An Exciting Announcement

7 01 2014

On Sunday morning, I opened up my email for the first time since Friday afternoon. As I scrolled down, I caught sight of a subject line of an email from Friday that immediately caught my eye:

“Congrats SOAS Ambassador!”

Could this be true? I immediately clicked on the email and couldn’t contain my excitement. I started jumping up and down, yelling to Bill- “Oh my gosh! I’ve been selected as an ambassador!!”

I’ve been a huge fan of SOAS ever since I first saw it on Katie. Their designs are fun and feminine-who says tri gear can’t be cute? Polkadots, gingham, houndstooth- these are just a few of the fun patterns that SOAS features on their clothing. I mean, how cute are these?

SOAS kits

So when I saw an opportunity to be a brand ambassador, I took a shot and waited.

Team SOAS application

And now, I’m so happy and proud to announce that I have been selected! I am a brand ambassador for SOAS, and you’ll find me rocking my new team kit this season.

SOAS team Kit

I am SO flipping excited to represent such an awesome brand of women-specific triathlon/running/cycling gear. I’m even more excited to see my fellow ambassadors out there racing and to share my stories with you all!

2014 is already off to a great start!



7 responses

7 01 2014
krissy m. murphy

Congrats! That is so awesome!

7 01 2014

Thank you! I’m super excited!

7 01 2014

Congrats!!! Excited for you and Tori!!!

7 01 2014
meghan @ little girl in the big world

Congrats!! That’s awesome. The stuff you’re getting is so cute!

7 01 2014

Thanks Meghan!

8 01 2014

That’s awesome Steph! Way to go! You’ll make a great ambassador for the company for sure

8 01 2014

Aw thank Chuck!! We miss you here, but good luck in Chi town!!

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