A Foot Update

23 12 2012

A few months ago I told you that I had sesamoiditis, and then I never really mentioned it again. Sorry ’bout that. I figure now is as good of time as any to give you an update on my foot.


After Nationals, I still had foot pain, so I decided that the best thing was probably to rest my foot. The physical therapy had helped some, but not really. During my last session the PT had me do some lunges, and I think that actually aggravated it rather than helped. I probably shouldn’t self-diagnose but from what I had been reading online, resting seemed to be what was most recommended for sesamoiditis.

So, I took a good six weeks off from running. The entire month of September I got my workout fix by biking and swimming and that was it.


My foot still bothered me when I walked around in shoes, so I bought some “ball of foot” pads at CVS and put them in my right shoe. I think that helped some, providing cushioning in the right spot so that the ball of my foot didn’t have to bear all my weight.

Finally, in the middle of October, I decided to start running again. In my Newtons, I used the Aetrex Lynco Orthotics I had purchased at the orthopedic doctor’s office. I started off going on a short, 1 mile jog.

Believe me, it was SLOW going. But my foot felt better! No, it wasn’t 100%, but it was definitely better than it had been! Since then, I’ve been slowly trying to get back into it. Right now is the PERFECT time of year for running in Florida, and it’s hard to see all my friends busting out half marathons when I’m still trying to get back in to shape. And, it’s hard to check my Garmin and see a pace much slower than I’d like. But, I know I’ll get back in running shape eventually, it just takes time.

As for my foot, the pain is minimal. Some days it hurts more than others, but it isn’t an unbearable pain. I’ll ice it if I need to, and if it gets really bad, I’ll take some ibuprofen. I think it’s just something that I am learning to get used to. Maybe that’s not the right attitude to take, but I’m sick of not running and I don’t think I’m doing any more damage to it by running again. I feel like the dull pain is becoming my new norm, unfortunately.

I’ve also purchased a second pair of Newtons:


Aren’t they pretty? They’re the Gravity style, in the limited edition pink and black.  You might be wondering why I bought them, when I haven’t been putting the miles on my Sir Isaacs?

Take a look at the wear pattern on them:

sesamoid wear

I’ve definitely been avoiding putting full pressure on the ball of my foot, and have really worn the treads down on the outside of my right foot. Not good. I know that new shoes aren’t the answer- I need to fix how I land of course. But, I don’t want to keep wearing out that part of the shoe, which would result in a really uneven stride and possibly more injuries. I plan on keeping these shoes in rotation, but I’ll alternate with my new shoes.

So for now, I’m keeping the mileage pretty low, enjoying the off-season, and hopefully I will be ready to go for tri-season 2013!