Goals for 2014

6 01 2014

I’ve been mulling over my goals for a little while now, and I think I’ve finally come up with a list I’m happy with. I think that I’ve set realistic, attainable goals- now I just need to remember them throughout the year! When I reflected on how well (or not) I’d met my goals for 2013, I mentioned that I need to post them somewhere to hold me accountable. I like how Meghan created a fun image of her goals- I’m thinking I may do the same!

Now, without futher ado, here’s what I plan to accomplish in 2014!


Regularly plan and prep meals for the week. I want to be more efficient in the kitchen. I sometimes don’t sit down to eat until 9:00pm because I’m too busy prepping some elaborate meal. Um, that’s ridiculous! Though I LOVE cooking, I need to maximize my efficiency, and I hope with some planning and Sunday prep, this will help.


Continue making yummy pancakes. I really enjoy coming up with fun concoctions, and I would love to do a regular weekly pancake post. I’m not going to commit to that just yet, but perhaps sometime in the future?

Cocoa coconut pancakes(cocoa coconut pancakes)

Go on new, fun dates with Bill. For Christmas, I made him a “jar of dates”-I plan to get some use out of it! Because he travels so much, it’s really easy to want to just stay in and have a relaxing night at home when we’re together. I think it’s fun to mix it up and get out and do something, so that’s the plan.


Keep my car clean! On New Year’s day, I took out all of the trash in my car, vaccumed it, and disinfected the cup holders that had been overflowing with junk. I was pleasantly surprised by how great it looked, so I plan to keep it that way!


This is borderline fitness- but I want to go on another big hike with Bill. We had SUCH an amazing time in Alaska, which will be hard to beat, but we’ve been doing some research on some hikes that we can do in late spring.



Gain strength and stability– I truly believe that having a strong core will help prevent injuries, which will be super important as I have big plans for this year. I’d like to do yoga or something of the like 1-2 times/week.


Master my hydration and nutrition during racing and training (aka, no more headaches). Near the end of last season, I started keeping track of what I’ve been eating and drinking during intense training and was able to come up with a plan that worked for the most part. My biggest complaint is that I have to take salt tabs on a regular schedule, and during a shorter race, I forget! I guess I can suck it up, but there are a few more products I want to try out. I just ordered some Osmo Nutrition, and I’m really excited about it. My fingers are crossed that this becomes my go-to!


Race another HIM and improve my time: I know you aren’t supposed to compare times, but I’m planning another half in Florida, on similarly flat terrain. The bike is an out and back on roads that I’m familiar with. I’ve started training again, and I’m excited to give the 70.3 distance another go.

I’ve got another triathlon related goal that I’m not quite ready to announce just yet, but if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a hashtag or two that reference my big goal for the year. It’s not official yet – but believe me, as soon as I register you’ll know. It’s gonna be a good one!

Now, Bring it 2014!!



2 responses

6 01 2014

Excellent goals! I’m with you on the food prep. I’m so terrible at food goals. I can do pretty well with the fitness stuff but my nutrition suffers. Anywho, if you need pancake taste testers, I’m here for you! And I LOVE the date jar idea!

6 01 2014

Pancake taste testers always welcome!

The date jar is only a good idea if it gets used! Hopefully it will! 😉

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