Made it to Alaska!

25 07 2013

Hey Y’all! I’ve made it back to Florida from my trip to Alaska and let me tell you, It. Was. AMAZING. I’ll do my best over the next few posts to share with you my experience, but I don’t think words or pictures will do it justice. I also want to apologize if I get a bit wordy- I want to try to capture as many details as I can so that I don’t forget a thing! This was absolutely the best vacation I have ever been on. Alaska is definitely a magical place- I would go back in a heartbeat! If you are ever presented with an opportunity to go- DO IT! It will be a trip you don’t forget!

I left Tampa bright and early on Tuesday, giddy with anticipation. It didn’t even phase me that I would have to sit through 4 flights before I made it to the largest state in the country- I was lucky enough to be flying first class! Bill had purchased my ticket with his frequent flier miles and as it turned out, the only seats he could use his miles on were in first class. What a shame 😉

IMG_7913This was my first time flying first class and man, it was awesome. First to board, extra leg room, and surprisingly tasty meals are going to make it hard to go back to coach! I flew from TPA–>ORD–>MCI–>SEA–>JNU. Phew. My longest layover was in Chicago, where I was actually able to meet up and grab a snack with my college roommate Adrianne. It was so nice to see her, and a great way to pass the time! I finally arrived in Juneau at about 10:30pm Alaska time- which was actually 2:30am Eastern time.

IMG_2128Yes, the sun was just setting at 10:30pm. Thanks to several naps on the plane and the excitement of finally arriving, I wasn’t terribly sleepy yet. I got off the plan in the tiny airport and headed out to the curb to catch a cab. There were three cabs out there, and I went up and asked one if he could take me to my hotel. Unfortunately, the cruise line was using his cab to take passengers or entertainers to their hotel. The other two cabs were also being utilized by the cruise line, and I started to get frustrated. My cell phone didn’t work so I couldn’t call Bill, who should have already been at the hotel. And there were no more cabs in sight. What airport doesn’t have a line of cabs rolling in when a plane arrives? Uh, you’re not in a big city anymore, Steph.

After about 15 minutes or so, another cab appeared. There wasn’t really a cab line per se, just the small crowd of Juneau visitors gathered where the cabs were supposed to be.  So when the driver got out and asked who needed a ride, the first one to speak up was a family from West Virginia. They were headed to a hotel a few blocks from mine, so I asked if we could share the cab fare. They agreed, so off to downtown Juneau we went! (The mom was actually West Virginia’s Secretary of State!)

Bill greeted me as I stepped out of the cab. He had been getting worried since he hadn’t heard from me, and was checking every cab that dropped people at the hotel. It was so good to see him after a long day, and it finally hit me that we were about to have our first real vacation together. 🙂

Tomorrow, we fly to Skagway to hit the trail!



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25 07 2013

How frustrating! I’m glad you found a good family to cab share with!

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