Last Week’s Workouts

7 10 2013

Yesterday was 5 weeks exactly until Rev3. Eek! I had a tough week of training and now I’m really getting anxious for the race to just get here already.

My friend Jess often quotes one of her husband’s former training partners when things are feeling especially tough:  “You’re making a deposit in the fitness bank.” I repeated this phrase to myself multiple times yesterday as I struggled through my long run. Pushing myself to get in those miles was a deposit into my fitness bank- the fitness bank I will definitely be making withdraws from come race day!  I’ve got a few more weeks to keep making deposits and I need to take advantage of them!

So, here’s a summary of last  week:

Monday: Swim practice. Hour + of swimming. I need to start remembering our sets!


Typically Tuesday morning is tempo run, but since we were all kinda grumbling about tempo, Felipe decided we were running a 10K. Mind you, he didn’t tell us what we were doing, he just said run and stay together as a group. We made it to Bayshore after a brisk warm up, and then quickened our pace to a little over 8:00 miles. Uh, this was turning into a tempo for me!  When we finally stopped to head home, Felipe told us to run hard up the hill on Rome Ave. to the Lululemon store. This is probably about a quarter mileish (totally guessing there) and man it hurt. I wish I had lapped my watch for that last bit to see how fast I went, but oh well. 10K in 52 minutes? I’ll take it!

We had swim practice in the evening, and again, these workouts all blend together. I must write them down! This might have been the day we did a main set of 4 X 400s.

Wednesday: REST DAY! I was so thankful when Felipe canceled practice Wednesday morning. My body was dying for a rest day since I hadn’t taken one the week before.


Track Thursday! It has been awhile since we’ve been to the track! We did a set of 8 x 800s and my freshly rested legs busted out some amazing splits. (Slowest 800 was 3:44, fastest was 3:32!)  It was probably my best track practice to date, and it made me realize that I actually do like the track!

Evening swim was shorter than usual. We did a BUNCH of 25s as our main set, to help us focus on power. I think we were all pretty beat from track practice.

Friday: Morning swims are getting harder and harder to go to! It’s still dark out, the pool is getting colder, and there are far fewer people than are usually there. My team uses the GroupMe app to communicate, and Jess is really good about texting in the morning to keep us all accountable. We already knew a few people weren’t going to make it to practice, and it was just going to be me, Felipe, and Jess. The offer to skip and sleep in was on the table, but we decided to go for it, because we knew we’d be thankful we got our workout in. We did a set of 4 x (4 x 100s), with the fourth one being fast, and though I didn’t have the greatest practice, I was glad I got in my workout.

Saturday: Felipe, Jess, Heather, Chris and I drove out to Alafia for a long brick. We were going to do about 80km on the bike and then run afterwards. The ride didn’t start out too hot- 2km into the ride, Jess got a flat. 😦 I tell ya, the last 3 times I’ve ridden with Jess and Felipe there’s been some kind of bike issue. I think I’m bad luck 😦 Felipe fixed it quickly and then we were off again. There was an annoying headwind for most of the ride out, but thankfully Felipe was leading the pace line and breaking some of it. The way back, we took advantage of the headwind for a little before turning off. The guys split off and took turns in their own pace line, while the girls worked together to get home, doing 1 minute intervals each. 51 miles and a little over 2 and a half hours later, we were back at the car, ready to run. We’ve typically been doing 4km after the ride, which isn’t too bad. Today, Felipe told us we were going to do 7km. Ugh. It was nearly 1pm, and it was getting HOT. We started off the run and I stayed with Jess and Heather for the first 2km. I was feeling okay, and we were holding just over 8:00/miles. Then the lack of shade and the heat radiating off the black asphalt got to me. I backed off, and tried to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I ended up stopping twice- once to hang out in the shade for a few minutes with Heather, as we were both hurting pretty badly. And another to hang in the shade for just a few seconds of relief before the final stretch. I made it back to the car 39 minutes after we had started. Not the best run, but a deposit in the fitness bank.



I knew my legs were going to be tired. I knew I should wait until the early evening to run. But I decided to go in the morning to get it out of the way and because I was craving some yoga in the park, which begins at 6pm on Sunday nights. I was out the door a little after 9am, and it was ever so slightly cooler than usual. I made it to Bayshore with the goal of having a faster run than last week’s 10 miler. I felt pretty good for the first 8km, but then the heat started to get to me. I stopped to refill my water and then stopped again to stretch. I looked at my watch and realized I was slowing down significantly. I contemplated cutting my run short and maybe finishing it later, but I wouldn’t let myself quit. I wanted to go at least as far as I had last week, but was hoping to go a little farther. I kept going, and stopped looking at my watch because I didn’t want to know how slow I was going. I just wanted to get these miles in. I stopped at least twice more for water (gosh I love how Bayshore has water fountains), and it felt like forever for the kilometers to pass.  Earlier, I had planned to place myself at the 17km mark when I was 2km from home and then walk those last 2km. I had incorrectly calculated my route, so I was 2km from home and at only 16km. So instead of walking, I decided to keep on running. I arrived at my front gate just as my watch dinged 18km. I had done it! It wasn’t pretty, and it wasn’t fast, but I got those miles in. Phew. Deposit in the fitness bank!

I went to yoga and it felt oh, so, good! I could have used a bit more hip opening stretches, but man, it felt good to stretch out!




4 responses

8 10 2013

I have GOT to get back to yoga. I feel so much better after, and I need to tell myself that!

9 10 2013

Yes! Come to a Sunday in the park!!

11 10 2013
meghan @ little girl in the big world

Awesome week of workouts. You’re definitely depositing into the fitness bank! I know you said Felipe encourages you to put your computers into kms, but I’m interested to know why? I spoke to the Passport guy, and I think I’m going to do it so we’ll have to meet for a class or two. I’m so excited for Rev3!

11 10 2013

Thanks Meghan! He says its better for pacing- its shorter than the mile so you can really focus on knowing how certain paces feel and adjust as necessary.
Glad you talked to the passport guy! We def need to go to a class together!

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