Last Week’s Workouts {Week of 10/21} and a Humbling Brick

28 10 2013

First, I want to congratulate all the athletes who raced yesterday! Whether it was MCM, Austin 70.3, Miami 70.3 or any other race, you guys rock! Way to go!

With all of those late-October races wrapping up, that means Rev3 is only 2 weeks away!

Two weeks? TWO WEEKS? TWO WEEKS!!!! It’s hard to believe it is so close!

I had a decent week of training miles wise, but the real kicker was Saturday’s long brick. I recently purchased EFS to try as my electrolyte drink on the bike. It arrived in the mail last week, so I opted to use it for this weekend’s long workout to see if I would use it on race day. It seemed to be doing the job on the bike, but things got ugly when I started to run. My stomach was in knots and I kept burping the entire time. On multiple occasions I felt like I was going to puke. Ugh. It made for quite the humbling workout. I was grateful though that I learned to stick with what I’m used to for race day!

Monday: I hadn’t done a long run on Sunday, so I knew Monday would be it. I got up early and ran 10 miles along Bayshore before sunrise. It was my best long run of the season (thank you cooler temps) but it still wasn’t the speed I was hoping to go. I averaged 8:51/mile.

Tuesday: I flew up to Madison, WI on Monday night, so I went to an AM spin class at CYC fitness. I got in 45 minutes on the bike. I probably should have done an evening workout too, but I opted to try Nepalese food with my colleagues- totally worth it!

Wednesday: Cold weather makes it DARN cold to go workout. I thought about doing a spin class, but didn’t feel like dishing out $20. So I decided it would be a hotel gym kinda day. Unfortunately, I found myself pressing snooze all morning and rand out of time to hit the gym before work. In the evening, I was thisclose to skipping as well, but I bribed myself with a reward of a yummy burger from the bar across the street. The bribe got my through a 35 minute treadmill run. Not fab, and definitely not enough to make up for calories in the burger (and the locally brewed beer). Oh well.

Thursday: I had a super early flight (6:00am) so I was only able to swim in the evening. But it was great to be back with the XP gang! Well, only Jess and Felipe and me went to practice on the cool Florida evening. Thankfully, the pool heater had been turned on, so it made it much more pleasant to get through our main set of 5 x 300.

Friday: REST! Felipe told us that Saturday was a race simulation day, so don’t do anything that you wouldn’t do before race day. Ok. You don’t have to tell me twice!

Saturday: Race simulation day. Jess, Felipe, Heather, Chris and I headed over to Alafia for our long brick. We weren’t doing a full HIM, but we were doing a 60km bike ride followed by a 14km run. The bike actually ended up being closer to like 55km, but whatever. We rode pretty easy for the first 25km. We chatted and just got our legs nice and warm. We stopped for a potty/fuel break, and I took a salt tab, though originally I wasn’t planning on it since EFS has a ton of electrolytes. Then we did the last 30ish km at HIM race pace. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly that means for my legs, but my goal was to ride so that I could still run a half marathon after. We had a nice tailwind on the first 10km of the ride and then we turned and had a trick headwind for the rest of the ride. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw 19.7mph as my average speed. Depending on the weather at Rev3, I hope I can replicate that! Then, we hopped off the bike, switched into running gear and set out on our 14km run. When we started the run, my stomach was feeling a tiny bit “off” but I pushed it aside and kept running at my own pace. My first km was 8:08, but then I dropped to 8:37. And then 9:06. My stomach felt like it was in knots, and I kept burping. My guess is that I had ingested too much electrolytes- probably salt. I cursed myself for taking that salt tab at the halfway point, as well as making the EFS double strength, and then was really angry that EFS wasn’t going to be my “silver bullet” hydration drink that cured me of my headaches. I slowed way down and drank the water that was in my hand-held water bottle. When I got back to the car after the first 7km, I considered stopping and waiting for everyone to finish. They were all so far ahead of me at this point. Felipe had told us that we were all doing the 14km run in its entirety, so I gathered all the mental strength I could and pushed on. As I started the second lap, my stomach started to feel better, since I had slowly been drinking some REALLY watered down EFS.

The other issue I’ve been fighting on pretty much all of my long runs have been my feet. I have elastic laces and I feel like I’m constantly adjusting them based on the temperature (and therefore swelling feet) because my feet end up feeling numb. Today was no exception, particularly in my foot with sesamoiditis. I wear a special insole that causes me to loosen the elastic laces significantly. However, I always feel like I’m on the border of it being too loose around the ankle (because my heel slips) and too tight elsewhere- but I don’t have much extra lace to play with because of the insole! Anyhow, My right foot was really tingling, so I said screw it and I stopped and took out the insole. You know what? It was surprisingly better. I finished my second lap without any other real issues (thank goodness) and when I got back to the car  I was so thankful to be done! Unfortunately, my mouth felt SO. SALTY. All I wanted was my large Nalgene full of icy cold water and my Coke. I stood in the shade and quickly rehydrated. Remember when you were in elementary school and the PE teacher would remind you to sip, not gulp the water from the water fountain after you’d been running around for 30 minutes? Yeah, well I learned that they actually do know what they’re talking about. This is terribly embarrassing, but the Coke and water I had hastily ingested didn’t make it home in my stomach. Ick. Yeah, I think it was a combination of all of the EFS/salt swirling around in my stomach combined with drinking the water way, way, way too fast. It was not pretty! I’m just thankful I tried the EFS for a workout and not on race day! This was quite the humbling brick!

Sunday: I wanted to redeem myself with a decent run on Sunday, so I went out in the morning and ran a 10K. I wouldn’t say I redeemed myself, but I definitely had a better run than the day before. I averaged 8:39 and negative split the 10K. I’ll take that on tired legs!

Now, it’s almost TAPER TIME! Let’s go!

Last Week’s Workout {Week of 10/14}

24 10 2013

Ok peeps, Sunday was 3 weeks until Rev3 Florida. THREE WEEKS! The Athlete Guide came out on Monday and I read it cover to cover. It is feeling more real every day!

Last week probably should have been one of my toughest to date, but unfortunately I was traveling for work so I didn’t get all the group workouts in that I typically do. But, I still was able to put down some decent workouts, all things considered.


I’ve discovered a pretty fabulous spin studio that is walking distance to where I typically stay when I’m in Madison, Wisconsin for work. I’ll do a full review later, but I got my heart pumping in a 45 minute spin class at Cyc Fitness before I went into the office.

In the evening, I went swimming at the Recreation Facility on the campus of the University of Wisconsin. It was so weird swimming indoors again! I did a set of 6 x 200s as my main set, but gosh it is so boring swimming solo! I can’t wait to get back to my friends!


Dreadmill. Ugh. Having the luxury of running outdoors has really spoiled me. I could barely make it through 30 minutes on the treadmill. I watched some show on the Animal Planet to get me through it, but sans sound because I didn’t have headphones. I did a short weights workout afterwards to make me feel better about my short run.

I went back to the pool in the evening and swam a main set of 4 x 400s on 6:00. I went 5:05, 5:03, 5:03, 5:01. I felt pretty good about that workout!


I went back to Cyc for another awesome spin class. I worked late so I didn’t get to go back to the pool.


I had a similar morning to Tuesday- I tried to get in a good run on the treadmill but it just wasn’t happening. I completed 30 minutes on the treadmill followed by Mary’s Killer Monday Muscles Workout. Mary’s blog is one of my go-tos for gym workouts. They’re great for gyms with limited resources!


I took Friday off because I really was not in the mood for another hotel gym workout.


I had been looking forward to October 19th for awhile. It was the day of the 2013 Tampa  Swimming Master’s Classic, my first swim meet since 2005! I was really interested to see how my times were- I wasn’t sure if I’d be really depressed by how much slower I am than when I was in college, or if I’d be pleasantly surprised.

Before the meet, I went for a quick 20 mile bike. Then, it was off to the pool! I had signed up for four events: 200 free, 50 breast, 100 free, 100 IM. The 200 free was the third event, after the medley relay and the 200 IM. For some reason, swimming a 200 during a meet seems way longer than a 200 during practice. Man, it hurt! I was smoked by a 22 year old, but I held my own with a 2:16!

Apparently I’m a little out of practice in reading heat sheets because I missed my 50 breast! I was on the wrong page of the heat sheet, and only realized it when I heard the whistle for the ladies to step up onto the blocks for the event. I probably could have rushed to get in or gone in the guys heat, but I was too embarrassed to make a scene so I let it pass.

My next event was the 100 free. I seeded myself with a 1:03, which I thought was pretty optimistic. I think the fastest I’ve gone from a push has been a 1:06 during practice. I was in an outside lane, but figured I’d try to catch some of the draft from the next lane over if she was close enough. The buzzer sounded and I was off. I was surprisingly close to the girl in the lane next to me, so I just tried to hold on. My lungs burned! The girl next to me put a little space between us, but not too much. When I hit the wall I looked up and was shocked to see 1:00.79. I chuckled to myself- a good day for 30 year old me is like a bad day for college-aged me. And you know what? That ain’t bad at all!

The 100 IM was the last event of the day. I stayed to count the 500 for Beth, but then opted to leave because there were three more heats of the 500, and then a relay, and then the guy’s 100 IM and then two heats of the women’s 100 IM. It was already after 1:00pm and I had plans with Bill for the afternoon, so I opted to skip out of the event. Oh well.

Sunday: I had big plans to go for a run, but my body was craving sleep. So I slept in, and by the time I woke up it was far too hot to run. I ended up going to yoga in the park in the evening , and it was exactly what I needed. The run could wait until Monday.


22 10 2013

I was recently contacted by Matt from peerFit, who told me about their latest venture, the peerFit PASSPORT. If you aren’t familiar, peerfit is “a health-technology company that empowers people to get fit by connecting them to group fitness. Through its free mobile application and website, peerFit offers fitness consumers interactive and motivational fitness features in order to get and stay fit.”

Purple New Logo

To be perfectly honest, I’ve never used the peerFit website, but when Matt told me about the PASSPORT, I was immediately hooked. Basically, for a small fee, you get an opportunity to get to try out several different group fitness classes without committing to purchasing a package or spending $15-20 for a drop in class.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 9.37.54 PMMatt and his team are rolling out the PASSPORT in Tampa, and he reached out to see if I’d be willing to try it out. Heck yeah!

Here’s the deets on the Tampa PASSPORT:

Five local fitness facilities have signed on to participate:

Orangetheory Fitness

Orange Theory workout image

Performance Compound

Hybrid-Performance-Training image

SurfFit of Tampa



BodyHeat Yoga Studio


South Tampa Pilates

South Tampa Pilates Studio image

You get six opportunities to try out the different facilities, but you can go no more than twice to any one of the facilities. You just check their schedule and call up and reserve a spot, letting them know you’re using your passport. Easy peasy.

I’m constantly looking for new, fun workouts (especially for when it is rainy out!), so this is a perfect way to try out different places in my city.

The part I love the best? It’s currently available for $39 on Living Social. Um talk about a deal!!! I figure most drop in sessions are $15, so this deal saves you $51! I’m really hoping this idea takes off- I’m currently traveling a fair amount for work and I’m dropping a bunch of money on drop in workouts because the package deals expire after 30 days!

So, how do you get a peerFit PASSPORT?

Right now, you can get yours by clicking on the Living Social link :

The deal ends on the 30th, so hurry up and get yours so we can go get our sweat on together!

**Note: I was provided a PASSPORT in exchange for some blog posts about my experience. All opinions are my own 🙂