It’s Race Week!

8 11 2013

Hi All! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA! If you missed my tweets and Instagram posts from over the weekend, you know I spent Saturday up in Panama City Beach cheering on Meghann and the #IRONSIBLINGS as they competed in their first Ironman. It was an awesome weekend and Meghann ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT! 13:05!!! She was super inspiring, and it was so fun to watch. I would HIGHLY recommend spectating an Ironman. I owe you a post with some tips!


Spectating the Ironman certainly got me jazzed about my upcoming 70.3. I can’t believe it is this weekend! The people doing the IM were doing twice the distance I’ll be covering on Sunday. If they can do 140.6 miles, I can certainly do 70.3!

We’re in full on taper mode; practices are barely an hour and I’m starting to get antsy. For most of this week I’ve had a nagging thought in the back of my head that I’m going to miss my taper. I think part of it stems from having a light training week last week, due to a random swollen knee after swim practice last Monday. I stayed off of it pretty much all last week, and ran for the first time on it Saturday afternoon during the bike leg of the Ironman. It feels fine now, thank goodness, but I definitely had a mini freak out last week!

I was still fighting those bad taper thoughts until last night, when my friend Chris sent me a picture of my bike:


That’s right folks, those are some snazzy Zipp wheels being put on to my bike! I decided to rent a pair as we were driving back to Tampa from Panama City. Why not? I’ve never ridden race wheels, so I’m really excited to try them! This was the thing I needed to really get me pumped to race. I’ve been waiting on this race for almost two years (I registered for last year’s race but deferred because of my foot injury) and it is FINALLY here. I’ve done my training, my body is resting up, and I’ll show up on Sunday ready to dominate 70.3 miles.


I’m going in to the race with low expectations- to be honest, after my ugly brick workout two weeks ago, I just want to get through the race on my two feet with no tummy troubles! But, if we’re being really honest, I do have some rough goals for each leg:

Swim: This is definitely my strongest leg of the race, so I want to get out there and absolutely have a fantastic swim. Unfortunately, my wave is the fourth wave, so I’ll be running down the swimmers in front of me. My goal is sub 30. How far under 30 minutes? I’ll have to find out on Sunday!

Bike: I’ve been incessantly checking the weather report for Sunday in Venice, because with such a flat course, I think the wind could definitely factor in to how I perform (how much it will factor in, I have no clue!). Right now, it says winds will be 12mph. At least the race isn’t Saturday, when winds are predicted to be 17mph! The bike has a bunch of turns and not a ton of long straightaways, so at least it will be interesting and the wind shouldn’t be in my face or pushing me along for too long of a time. That also means there’s not really a good place to just put my head down and go. That being said, I’m hoping to ride it in about 3 hours.

Run: I think the run is my biggest question mark right now. I’ve had some stellar short runs, but all of my longer runs have been much slower than what I should be going for how fast my short runs are. My knee’s feeling better now, but the fact that it was swollen and hurting two weeks before race day worries me. I would love to go 1:55, but I think a realistic goal is 2:00.

Total time: 5:30

So I know I didn’t take in to account transition times, but I’m hoping I’ll come in a little under each of my goal times to make up for the transitions. 🙂 We will certainly find out soon!!

These are certainly rough estimates, and I’m not really in this to see how fast I can go. I’ve never done a HIM before, so I really don’t know what to expect. I’m nervous. I’m excited. I’m anxious. I’m ready to put myself to the test for this distance, to overcome the physical and mental challenge it will present to me. Bring it on Rev3!!



7 responses

8 11 2013

You are going to do awesome and I think you are going to smash your goal times! Can’t wait to track you on Sunday! Have so much fun!

8 11 2013

You are going to do great! And guess what? I’ll be out there to cheer my face off for you. Be prepared for costumes and signs. 😉

8 11 2013

Good luck! I’m in Sarasota and I can say it’s been a windy week here. I’ve had more than one “character building” ride myself, so fingers crossed it’s not a breezy one for you Sunday!

8 11 2013

Have a great race!

8 11 2013

yay!! I will be there volunteering somewhere! Then staying to cheer!! I You’re going to kick butt!!

8 11 2013
meghan @ little girl in the big world

I’m so excited for you and for me! This is going to be so much fun!! I think your goal times are all extremely doable. The bike course is the part making me a little nervous, but I think the idea that you mentioned of keeping it interesting is very true! Great post! See you tomorrow!! WOOHOO!!

12 11 2013
Stefanie Daneau

Bet you crushed the Tri! 70.3 is such a staggering number. Hope you blog about the experience soon!

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