Above the Barre Fitness

6 02 2013


I’ve been on this “try new kinds of workouts” kick. I’ve been Krankcycling. I went Flyboarding. And a few weeks ago, I had the chance to try barre fitness.


I didn’t know too much about barre workouts, except that they typically take place in what looks like a ballet studio, you use the bar for some moves, and you do a LOT of micro movements. When an opportunity arose for the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers to take a class at Above the Barre Fitness in St. Pete, I jumped at the chance. I’m always game for trying out a new kind of workout!


Raffi had coordinated with Maria, the studio owner, to have a special class just for TBLB so that we could try out barre and have the opportunity to take pictures and ask questions without interrupting a normal class. Raffi was in the middle of her 24 day barre challenge-complete 24 barre classes in the month of January- and was already seeing changes in her body. She was hooked, and her testimonial definitely got me interested!



(Photo borrowed from Caroline)

As the bloggers arrived, I saw some old faces and some new. We had some introductions and then posed for an obligatory photo. Hanging out with bloggers means you’ll always have some photo memory of an event:-)

Maria greeted us all and gave a brief introduction to barre and some of the things we’d be doing. Then we got right into it and started warming up.

Barre draws its roots from dance, but it is most certainly NOT a dance class. There’s a bar and music, and those are about the only similarities. The class is typically an hour long, and you do many repetitions of very small, focused movements.

Once we were warmed up, we started with arms, doing a variety of arm lifts, twists, holds, etc.

My-Fascinating-Life-Caroline-Calcote-1119(Photo borrowed from Caroline)

Ooh man did we burn out those arm muscles! You’d think that using a 2 lb weight would be no problem; well, 2 lbs feels like 20 after doing the moves Maria made us do!

After arms, we switched to legs. We again did a variety of tiny movements, squatting and pulsing, squeezing a ball between our thighs, standing on our tippy toes and working our calves, and everything in between. Maria was constantly reminding us to “Zip it up” which meant to keep those abs tucked in tight! Though it wasn’t a cardio class, I was definitely sweaty by the end, and my muscles had gotten a great workout.


(CarolineMindy, Me, MargaritaKatieLoraRaffi, and Tess)

Maria was an excellent instructor, and really gave us a great first experience. She explained all of the moves and was very encouraging. My biggest complaint is that her studio is in St. Pete, and I live in Tampa! But, if I lived in St. Pete, I would definitely check that class out more often!


Thanks Maria for opening your studio to us! And thanks Raffi for organizing!

Be sure to check out Above the Barre’s Facebook page to learn more! Oh, and your first class is free, so you have no excuse not to check it out!!