A Good Week

13 09 2013

Phew, what a week! It’s been busy, but it’s been a really good week, for several reasons:

1) I started a new job!

I recently took on a full-time position at an organization that I worked very closely with while I was in DC. I’m still in the education world, but I’ll be back working with/for a population that is dear to my heart- English Language Learners. I’ll still be in Tampa, but I’ll get to do a bit more traveling than I have in the recent past. I’m really excited about the work I’ll be doing and I’ve got a great group of colleagues that I’ll be joining!

2) I witnessed my first Ironman live and in person!


(I guess I didn’t really didn’t get a shot of any of the brand in this shot!)

I flew into Madison, WI for work on Sunday and it just so happened to be Ironman Wisconsin! I got in to town around 6pm, quickly dropped my stuff at the hotel, and walked a little over a mile to the finish line. Oh. My. Gosh. There is nothing like an Ironman finish line! The energy is absolutely contagious and it is so awe-inspiring to watch people of all shapes, sizes, ages crossing that finish line!


And in case you were wondering, I did not wait in this line the next morning:


to nab a spot in IMWI 2014. I have a few people putting a bug in my ear about a different race happening in 2015…We’ll see about that…

3. I’ve had some pretty fantastic workouts this week.

Before I left for Wisconsin, I started my Sunday with a brick on Davis Island. It was a perfect day for a ride- the sun was shining, the temps were a little cooler, and the humidity was lower than usual. I met up with my friend Chris and we rode about 32 miles together (I tacked on an extra 3 while I was waiting for him to arrive) and then I ran 4 miles after. I was rocking my Jet City jersey and I crossed paths with Jessica, the Jet City owner, who was also getting in her workout for the day. It’s always fun to see familiar faces on a run/ride!

IMG_8597I ran 6.45km, which is 4 miles (my XP coach forces strongly encourages us to switch our Garmins to metric; I’ve made the switch, but I still have my lap set to miles-whoops!) and I averaged 8:18/mile. I was stoked! I think track and tempo runs are paying off!

Inspired by the Ironman, I planned to get in a good run before work on Monday. I was out the door by 6:45am and I was pleasantly surprised that it was light out! I guess being up north, the sun rises a little earlier! I ran through the streets of Madison, now quiet after the excitement of the previous night’s race, and down to Lake Menona. I ran 12km (7.46 miles) and it was MUCH more pleasant than when I ran that same distance the weekend before in Florida. I average 8:48/mile, which wasn’t too bad, but I was more excited because I actually enjoyed the run. I haven’t really been running long because it’s miserable to do so in the Florida heat- I was encouraged because as the weather (hopefully) starts cooling down, I’ll be able to get in the long runs I need before my HIM and they won’t be torture!

I ran again on Tuesday (6km), and took a really fun spin class at CYC fitness in Madison on Wednesday. (Full review coming soon.) Thursday morning I flew into Jersey and got in a run on the boardwalk. I heart running on the boardwalk! I felt super speedy and ran 4 miles, averaging 8:11(!!)/mile.  BAM!


This week’s runs have been super encouraging for me- now I just need to channel that speed this weekend!

4. It’s race week!

If I haven’t already mentioned it, I’m super excited about my race this weekend in Atlantic City! This will be my first and only international distance of the season- and because of the flexibility race directors have in determining the distances for each sport, this one will have a 1 mile swim! Heck yea!  DelMo sports puts on great races, so I can’t wait to get to that starting line on Sunday morning!

5. I’m spending time “down the shore” (aka home) in New Jersey!

Nothing beats September in South Jersey. The shoobies (those who spend their summers at the shore but aren’t really locals) are all gone, the weather is still pretty nice, and this year, the Miss America Pageant returns home to Atlantic City. You know those “Life is good” tees? Yeah, that’s me right now. 🙂