Sandy Hook Virtual 5K and Half Marathon

18 12 2012

On Friday, I was sitting at my office’s holiday luncheon when someone said that there was a school shooting in Connecticut.

We immediately took to our phones to find out the scoop on what had happened. When I read CNN’s latest headline, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. Did this really happen?

I haven’t watched or read much of the news since because frankly, it’s too sad, and I don’t need to know every detail about what happened. All I know is that it did. And as a former teacher, it struck me to the core.

I don’t know what to say or think or feel about this awful tragedy. But I do know that when I need time to think or I need a “release” of emotion, I often turn to running.

So I signed up for a virtual 5K and half marathon being put on by Mena-Shaw races. You can run, walk, swim, bike, anything you like, and you can complete the 13.1 miles or 5K all at once, over the course of a week, or whenever you can.

The race benefits United Way of Western Connecticut – Sandy Hook Victims
To help those families affected by the devastating events in Newtown/Sandy Hook, Connecticut, the United Way pledges to stand with the community and everyone affected directly and indirectly by this tragic event.

United Way of Western Connecticut is committed to providing support and resources where and when they become identified and needed. As people from the area and beyond respond to this heartbreaking tragedy, they are turning to United Way looking for ways to help. In response, United Way of Western Connecticut in partnership with Newtown Savings Bank has created the ‘Sandy Hook School Support Fund’ that will be able to provide support services to the families and community that has been affected.

I’m friends with the “Shaw” part of Mena-Shaw, and I know that this is an honest event, and the proceeds will go to the United Way of Connecticut and the Sandy Hook School Support Fund.

I urge you to join me as I run for Charlotte, Daniel, Olivia, Josephine, Ana, Dylan, Madeline, Catherine, Chase, Jesse, James, Grace, Emilie, Jack, Noah, Caroline, Jessica, Avielle, Benjamin, Allison, Rachel, Dawn, Nancy, Anne Marie, Lauren, Mary, and Victoria.

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