The Clymb

1 07 2013

When “suggested page” started showing up in my Facebook newsfeed, I was kind of annoyed. I already had presumptuous ads cluttering the right side of my screen- I do not need to “like” Pampers just because I have a lot of friends with newborns! Now the ads were going to trickle into my newsfeed as well??

However, I have to admit that Facebook recently suggested that I check out The Clymb and boy, did they get that one right!

The Clymb is a site that offers insider prices on premium outdoor gear and apparel. Basically, they find all the best deals (up to 70% off) on things like yoga clothes, running shorts, triathlon kits, tents, camping gear, sandals, and even nutrition and put them all on one site for you to peruse and fill your virtual shopping cart 🙂

What’s the catch? There is no catch- the only thing you need to do is sign up and membership is free! How difficult is that?

You’ve got to act fast because the deals don’t last forever (they typically only last about 3 days)!

If you’re tempted to sign up, take a peek at some of the cool stuff I just bought for my upcoming trip:

Columbia Women’s Baselayer Midweight S/S Top

Retails for ~$50

Purchased on The Clymb for $19.98


Kombi Women’s Rover Pant

Retails for $38

Purchased on The Clymb for $17.98


And, my favorite purchase so far:

Montane Women’s Minimus Jacket, Berry:

Retails for $238.00.

Purchased on The Clymb for $59.98


Check out those savings baby!

Interested? Click this link to sign up. <– Full disclosure: if you sign up using my link, I get $25 towards my next order. I was not sponsored to write this post, I just wanted to share my newest addiction 🙂

I hope you waste as much time  love the site as much as I do!




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