not the mileage) then ride 30km back at a bit of a higher clip. Unfortunately, at about 12km in, I heard this loud sound that I immediately thought was a flat. Jess immediately yelled “STOPPING” and we all slowed to a stop. I looked at Jess’s wheels as we slowed, but they didn’t look flat, so I wondered what had happened. Felipe had stopped behind us, so when we looked back and asked what happened, he was straddling his bike, pretending to be in aero- but his right arm was fully extending, dropping down towards the ground. Huh?

We got closer and realized that his right aero bar had fallen off into his wheel, cables still attached.

broken bike

A closer look:

IMG_1422(His wheel didn’t fall off, this picture was just taken after he had already taken it off)

Thankfully, Felipe has plenty of years of experience (he was a pro triathlete after all), and handled the bike expertly. No one fell off, no one crashed, and thankfully, we were on a quiet road and no cars were anywhere near us. This could have ended really badly, and we are lucky it didn’t!
Felipe reattached his bar, and we decided to chill out for the rest of the ride. Well, almost. There’s a slow incline as we’re nearing the home stretch (maybe about 8 or 10km from the car?), right after we make a turn, that lasts probably about 1km. It doesn’t sound like much, but we accelerate into it every. single. time. And every single time, I get dropped. I’m not dropped for long, as we regroup at the stop sign at the end, but it is so frustrating that this seemingly insignificant hill kicks my butt! I WILL conquer that hill this season! We did one more sprint (where I actually stayed with Felipe and Jess) and then rode easy the rest of the way to the car. Not our greatest ride ever, but the saddle time still counts.

Off the bike, we did an economy run. For real this time. Felipe told us to run a mile (1.61km) then rest a minute, four times and keep our heart rate under 165. This is a really interesting exercise, because you really can focus on your technique and you have to listen to your body. Oh, and its kind of nice not to have your heart pounding out of your chest for a little while.

Consistent, my run was not. But, I got it done and now I have a baseline for my fitness. Hopefully, as the season progresses, I’ll be able to maintain a lower heart rate while being a bit speedier!

12 weeks til the Gator Half!  (<– PS if you register for the race you get a cycling jersey!)