South Tampa Pilates

26 11 2013

So, it’s been a little over two weeks since my Half Ironman and I have officially worked out twice. Both workouts did not require the use of shoes. I’m not even kidding.


I think I’m a little scared to put on my running shoes since my feet were in a lot of pain after Rev3. It wasn’t my sesamoiditis that bothered me during the race; I think the pain was caused by overly tight shoe laces. I also discovered loads of blisters on my toes when I took off my shoes. Ouch! Bill is very prone to blisters, so he often makes a joke: “Even my blisters have blisters.” Uh, mine actually did. (If you really want to see pictures of my blisters, email me. GROSS).

I finally decided it was about time to get back at it (slowly), so Saturday Bill and I went to a Hot Power Flow yoga class at Flow Pilates and Yoga Center. We were in that neck of the woods for the afternoon, so we did a little Yelping. After finding a favorable review from Meghan, we decided to go for it. Man, it hurt so good! I would definitely recommend the studio, and Lana was great!

Still in the mood for something low-impact, on Monday I decided to use my PeerFit PASSPORT and check out South Tampa Pilates.

South Tampa Pilates Studio imageAfter perusing their schedule of classes, I opted to join the 7:00pm mat Pilates class. I’ve never taken a Pilates class before, so I really didn’t know what to expect.

The studio is in the SoHo neighborhood, but it is a little tucked away. You have to turn down what looks like an alley, but then you see the front doors of a few different businesses. They’re each well lit, and it didn’t feel like the back side of a building.

I showed up about 10 minutes early and was greeted by Teresa, who was helping a client in a 1 on 1 session on the Reformer. She gave me the new student paperwork, which I completed while I waited for my class to begin.

My class took place in a small room that was reminiscent of a typical dance or group fitness room- mirrors and barres lined one wall, and there were mats and equipment on another. Teresa had already grabbed me a mat, foam roller, and a Pilates ring. I just needed to grab some 2lb weights.


Thankfully, the class was small- there were only three students, including myself, so Teresa was able to really help me out and walk us through the different moves. I think with a bigger class and more experienced Pilates peeps, she would have gone a bit faster through the different moves. Teresa explained how important it was to focus on my core and my breathing. Basically, my abs should be engaged throughout the whole class. Oh boy.

After a brief warm up, we got started. Holy ab workout! I knew that Pilates would be good for my core, but I didn’t realize I’d basically be doing abs for an entire hour! We did all different kinds of moves, on our back, on our side, leg lifts (with core engaged), V-ups (which she called something else), and more. I was excited at the beginning of class to see that we’d be using a foam roller- but then when we used it as a bench to lay on and balance while we did more ab exercises, I was wishing I was rolling out my IT band.


The hour actually went by really fast, and I was surprised when she said that we were wrapping up. I breathed a sigh of relief (well, not really, I was breathing the way I was supposed to!) I had survived!

I chatted with Teresa for a bit after class, and she told me that the studio had a beginners class for $20. Basically, it’s a 1 on 1 training session that walks you through the different equipment and Pilates moves. I definitely need to come back to check it out! Those Reformers seem so interesting!

I’m really glad I had the opportunity to try out a Pilates class. It’s definitely been on my to-do list, so now I can happily check it off! I thought Teresa did a great job of instructing- she was so nice and helped me out a ton. I definitely want to go back to the studio to try another class. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that Pilates as a workout is something I’ll really get into. It definitely provided me with guided instruction through exercises I’m not patient or disciplined enough to do on my own. But, I didn’t walk out of the class thinking “I can’t wait to do that again.”  Perhaps it is a workout that you need to do multiple times to really get in to, but for now I’ll keep exploring other workout options.

Question of the day: Have you ever tried Pilates? What did you think?

Disclosure: PeerFit provided me with the Passport. All opinions are my own!




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26 11 2013

Great review! I also recently tried Pilates and kind of felt the same way about it. I’ve always really enjoyed Yoga, but didn’t have the same “that was fun” feeling about the Pilates class. Was it beneficial? Sure, but not something I see myself doing regularly.

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