Last Week’s Workouts (1/6-1/12)

15 01 2014

My triathlon training has officially begun. And my body is feeling it! Oof!

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 10.34.39 AM

Team XP has started group training again, and we’re hitting the ground running. Our “A” race for the first half of the season is the Gator Half Triathlon on April 13th, so we’ve got about 4 months to get back in shape. The biggest challenge will be getting in our swims- our favorite pool is closed for the winter and the smaller pool we now go to has a Master’s team that swims there three days a week, cutting down the amount of time/lanes available for the public. Boo.

Anywho- here’s a summary of my workouts from last week.

Monday: The XP gang had a long run scheduled, but Bill and I opted to go to a 90 minute hot yoga class instead. It was kindy icky outside anyhow, so it was nice to have a steamy indoor workout. It was probably my third Bikram class ever, and thought I’m not in love with the style, I appreciate the poses and truly feel that yoga will help me build a stronger core and prevent injuries.

Tuesday: It was a bit too chilly for us to swim (hello temps in the 30s) so Felipe recommended a spin on the trainer. Since I had missed Monday’s run, I opted to go for a run with Meghann. We did an easy 5K along Bayshore.

Wednesday: We finally got to the pool! It had warmed up some (in the 50s) so we met at the pool for a short swim. We did some 100s, 50s and some drills. Nothing too crazy, no real “organized” sets (in the sense that there was a pattern or some logic behind what we were doing), just getting our arms used to moving again.

Thursday: Trainer ride. Ugh. I really hate the trainer. I’m not sure if I just have a crappy trainer, or if my bike isn’t on there right, but I can’t really switch gears to make the workout tougher/easier. I have to hop off and fix the resistance on the back to feel any real changes in my ride. I really need to figure out how to make trainer rides more effective and manageable.

After my ride, I went to another hot yoga class, this time at a different studio. I enjoyed this instructor a bit more than the class I went to on Monday, but I still get antsy after about an hour. It’s definitely a tough workout, and I really like feeling “detoxified” after sweating so much!

Friday: I used my lunch time to run 40 minutes easy, as Felipe had instructed. Maybe it was the heat, or maybe I hadn’t fully recovered from Thursday’s hot yoga, but the run felt awful. I was gauging the “easy” by the pace that I was keeping (not the best idea)- and every time I looked at my watch I got frustrated. How could 5:30/km feel SO HARD?  When it was all said and done, I had gone 7.65 km. I need to remember that “easy” is gauged by my exertion, not by my time!

Saturday: I recently decided to try out an Adamo saddle, so I got a tester put on my bike earlier in the week and today’s workout was going to be my first ride with it. It was definitely windy when we arrived- this was not going to be pretty. We rode in a pace line, with Felipe in the lead. We stayed on one of the roads and did some heavy gear work- 3km in the heaviest gear, then 2km in a light gear. I felt pretty good on the ride and was thankful that I wasn’t leading and had other riders to cut the wind for me. We had originally planned a 3 hour ride, but with the uber windy conditions, we decided to call it a day after two. No need to get burned out this early in the season! When it was all said and done, we rode about 60km. I checked my stats and saw some mphs I’ve never seen before (um, 27-32mph what?), but I blame that on the pace line and tail wind. I also really like the new saddle. My position on the bike is now more forward, and I felt really powerful on this ride. I was hopeful that it would feel just as good tomorrow, despite being warned that it takes a bit of time to get used to.


After the ride, Bill and I went to a 1 hour hot power yoga class at yet another studio. I don’t know that I’ve ever been so sweaty in a class before. I got my butt royally whooped. I was a little worried that I’d be weak on the bike on Sunday, but made sure to refuel appropriately.

Sunday: This winter, the XP gang is going to bike a lot, and that means 2 rides per weekend. So, for our second ride of the weekend, we went back out to Alafia. This ride was similarly windy, but maybe a smidge less? The wind also never felt like it was ever completely behind us, despite the route we took. Oh, and the warnings about being sore after riding on the new saddle? Yea, they were right. Ouch. Anyhow, we rode another 60K and though I had a sore crotch and my quads were a wee bit tired, I powered through the ride. Felipe was a trooper and pulled our group the whole time.

I was a little worried about the 4K run we had planned after, unsure how my tired legs would handle it. The instructions for the 4K were to run a pace we could hold for all four kms and that we shouldn’t deviate from that. I was expecting to hold about 5:15/km, and after heading out way too fast on last week’s brick, I held back some on the first km. When I looked down at the watch and it ticked 5:07, I was pleasantly surprised. Even more surprising was how good my legs felt! I had a smile on my face and decided to pick it up some. The next three km were 4:58, 4:57, 4:57. BAM! I definitely need to keep doing these bricks so my body gets used to them!

Overall, it was a solid week of training. I’m feeling like I’m getting my fitness back, and my metabolism has certainly been awakened. Second dinner anyone?

Bring on next week’s (er, this week’s) workouts!

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