Triathlon Training Lately

13 08 2013

I hope you all enjoyed my Chilkoot Trail recap! I actually have a few more Alaska posts planned, but I just need to find the time to write them! I figured I’d give you a quick training update – this is a triathlon blog, after all!

As I’ve announced before, I’m planning to do my first 70.3  in November, at Rev3 Florida. I guess I “officially” started training when I got back from Alaska, since that put me at about 15 weeks out. I don’t really have a plan though…I’m just training with a few friends who are also doing the race 🙂

And now, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of my recent Triathlon Training:


Right after I got back from my trip, I was able to do a long ride with my XP training buddies. It was a PDR (Personal Distance Record) for me, 68 miles!


Yes, Coke tastes AH-MAZING after 50 miles.

I’ve been traveling a bit for work, so it’s been a little tough to get group trainings in during the week. However, I have been self-motivated enough to get up and run in the wee hours before being at work meetings and such at 7am. Reminding myself that I’ll catch a killer sunrise like this:

IMG_8062or this:

IMG_8179makes it a tiny bit easier to wake up.

Overall, I’m happy with the training I’ve been able to do. I’m pretty consistently getting in a long ride on the weekend, running several times a week, with at least one day of speed work, and swimming between 2-4 times per week. Now, I just need to keep it up!

The BAD:

Headaches. Stupid dehydration headaches. If you just finished reading my Chilkoot Day 3 post, you really might be thinking that I have a hydration problem. I have to defend myself though, because I drink water pretty much non-stop on my bike rides. I think these are more from an electrolyte imbalance than from being dehydrated.

I’ve been trying to keep a log of my workouts and nutrition so I can see if there are any triggers or patterns. When I rode the 68 miler, I didn’t get a headache; but when I rode 50 this past weekend followed by an afternoon open water swim, I had a pounding headache by the time I got home. The biggest difference? I forgot to take salt tabs on the 50 miler. I’m not sure if that’s the key or not, but I’ll definitely be better about taking my electrolytes!


Florida humidity SUCKS.



I can barely run a mile without feeling like I’ve just stepped out of the shower.  Florida heat and humidity do not make for fun training. It’s quite discouraging to look at your Garmin and see numbers that are a lot slower than you were expecting for the amount of effort it seems to be taking to put one foot in front of the other. Ick.

I’ve learned that you just gotta roll with the punches when training in Florida summers- the heat will suck it out of you, so you can’t become reliant on the numbers on the watch. You do what you can, and know that you gave it your best! I can’t complain too much, because we’re the lucky ones who can train outside in December, January, and February, when most people are stuck on the dread-mill. That’s what makes this suffering worth it;-)



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13 08 2013

If I had to make a make a bet about it, I would say SALT. Saltsticks are the best, and when I don’t take enough, I get a headache either during the workout, or later in the day. Good luck troubleshooting!

13 08 2013

That’s what I’m thinking too; I just need to remember to take them!

13 08 2013

This humidity is killer but I keep telling myself it will make me stronger and faster. Oh, I can dream! Good luck training and can’t wait to follow along. After reading this post about headaches, I now wonder if I should be tracking because I have def. been getting more headaches more often and they are often on the weekends after running..hmm

14 08 2013

I used to get awful day long headaches after long ride when training for Augusta. You know what fixed that? Gatorade. It’s sugar water when you aren’t working out for sure but during long rides it’s the only thing that really makes me feel better.

14 08 2013

Gatorade doesn’t work for me- I was drinking that all day on Sunday when I got my headache; it doesn’t have enough salt in it for my needs! Crazy right?

18 08 2013
meghan @ little girl in the big world

Nice job on getting all your training in even while traveling. I’m sure that’s hard. And you’re killing it on these long weekend bike rides! Nice job. I can’t wait to build it up and hit higher than the 41.5 that is my current record! See you again soon in the water or on the bike!

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