A Little Mix Up

26 07 2013

IMG_2171I could easily start this post with my first full day in Alaska, our first day on the trail. However, I would be leaving out an important detail about the trip.

So, if you watched our video about the gear we were bringing, Bill mentioned our tent was the Henry Shires Moment DW. A little confession: we had ordered the tent a few weeks prior to the trip and due to backorders, it actually arrived on the Friday before I left. Bill was already in Alaska, so I was just going to bring it. I honestly had no idea how to set it up and I didn’t want the kitties to put claw holes in it, so I left it in its bag and brought it as is. When I arrived on Tuesday evening, Bill opened up the tent to  set it up (I know, I know, it’s NOT a good idea to go into a hike with gear you haven’t actually tried out before).

“Uh Steph, I don’t think this is the tent we ordered.”

“Huh? No way, let’s look at the instructions.”

Sure enough, the tent was the Squall 2- a tent that required a trekking pole to set up, which was exactly the reason Bill hadn’t ordered it in the first place…

We both looked at each other with an “oh crap” look on our faces. At somewhere after 11pm, and a flight to Skagway scheduled for 8:45 am, our options were clearly limited. Ever the problem solver, Bill immediately started to toss out ideas for how we might get by.

Option A: Buy a tarp at the hardware store and some extra lines at the mountain shop in Skagway and make a tarp tent. This would probably be the cheapest option, but the biggest downfall was that neither of us had practice setting up a tarp tent and if it was buggy, we had no insect shield.

Option B: Rent a tent from the mountain shop in Skagway and send back the Squall asap. This would probably cost a little more than the tarp tent, but it would probably be a lot more weight than we were expecting to carry.

Option C: Purchase a set of trekking poles and go with the Squall. Trekking poles can be expensive, and we hadn’t really planned on needing them, so this was definitely our last option.

We went to bed mulling over the options, and hoped it would all workout tomorrow.




7 responses

26 07 2013

What happened next!?

26 07 2013

You have to wait til Monday to find out!!

27 07 2013

I’m going with option 3. You both are clearly hiking holding poles in your pic. 😉

27 07 2013

You’re observant!! 😉

28 07 2013

And that should be clearly holding hiking poles. My brain is tired.

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