Last Week’s Workouts {Week of 10/7}

14 10 2013

Last week, I was able to say “One more month til Rev3!” EEK! THERE’S ONE MORE MONTH TIL REV3! I only have a few more weeks of hard work to go so let’s get it done!


I was caught up in work stuff so I got to practice late, but thankfully (or not) Jess had sent a group text with today’s workout: 200 WU, 2000 for time. I finished my swim in about 26:30. I was just going to skip practice because I was so late, but I was definitely happy I got in this swim.


Tempo Tuesday: 14:45 out, 15:15 back for 30 minutes of speedy running. I went 6.1km and averaged 7:55/mile.

I got delayed at work and then had to pick up my friend from the airport so I skipped evening practice.


Swim: 1000 wu, build. Felipe told me that my last 100 should be 1:12. It was closer to 1:16, but whatever. Main set: 15 x 100 pull then 700 for time (it was supposed to be a 1000, but the master’s team restarted the clock so we stopped.) I ended up not getting my time for that last set. whoops.


Track Thursday: 7 x 1000. I had a pretty stellar track workout. My fastest 1000 was 4:24!

PM Swim: This was probably one of the toughest sets I’ve done in awhile! Our main set was 3x {3 x 100s on 1:15, 2 x 100 EZ}. Pretty sure I haven’t done that interval since college! I made all of them, though I don’t think I could have done more that three in a row on the 1:15.

Friday: The pool was closed because of a high school swim meet, and I knew I was traveling Saturday so I would miss my long ride, so I went for an evening bike ride. I rode for about an hour and 20 minutes around Davis Island. It was no 50 miler, but felt good to get some saddle time.

Saturday: REST DAY!

Sunday: I was in Chicago to watch my friend Leah run the Chicago Marathon. I dropped her off at the start, went back to her place and then went out for a long run. I had planned on doing 10 miles, but I was anxious to get back and watch the marathon so I did about 15K (9 miles). Let me tell you- running through a city that is preparing for a marathon is pretty fun. You could definitely feel the excitement (and I got a few cheers and “good lucks” because people thought I was running the marathon, HA!) I’ll recap the marathon in another post, but man was it the perfect morning for a run! I realized after the first 1.5K that my watch was still on cycling mode from Friday’s ride, so I switched it over to running and it reset my mileage. So, I ran 1.53km in 7:52 (on bike mode) and then 13.67km in 1:11. So, grand total was 15.2km in 1:18.52. (5:16/km average). Considering the stops and starts and turn arounds, I was pretty happy with that!