2013 Goals- How’d I Do?

31 12 2013

This time last year I posted some goals I had for 2013. This is a little embarrassing, but I didn’t look back at them until just this week. Um, that’s not the point of goals! You set goals because you want to accomplish them; you refer back to them throughout the year so that you can track your progress towards them and figure out what you need to do to make it happen.

They’re meant to motivate you, to keep you going when things seem tough. So, as I reflect on how well I accomplished my goals for 2013 and I start planning for 2014, I’m definitely going to plan to display my new goals so I can always be working towards them.

2013 Goals:

Personal Goals:

Read more frequently: I know that “more frequently” is tough to measure, but I’d give myself a B+ for this goal. I’m part of a book club, and we typically meet every month (or maybe every other month, depending on how busy we are). My favorite reads this year have been: The Red Tent and A Life Without Limits.

Learn/experience something new each month: I’d give myself a C for this. I was really good at tracking this for the first few months of the year. Unfortunately, I stopped being diligent about it. I’m sure I could find something I experienced or learned new each month, but that’s a cop out.


Volunteer at least once a quarter (hopefully more!): Big fat F. I’m so sad to say that, because I absolutely love volunteering for races. The only race I volunteered at this year was the Best Damn Race in February. Fail.

BDR Volunteer

Keep a clean/organized house: So I think I’ll also have to give myself a poor grade here. C-, perhaps? I think I’m better than I used to be, but still need improvement. 

#HappyList daily: Big Fat F. I started this, and was diligent for about a week. Maybe I should be more realistic with these things and instead of doing “daily” things, make them weekly or bi-weekly.

Fitness Goals:

Finish a half ironman: A+!! In November, I was able to complete Rev3. Though I didn’t meet my time goal, I accomplished my goal of finishing! I did it with a smile on my face, and with my XP teammates!


PR a half marathon: Unfortunately, I have to give this one an F. I had grand plans to do a half marathon after my HIM. That was a big mistake. I was sore for a week following my HIM and then took the break my body desperately needed. I’m only now just getting back into some easy training. I will get that PR, but 2013 was not the year to do it.

Podium at least once this season: Another A+! I surprised myself this season and of the 4 races I did, I podiumed at 3!


I’d say I had a pretty stellar triathlon season!

Now, to write (and post) those goals for 2014!

How well did you meet your goals for 2013?



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6 01 2014
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