Fly Boarding for 30!

31 01 2013

Howdy ho! So I know I’ve been a little delinquent on posting the past week or so, but boy, do I have a post that will make up for it!

My birthday was on Tuesday and I knew I wanted to celebrate the weekend before since Bill would be home instead of traveling. My birthday weekend was paired with a visit from Bill’s best friend from California, so we wanted to do something to celebrate my birthday and his visit. We wanted to do something big. So, we made plans to go Fly Boarding!

fly boarding

(Photo courtesy of Shawn Mullins Photography)

What is Fly Boarding?

The Flyboard® is a watersports apparatus which allows propulsion underwater and in the air. The board is connected to a jet ski, by a hose, and is propelled by the water from the jet ski intake. The nozzles under your feet put out 90% of the propulsion and allows movement by tilting your feet and tilting the Flyboard®. The nozzles on the hands put out 10% of the propulsion and are used to help stabilization much the same way as ski poles.

On Sunday, Bill, his friend Byron, Jonathan (the other half of Rootberry), Jonathan’s wife Cheri, and I headed over to Merritt Island, FL to Jump Right In Fly Boardingso we could experience the newest craze in water sports.


We arrived a little before our scheduled 2:00 flight time to the address on the website, which turned out to be a cute waterside bar and grill, The Island. We weren’t quite sure we were in the right spot until we looked out on the water and saw a man flying in the air, with water shooting from his feet! We walked through the casual restaurant to the back, where we were greeted by Stephanie, who walked us through the basics and showed us where to sign our lives away on the waiver. Soon after, we met Jay, the business owner and man who’d be directing our flights and powering the jet ski.


(Photo courtesy of Shawn Mullins Photography)

Jay was so excited for us to try Fly Boarding, and his excitement was contagious. He gave us a few more tips and tricks before it was time to roll. It was decided that I would go first, so I got on my gear and headed into the water. I opted to wear my wetsuit because the water was probably in the low 60s. Jay had a few wetsuits for guests to borrow as well.

The boots were tightened on my feet and then I was instructed to roll over onto my stomach so that I could start. Holy moley. This was the hardest/most exhausting part for me! The board weighs about 100lbs and I had the two tubes strapped to my arms. Rolling over was tough!


(Photo courtesy of Shawn Mullins Photography)

I was STRUGGLING! Finally I figured out that the secret (for me) was to curl up in a ball and fall forward, instead of rolling over on my side to get to my stomach. Phew. Once that was out of the way, I could get on with the show.

When you first start, the jets start propelling your forward on your belly, through the water. Then, when there’s enough power, you thrust your hips forward and then stand up. It sounds a lot easier than it actually is. It took me a few times before I was able to get the hang of it and get out of the water.

When you’re actually up in the air, you’ve got to find your center of gravity, by putting your weight a little forward, on the balls of your feet. Once you’re stable, you control the direction of the board with your feet. A little movement goes a long way, which I learned pretty early on.


(Photo courtesy of Shawn Mullins Photography)

Too much movement and you fall into the water. This happened to me a lot.

Check out some of my outtakes on Jonathan’s YouTube Channel:

I finally started to get the hang of it and was beginning to get comfortable on the board, when Jay told me that he could take me twice as high as I was currently flying. I said, “Let’s do it,” and Jay turned on the power. Up, up, up I went, and I screamed like a little girl!


(Photo courtesy of Shawn Mullins Photography)

Here’s the video:

When we were all done, Bill was saying how once you were up in the air, all you were doing was standing. That thought never crossed my mind. The only thing I was thinking about was OHMYGOSH I’m SO HIGH IN THE AIR! OMG OMG OMG! Despite my fears, I had a huge smile on my face the entire time. What an experience!


(Photo courtesy of Shawn Mullins Photography)

This was probably one of the most fun activities I have ever done. When I tell you this is something you MUST try, I am not kidding! Find a place that has Flyboards near you, or come down to Merritt Island and fly with Jump Right In! Jay was so friendly, and he really took the time to make sure you were having a great time. Head over to Facebook and “like” his page to stay in the loop with Jump Right In happenings.

We were lucky enough to have scored the Living Social deal, so one approximately 30 minute ride was about $90. Normally, it’s a bit pricier than that, but if you give Jay a call, I’m pretty sure he’d still honor that price.

I can certainly say that I brought in the new decade with a bang splash! What other fun adventures will 30 bring?