Last Week’s Workout {Week of 10/14}

24 10 2013

Ok peeps, Sunday was 3 weeks until Rev3 Florida. THREE WEEKS! The Athlete Guide came out on Monday and I read it cover to cover. It is feeling more real every day!

Last week probably should have been one of my toughest to date, but unfortunately I was traveling for work so I didn’t get all the group workouts in that I typically do. But, I still was able to put down some decent workouts, all things considered.


I’ve discovered a pretty fabulous spin studio that is walking distance to where I typically stay when I’m in Madison, Wisconsin for work. I’ll do a full review later, but I got my heart pumping in a 45 minute spin class at Cyc Fitness before I went into the office.

In the evening, I went swimming at the Recreation Facility on the campus of the University of Wisconsin. It was so weird swimming indoors again! I did a set of 6 x 200s as my main set, but gosh it is so boring swimming solo! I can’t wait to get back to my friends!


Dreadmill. Ugh. Having the luxury of running outdoors has really spoiled me. I could barely make it through 30 minutes on the treadmill. I watched some show on the Animal Planet to get me through it, but sans sound because I didn’t have headphones. I did a short weights workout afterwards to make me feel better about my short run.

I went back to the pool in the evening and swam a main set of 4 x 400s on 6:00. I went 5:05, 5:03, 5:03, 5:01. I felt pretty good about that workout!


I went back to Cyc for another awesome spin class. I worked late so I didn’t get to go back to the pool.


I had a similar morning to Tuesday- I tried to get in a good run on the treadmill but it just wasn’t happening. I completed 30 minutes on the treadmill followed by Mary’s Killer Monday Muscles Workout. Mary’s blog is one of my go-tos for gym workouts. They’re great for gyms with limited resources!


I took Friday off because I really was not in the mood for another hotel gym workout.


I had been looking forward to October 19th for awhile. It was the day of the 2013 Tampa  Swimming Master’s Classic, my first swim meet since 2005! I was really interested to see how my times were- I wasn’t sure if I’d be really depressed by how much slower I am than when I was in college, or if I’d be pleasantly surprised.

Before the meet, I went for a quick 20 mile bike. Then, it was off to the pool! I had signed up for four events: 200 free, 50 breast, 100 free, 100 IM. The 200 free was the third event, after the medley relay and the 200 IM. For some reason, swimming a 200 during a meet seems way longer than a 200 during practice. Man, it hurt! I was smoked by a 22 year old, but I held my own with a 2:16!

Apparently I’m a little out of practice in reading heat sheets because I missed my 50 breast! I was on the wrong page of the heat sheet, and only realized it when I heard the whistle for the ladies to step up onto the blocks for the event. I probably could have rushed to get in or gone in the guys heat, but I was too embarrassed to make a scene so I let it pass.

My next event was the 100 free. I seeded myself with a 1:03, which I thought was pretty optimistic. I think the fastest I’ve gone from a push has been a 1:06 during practice. I was in an outside lane, but figured I’d try to catch some of the draft from the next lane over if she was close enough. The buzzer sounded and I was off. I was surprisingly close to the girl in the lane next to me, so I just tried to hold on. My lungs burned! The girl next to me put a little space between us, but not too much. When I hit the wall I looked up and was shocked to see 1:00.79. I chuckled to myself- a good day for 30 year old me is like a bad day for college-aged me. And you know what? That ain’t bad at all!

The 100 IM was the last event of the day. I stayed to count the 500 for Beth, but then opted to leave because there were three more heats of the 500, and then a relay, and then the guy’s 100 IM and then two heats of the women’s 100 IM. It was already after 1:00pm and I had plans with Bill for the afternoon, so I opted to skip out of the event. Oh well.

Sunday: I had big plans to go for a run, but my body was craving sleep. So I slept in, and by the time I woke up it was far too hot to run. I ended up going to yoga in the park in the evening , and it was exactly what I needed. The run could wait until Monday.