Chilkoot Trail Packing List: The Food

22 07 2013

Clearly, I like food. However, the thought of eating Ramen and canned tuna while out backpacking wasn’t quite getting me excited about meal planning for our trip. Bill had purchased a book, The Well-Fed Backpacker, and encouraged me to read it before our trip. So a few weeks ago I pulled out the book for some before-bed reading. After reading the introduction, I realized I had been looking at meal prep entirely wrong! This was my chance to explore aisles in the grocery store I typically don’t frequent, and take on the challenge of creating meals that are hearty, tasty, and lightweight! Bill and I created a video about what we’re taking. I’ll check back in after our trip and let you know how it all worked out!




One response

23 07 2013

Hope you’re having a fabulous trip! Can’t wait to read the recap when you get back! 😀

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